Buy Weed Seeds in District of Columbia

It doesn’t matter if you call it the capital of cannabis or the capital of the country, D.C. is a pretty unique place to live. You can make it even better by growing your own marijuana seeds from I49 USA. So, when you’re ready to buy cannabis seeds in District of Columbia, we have the seeds for the strains you love.

D.C. is the seat of the nation’s government and one of the most important political centers on the planet. You never really run out of things to do here. You’d need days if not weeks to fully explore everything the city has to offer. It’s pretty incredible to stand in the center of The National Mall and view so many iconic sights. The Lincoln Memorial, the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial, the capital building and the White House are all in view by simply orienting yourself north, south, west then east.

Who could forget The Smithsonian Institution! The D.C. landmark that is famous the world over as the standard in educational museums and preservation of not only the nations history but globally as well. Nineteen independent museums, nine research and cultural centers and a zoo will keep you busy for days. If the crowds in the tourist heavy areas are a bit much, D.C. has some fantastic other activities for locals and tourists alike.

Just a few short blocks from the crowds is Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. This lovely gem of a park is as peaceful as you can find in Washington. Tranquil ponds and creeks and short, easy trails lead visitors through huge blooms of flowers. Late July is the best time to visit when the foliage is in its peak bloom time. Just next door to that is the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. Rated as the best museum off the National Mall and also considered to be the best place to take an out of towner.

Whether you are new to the city or a born and raised local, you’re sure to enjoy the humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and cold winters, providing a ton of climate variety! With the advance of indoor growing technology, growing cannabis is possible year round in D.C.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

There is a very simple answer to that question and it’s yes. The cannabis seeds for sale in our extensive online cannabis seed bank are the finest quality weed seeds you’ll find in the state. Our talented pool of seed breeders work hard day in and day out to produce the strongest genetics and the healthiest traits of nearly every strain known to humankind. We are so confident in the quality of our seeds that we back them up with the industry’s best germination guarantee.


Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in District of Columbia?

Initiative 71 passed in 2015, making recreational and medical cannabis seeds legal in D.C. Residents aged 21 and over can legally grow up to six marijuana plants from seed at home. Keep in mind that plants must be grown away from public view and behind locked doors. Purchasing marajuana seeds for sale online is your best bet for securing the seeds of strains you love, with genetics that ensure a bountiful harvest so you can take full advantage of these flexible growing laws.


Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

We’re all super busy these days, running from Point A to Point B just trying to keep up with the demands of life. Growing cannabis at home doesn’t have to contribute to that rush. Growing autoflowering strains is a great option for the time challenged individual. Autoflower cannabis strains have been cross bred with the Ruderalis strain to produce a non-photoperiod dependent plant, meaning it does not require a seasonal shift in sunlight hours or complex automation to trigger the flowering stage. Regular watering, feeding and trimming are the only requirement of the plant. They are stout, durable and offer consistent yields that are ready weeks before regular strains due to their shorter vegetation period. It’s easy to buy autoflower seeds usa too, so you can spend the saved energy growing them!


What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are female seeds. Many growers aren’t aware that cannabis plants grow into a gendered plant, or even a hermaphroditic plant. Female cannabis plants boast the most potent, successful yield of all, so many growers prefer them as a result.

How does a breeder produce a seed with only female genetics? By altering environmental conditions, seed breeders can trick a flowering female plant into producing pollen. This usually involves changing lighting conditions drastically, adding a chemical solvent or withholding water. When the pollen is harvested, it can be applied to another flowering female of the same strain and the resulting seeds will have only female genetics. By only using female plants in the process there will be no male chromosomes in the mix and all seeds will only possess female genes. Explore the wide variety of feminized seeds for sale on the I49 website if you’re wanting to save yourself the trouble of culling male plants, to avoid pollination of your females. Nobody wants seedy, bunk buds!


What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in District of Columbia?

Considering growing marijuana from home and looking for strains that are popular to grow in the District of Columbia? Whether you plan to grow outdoors in the warmth of the summer, or staging a grow tent or grow room to grow year round indoors, I49 ha a variety of seeds that are perfect for growing in the city.


D.C. is the engine of the nation but it needs fuel like sour diesel pot seeds. The insanely popular offspring of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk has a slightly spicy, fuel like taste. That may not seem like an appealing flavor profile but this strain pulls it off well. It may also have the coolest nicknames of any strain, Sour D. Smokers can expect a highly energized, cerebral buzz that slowly fades into a mellow body stone. Great for mood boosting and treating chronic pain, it is also an appetite stimulant so plan on a dinner out at the Federalist Pig or a hefty lunch at Call your Mother Deli.


Life is like a dream with blue dream flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. This is a sativa dominant lovechild born from Super Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk with an intense flavor of blueberries and sweet vanilla. Quite possibly the best strain to wake and bake with, it uplifts moods, puts a smile on your face and boosts energy so you can get out at any time of the day. From a morning run along the Potomac River or taking in a Washington Nationals afternoon game this strain does not disappoint. Named for its hues of blue-green and thick, sticky crystal coated buds, Blue Dream is also a very generous yielding strain come harvest time.


Who wants dessert? Or maybe we should say who wants cookies feminized seeds? This sweetly named indica dominant hybrid has become a legend since it first hit the cannabis community. Turns out the first hit tasted so good it led to another and another. You get the picture! OG Kush and Durban Poison gave us this ultra potent strain that sinks smokers into the couch and warps time like a time traveller. Medicinally speaking, it is very helpful in treating debilitating conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and post traumatic stress disorders. Silky aromas of minty cotton candy and an earthy, pungent flavor of nutmeg and brown sugar keep smokers coming back for more. If you can keep yourself from the couch, try this beauty out for strolling the monuments at night or spacing out at The Einstein Planetarium inside the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.


CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Undoubtedly you’ve heard about CBD and it’s medical benefits by now. It would seem that it has become a phenomenon of sorts for a great many people. Most notably, CBD has an incredible ability to reduce and, in some cases, stop seizures in kids suffering with epileptic disorders because unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive which makes it a suitable therapy for all ages at all times of the day. Additionally,t CBD seeds are very beneficial in the treatment of a myriad of medical conditions like chronic pain, stress and anxiety. It has now become a commonly reached for natural therapy, and can be smoked, ingested, vaped as a concentrate, or applied as a balm, making it accessible to every user.


Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

There is no better feeling in the world than harvesting your own fresh, smokable cannabis flowers. Imagine planting a row of gorilla glue seeds Canada, a row of tomatoes and a few rows of corn. The vegetables may not matter as much as the weed, however, they can add to the bountiful harvest of happiness, and are great companion plants. Gardens grow great in the D.C summer heat and so will the marijuana seeds you plant from I49 seed bank. You could use those fresh cannabis flowers to make a canna-butter for baking edibles or canna-coconut oil for a pain relieving topical ointment. All you need is a small garden space and some high THC strains, and you’ll be well on your way to experience the euphoria marijuana can provide!


Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

We all like it when life is easy and I49 District of Columbia wants to add to that ease in a big way. We founded our company on the belief that the highest quality pot seeds go hand in glove with great customer service. Our friendly team of client care specialists are just a quick phone call away and are ready to help you with every aspect of your purchase. Whether it be suggestions on strains to grow or helpful tips on how to grow them best, we pride ourselves on being the easiest way to buy cannabis seeds in District of Columbia, District of Columbia. It’s easy to buy marijuana seeds online cheap but not all weed seeds are created equal, so be sure to source your 420 seeds online with the best at I49 Marijuana Seeds.