Buy Weed Seeds in St. Petersburg

Here comes the sun! Known as the “sunshine city” with an average of 361 days per year. St. Pete (as it is sometimes referred to by the locals) actually holds a record for 768 days of consecutive sunshine back on 1967-1969. Good weather combined with a low cost of living make this a popular retirement destination, but more and more young people are moving here every year too.

With a population currently of over a quarter-million people, there is still lots of space to stretch out and enjoy yourself at the beach. St. Peters actually has the 3rd largest dedicated public waterfront parks area in North America, stretching over 7 miles in length. The whole city also has a vibrant arts scene that is displayed throughout the year. Catch the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, Pride Week, or Ribfest gatherings for a great time with good food and loud music.

Downtown St. Petersburg is the city’s heartbeat and home to great shopping, restaurants, bars, and attractions. After making a stop to check out the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s work outside of Spain, swing by the Chihuly Collection on Central Avenue to witness mind-blowing glasswork. If you have a young family in tow, make sure to check out the Great Explorations Children’s Museum near the downtown core.

I49 Florida is a spot of interest when visiting St. Petersburg, especially for all those university students trying to get through exams or that stressful time of the first week on campus. Planning a marijuana home grow is always a rewarding distraction!

Located a half hour drive west of Tampa, in the Gulf of Mexico, St. Pete has an ideal climate for growing great cannabis.  If considering purchasing seeds to start the process yourself, make sure that you go with the best.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

We take great pride in selecting the top-quality strains of I49 Marijuana Seeds that we carry, lab-testing each to guarantee quality genetics and viability. The products pages of regular seeds contain all the information that any customer would need to make informed choices to purchase what they desire making I49 the most reputable seed bank online!

Peruse our wide selection of indica and sativa marijuana seed strains, choose your preference and once you place your order, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase will be delivered discreetly to your door. Buy cannabis seeds in St. Petersburg, Florida by visiting I49 USA for all your seed needs.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in St. Petersburg?

Marijuana seeds are legal to buy throughout the continental US, as they are considered an adult novelty item. For most Florida citizens, cannabis remains a taboo illegal subject. However, since 2014 there has been a small segment of the population granted medical access to high CBD oil products, but no THC.

New laws should expand the number of certified patients and also increase the number of qualifying conditions. If you are wanting to buy cannabis seeds in St. Petersburg, be sure to source your marijuana seeds from a legal vendor. You can purchase your weed seeds in advance, saving them until local regulations allow growing from home, which will hopefully happen soon!

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflower seeds may sounds complicated to the untrained ear, but the reality is that all the work has been put in for you to make growing as easy as it can be. Auto seeds produce strong, resilient plants that can handle a little bit of neglect here and there, such as underwatering, or forgetting to shorten the light cycle.

The ruderalis type of cannabis that imparts the helpful traits to the autoflower lineage must be able to flower in long summer days. In the north of Siberia, summer days go on for 24 hours continuously for 2 months a year. So, the cannabis there has had to ‘learn’ how to flower with the lights on! Usually our native north American strains must witness a shift of more than 12 hours to less than 12 hours before they make this change. TO be clear, an autoflowers yield is usually slightly less than standard ‘photoperiod’ plants, but you can often grow 2 crops in the amount of time as one crop of regular seed, so they can make up this difference in the long run.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds first appeared on the market in the late 1990s, though at first they were not very reliable. These days they are not only more reliable but have come down in price considerably too. You can know without a doubt that when you buy feminized marijuana seeds for sale, you’ll only get female plants, allowing you to plant fewer seeds and enjoy greater success. Don’t live in fear of the dreaded male plant popping up under your detection.

Feminized seeds are made by tricking the female plants into thinking they are under great threat. When stressed with poor lighting consistency or certain chemical exposures, the plant will pollinate itself in a built-in survival mechanism. Because the seed contains zero genes, you have zero chance of a male developing. Male plants pollinate the females, causing low yields and bunk, seedy buds. Feminized cannabis seeds remove the need to carefully monitor your baby plants and weed out the male plants, a task that comes with the risk of oversight and damage to your entire crop. And if you are forced to pull up half your plants, you wind up with wasted space and wasted money. Save the stress and go with feminized seeds instead!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is no stranger to nature. With a mile of elevated boardwalk winding through a maple swamp and an observation tower which provides a panoramic view of the swamplands. This is a great outing to take the family to, especially those in-laws maybe you only see once per year. And in that case dro seeds are the best choice to get a conversation started.

Need to step away for some adult time while visiting St. Petersburg? Visiting the famous Green Bench Brewing company is a must stop for a good cold brew and a nice mellow puff on that dosido strain priced affordably.

You can’t come to St. Petersburg without visiting Tropicana Field for a major league baseball game. This is a great family day seeing the Chicago cubs and New York Yankees hit the ball. It doesn’t get much better than that. So while watching the game, eating the famous hot dog and drinking a beer why not take a toke of bruce banner marijuana strain giving you that all over goodness body feel. Not a bad way to watch the game at all!

And lastly, you can’t forget about visiting the Saturday morning market, this is a must do when visiting St. Petersburg with great crafts and organic produce. Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy cannabis seeds at the farmers market. With lots to do and many sites to see you will never have a dull moment when coming to St. Petersburg, Florida.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Even if you are not a cannabis consumer, odds are that you have heard the term CBD mentioned in the news or on a magazine cover. THC got the most attention for the better part of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but these days all eyes are on CBD as the wonder drug of choice. Actually, more like a vitamin than a drug, CBD has no psychoactive effect and only works on a cell-signaling level in the bodies natural endocannabinoid system,

CBD has been a part of many clinical trials and seems to be a safe an ideal treatment option for higher risk people including children and the elderly. The symptoms that it treats also vary widely from chronic pain and inflammation to PTSD and depression. Buy CBD seeds online if you want to try to grow some of this wonderful stuff yourself.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

You do not need to be an expert gardener to be able to grow high quality medical-grade marijuana at home. If you start with high quality CBD seeds or THC seeds, and germinate them properly, you should be in good shape for success. This turtle pie weed strain is one of those best conversation starter strains, one that you definitely want to have growing in your garden.

When getting ready to plant that garden make sure you visit the best online cannabis seed bank for the best seeds for those new plots. The trop cookies strain is a great strain to plant in your first garden, as it does well in soil and blossoms into big vibrant yellow blooms.

There are maraquana seeds that you can purchase that are outdoor specific that will thrive in your outdoor space rain or shine. When looking for an indoor strain to start with growing weed seeds indoors, you’ll want to consider using a grow tent or a grow room, and also look into temperature controls, humidity regulation and ventilation systems.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Shopping for marijuana seeds online used to be a crap shoot because you never truly knew if your purchase was going to be viable or not. When buying 420 seeds online you want to make sure they will arrive on time and in good condition.

If you are shopping online for regular weed seeds or feminized pot seeds make sure you shop with a reputable vendor like I49 seed bank. Our track record of satisfied customers will always speak for itself, so head on over to read the hundreds of raving reviews from other satisfied growers. Peruse the grow guide to get some ideas on how to increase your yield and you’ll be ready to plant your seeds as soon as local laws allow!