Buying Marijuana Seeds in Queensland

Right now, those in Queensland are not legally able to enjoy recreational marijuana, but it is legal for medical use, with restrictions. However, those who live in Queensland are able to purchase souvenir marijuana seeds and start their own collection. If marijuana is legalized for recreational use and cultivation, they’ll then be able to use their collection to start growing right away. If you’re ready to purchase souvenir cannabis seeds in Queensland, learn more before buying here or browse our store to see i49’s selection of high-quality marijuana seeds now.

Is Marijuana Legal in Queensland?

Medical marijuana is legal in Queensland, and the first cannabis clinic has opened. Right now, the clinic does need to seek government approval before issuing prescriptions, and that can take around four weeks to complete. However, it does enable those who have a medical need for marijuana to obtain a prescription and be able to consume marijuana products in accordance with their prescription. There are limitations in place for who is able to consume cannabis and the particular cannabis products patients may use, but it does allow those with serious illnesses to have access to treatments that can help them.

In Australia, the ACT is the only place that has legalized marijuana for recreational use, and only in Canberra. Marijuana is not yet legal for recreational use in Queensland, but many residents are hoping that they will follow the ACT and create laws allowing for its use. The downside to this is that recreational marijuana is still illegal federally, but if more states push for legalization, that could change as well. Right now, there is a petition that has been started to encourage lawmakers in Queensland to consider creating new laws allowing for recreational use.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

Though recreational use may still be illegal in Queensland, it is possible for residents to purchase marijuana seeds. Seeds purchased without the intent to cultivate marijuana are considered souvenir seeds and can be stored in a collection until such time that the laws change. If the petition is successful and recreational use is allowed, residents may be able to start growing marijuana legally at that time. Most places who have legalized marijuana for recreational use do allow growing a limited number of plants at home, and Queensland may follow that trend. If they do, those who have a collection of souvenir cannabis seeds will be able to start growing their own plants as soon as the new laws take effect.

How to Purchase Souvenir Marijuana Seeds

Anyone can purchase souvenir marijuana seeds. They’ll want to select strains that are interesting to them or that will grow the type of plants they want to grow once cultivation is legal. Once the seeds arrive at their home, they will need to ensure all seeds are properly stored. To store seeds properly, it’s important to avoid light, moisture, and heat. This means it’s best to store them somewhere cool and dark, and in a container that won’t allow moisture to reach the seeds. All seeds should also be properly labeled to ensure the collector knows what strains they have and what they might want to purchase later.

Three Main Types of Cannabis Seeds Available

Right now, there are three distinct types of marijuana seeds available for purchase. Regular seeds are those that come off any marijuana plant that’s grown and are available for just about every strain. These seeds can produce both male and female plants, which may not be desired if the grower doesn’t want the plants to be pollinated. In this case, they might want to opt for feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds come from treated plants and are designed to grow female plants only. They, like regular seeds, are available in a number of different strains. These are considered easier to grow since there’s no need to worry about male plants. Those who want the easiest seeds to grow, however, will want to pick out auto-flowering seeds. Auto-flowering seeds produce plants that will begin flowering at the right point in the lifecycle, so there’s no need to worry about adjusting the light cycle to encourage flowering. This makes them much easier for beginners to grow.

Ready to Start a Collection? Start with These Seeds

If you’re in Queensland and ready to start a souvenir marijuana seed collection, we have plenty of strains for you to choose from. As you’re just getting started, you may want to look at some of the least expensive seeds to grow your collection quickly. Some of the ones we have available right now include the White Widow feminized seeds, Auto Blueberry feminized seeds, and Banana Kush feminized seeds.

Though it’s not yet legal to grow for medical purposes, you may want to start collecting seeds if you have a medical use for marijuana. Some of our top medical strains include Purple Kush feminized seeds, Auto White Widow feminized seeds, and AK-47 feminized seeds.

Why Buy Your Cannabis Seeds from i49

Even though marijuana cultivation is still illegal in Queensland, it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds online through a seed bank like i49. We offer hundreds of different cannabis seeds, including ones that are for medical use, ones that are easy to grow, and ones that produce bigger buds or a larger harvest. If you’re planning on starting a souvenir marijuana seed collection, we have the seeds you’re loroking for. We only offer the highest quality seeds, so you won’t have to worry about their viability as long as they’re stored properly. We also offer a dedicated support team in case you have any questions about purchasing seeds or after you’ve made a purchase.

With increasing numbers of places legalizing marijuana, Queensland could be next. If you’re in Queensland and are thinking about buying cannabis seeds, we have a large variety available for you to choose from. Contact us now with any questions you might have about the available selection or browse i49 USA’s website to find the perfect seeds to purchase.