Cannabis Seeds in Tasmania

Tasmania was one of the last individual states in Australia to control cannabis and cannabis products in 1959. As of 2017, the state has had a system in place for approved medical marijuana patients and in fact, much of Australia’s medical marijuana is produced on the island. Unfortunately, regulations surrounding recreational marijuana use and home growing of any cannabis products remain strict.

Tasmanian Cannabis Laws

Possessing or using cannabis without a license for medical use is a crime in Tasmania. Officers can give offenders up to three cautions within ten years for possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis, so luckily most recreational users don’t face jail time if they’re not caught frequently.

There has been a huge push in recent years to legalize recreational marijuana use in Tasmania as well, with 59% of residents supporting legalization. As of the writing of this article, possession, use, and unlicensed cultivation of marijuana remains illegal in Tasmania and those found in possession of cannabis for personal use may be subject to fines of up to $7,950 and sentenced to two years in jail. Possession of paraphernalia is considered possession of the drug itself, and can also lead to substantial fines and jail time.

Marijuana Cultivation in Tasmania

Tasmania has a great climate for growing cannabis, which helps to explain why much of the country’s medical marijuana is currently grown in high-security Tasmanian facilities. The state has had strict agricultural laws in place for years as a result of its role in producing legal opium for medical purposes, which made a transition to growing medical marijuana relatively easy.

Licensed growers must adhere to strict rules, including the provision that they provide robust security for their agricultural operations. In fact, the security requirements for marijuana growing are stricter than those applied to opium poppy fields. The specifics of the laws that apply to licensed cultivators haven’t been made known to the general public, but it’s clear that legal growers must jump through substantial hoops before getting their agricultural operations off the ground.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Tasmania

Although only licensed growers can cultivate marijuana legally, it’s fine to purchase and possess cannabis seeds. Some buyers want to keep them as a novelty good, while others are waiting for Australian marijuana cultivation laws to change. Given that Canberra became the first Australian city to legalize recreational possession, use, and growth of small amounts of marijuana this year, it seems safe to assume that the winds of change are blowing.

It’s still not possible to buy seeds from companies or individuals in Australia, even in Canberra. Instead, buyers can purchase seeds online from a reputable seed bank like Online buyers will have plenty of options when it comes to seed types and strains and can have their packages shipped discreetly and directly to their mailbox.

How to Choose Seeds

Those who just plan to hold on to their seeds as souvenirs don’t have to worry about what type to buy. Anyone who plans to obtain a license to grow or save their feminized seeds for the inevitable day when the rest of Australia follows Canberra’s example, and legalizes recreational use, needs to pay attention to what they’re buying.

Types of Seeds

All marijuana seeds fall into one of three general categories: regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. Regular seeds can produce male or female plants, which can be problematic for novice growers who aren’t experienced in identifying males’ pollen sacs. Failing to identify male plants and remove them from the grow space can lead to fertilization of the female plants, creating seeds and substantially reducing the potency of the final product. Check out these popular regular seed varieties:

It’s a much better idea for those who are new to growing marijuana to start out with feminized seeds. These seeds are altered using the natural process of Rodelization to ensure that none of them will be male or hermaphrodite plants. Try growing the following easy-to-grow feminized seeds:

Auto-flowering seeds are almost always available in feminized varieties. These seeds start flowering not when they reach maturity at the end of the growing season, as photoperiod plants do, but after a certain amount of time has passed. Most auto-flowering plants reach maturity at around three months. Here are a few popular auto-flowers to try out:

Types of Strains

Most marijuana consumers know that there is a difference between the Indica and Sativa strains. Indicas are known for producing a body high that’s good for treating pain, nausea, and insomnia. They are best consumed at night.

Sativas produce a mind high, meaning that they make consumers feel more energized and aware. They’re often used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and mood disorders and are best smoked or consumed during the day. Growers should note that Sativa plants grow larger than Indica plants, so they take longer to reach maturity.

Hybrid plants combine some traits from Indica strains with other traits from Sativa strains. They vary substantially in their effects. Hybrid strains tend to be more robust and easier to grow, so they’re a good choice for novice cultivators.

The Bottom Line

While possessing and growing recreational marijuana remains illegal in Tasmania for the time being, there are plenty of indications that this could change. The majority of Tasmanians support legalization and the state’s move to commercially producing medical marijuana puts it in a good place to implement reasonable laws regarding home use and cultivation.

Since it’s legal to possess cannabis seeds, there’s no harm in getting ready to embrace the future. Buy seeds online from a reputable seed bank like, and prepare by learning about growing techniques.