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Heavy Yield Seeds

Heavy yield seeds that give more pot in less time

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Heavy Yield Seeds

Anyone new to the art of growing cannabis has a lot more to learn than what strain they should choose. How successful a crop performs will depend on many factors, but the most important may be the seeds the farmer uses. The age, quality, and type of seed will have a lot of impact on the condition of the mature plants and the abundance of the harvest.

A good option for those that want to make the most of the growing space they have available is to use heavy yield cannabis seeds. Shoppers that visit i49 Seed Bank USA have so many options they can have higher yield seeds without sacrificing what they want for an experience from their plants.

What are Heavy Yield Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds categorized as heavy or high yield are the ones developed from the seeds of plants that grew abundantly. The seeds harvested from these plants enable growers to produce a larger crop in the same growing space as they normally could.

Using high yield seeds has become a valuable technique in many farming communities because it increases the food produced on every acre. The method has important implications in countries where the population continues to grow, and less land becomes available.

Many personal cannabis growers can understand the frustration of a lack of growing space. Many have limited square footage available for either indoor or outdoor gardens. Instead of needing to rely on dispensaries for most of their product, sellers can grow plants that outperform the average harvest to save money and time.

How are Heavy Yield Seeds Made?

Many techniques exist to create a massive yield without the expansion of a garden. Isolating and then breeding high-yield plants together can boost the production of superior quality seeds. The plants often reach this level of quality through years of effort from the farmers.

Good fertilization and irrigation practices and the removal of plants that were too susceptible to pest damage helped to create more durable plants. The seeds from these plants often share the same characteristics as the original plants. Consumers with specific questions about how companies develop certain heavier yielding seeds can call i49 USA at +1-888-441-4949 for more information.

Why Choose Heavy Yield Weed Seeds?

Everyone should want the most for their money. Using seeds designed to produce plants that give the most buds per square inch makes it easy to meet any goal. Seeds of this type can aid the personal grower and small farms that need more to fill their rising orders but cannot instantly gain the land they need. Large yield strains are a much more affordable investment than expanding the size of a farm.

New growers in small houses or apartments may only have a corner or closet to use as a growing area. Larger yields per plant with specialized seeds will make the lack of growing room less of a problem. Smaller gardens also need fewer lights for a less expensive hobby and are less noticeable to others.

Where to Grow Heavy Yield Seeds?

High-yield seeds can grow anywhere that farmers have had success with other cannabis seeds. The weather may become a concern with some strains for some people who have only outdoor gardens. At [email protected], however, it is possible to find strains for nearly any climate and any indoor growing conditions.

To enable a garden to produce a bumper crop with heavier yield seeds will take a little more effort than it does with traditional cannabis seeds. The crop may not perform as well as people expect if they deprive their plants of the extra water, fertilizer, and the light many seeds need. Even experienced growers should talk to an expert to learn more about the extra needs of high-producing seeds.

Buying Heavy Yield Seeds in the USA

Consumers who want to purchase high-yield seeds need to choose seeds from the high or heavy yield categories. Many seed banks, likeI49 USA, have dozens of strains that come from abundantly producing seeds. Exquisite plants and buds may grow commonly from these strains, but they are not necessarily a heavy yield version. The difference becomes obvious once people experience how much more they get from a seed designed to give a larger yield.

After selecting the right category, the buying process is the same as it is for any other US cannabis seed. Consumers should choose a reputable seed bank with a wide selection. Use only companies that offer fresh seeds and that sell products that come accurately labeled. Exceptional cannabis seed suppliers should offer excellent customer support for any questions a grower may have.

How to Buy Heavy Yield Seeds Online?

To buy the best seeds, search the category dedicated to heavy yield seeds. Companies likeI49 USA will list all the strains available and discuss what each strain has to offer. Customers can narrow down the choices available to them by filtering the results for the most popular, the highest or lowest prices, and other options. The final decision the shopper needs to make is what strain they want. Growers need to decide what they prefer for taste, scent, and the desired effect before they buy. Contact the seed bank, if needed, to find out what strain or strains match these preferences.

Seed banks have online shopping carts and checkouts like any other online retailer. Feel free to contact the company by phone or email with questions before placing an order. Some frequent questions new growers may want to know are the specific kinds of soil or other growing medium and fertilizer their seeds will need. Growers may want to know how long it takes for the crop to mature and if they need to buy certain seeds for a thriving indoor garden versus one outside. Review the FAQ section on the website for information but contact customer service if a question does not appear on the site or there are other concerns.


Cannabis seeds go through various stages of growth like all plants. The first stage is germination, and it takes place just before the seedling stage. Germination takes about 5-10 days. The seed should receive about 18 hours of light during this stage.

The seedling stage follows and takes a couple of weeks, or slightly longer. Leaves develop at this point and each leaf will eventually grow blades. Once the leaves have the full 5-7 blades common with the plant and the color of the vegetation is bright green, it has reached the vegetative stage.

The vegetative stage begins about two weeks after germination. The plants need a lot of light per day. Some may even need light for 24-hours per day. It is during the vegetative stage that the root system develops. The strength of the roots will determine the ability of the plant to thrive and grow strong enough to support large buds. The stage will last about four or five months. Growers that want to prune and train their plants should begin during this stage.

Pruning can enable cannabis plants to produce a larger yield, but it only helps when it is done correctly. Many farmers prefer to prune to increase the THC level in their buds and others allow the plant to grow naturally. New growers should research how to prune and how it can affect their plants, and choose what method seems best to them.

Plants that receive 11 or fewer hours of light per day will remain in the vegetative stage. A longer vegetative stage can cause an increase in the number of buds on each plant. Plants that receive adequate light will eventually enter the flowering stage. Growers that give their plants light for 12 hours a day can enable the plants to grow taller during the flowering stage. The height gained depends on the plant type.

How to Germinate Heavy Yield Cannabis Seeds?

The process to germinate the highest-yielding cannabis seeds is the same as germinating any cannabis seeds. Most people saturate the paper towels with water until they are wet but not dripping. Too much water could cause the seeds to rot.

Place the paper towels on a clean plate after wetting them thoroughly with water. Most growers prefer to use distilled water to avoid chlorine and fluoride or other chemicals. Put the seeds on the paper towels so they are not touching and have about an inch of space between each seed. Cover the seeds with another wet paper towel and place a lid or plate on top to keep the seeds safe and in the dark. Make certain the cover does not touch the seeds but forms a dome instead.

Store the plates in a warm area where the temperatures range between 70-90°F. Check regularly to make certain the paper towels do not dry out. Do not handle the seeds during the germination stage. The germination stage is successful when a sprout grows through the split seed. The taproot is the name for the sprouted growth. Plant it downward into the growing medium to start the seedling stage. The sprout will appear in about a week or two through the soil as the seedling. Keep the soil moist and warm while waiting for the seedling to appear.

Optimal Lighting Conditions for Heavy Yield Seeds

The amount of lighting and the color spectrum of the lights that each plant needs will change based on the stage of growth. In all stages, any lights used should sit close enough to the plants to benefit them, but not close enough to scorch the leaves. If placing a hand under the lights just above the plants feels too intense, the leaves are at risk.

Experts recommend blue spectrum lights through the earliest stages of development and a switch to a red spectrum filter or light for the flowering stage. The color changes mimic the light all plants receive from the sun as they grow in an outdoor garden. Excessive heat is a constant concern with the use of artificial lights in an indoor grow room. Ventilation of the growing area helps to control the temperature and the humidity level.

More lighting produces more buds, but that does not mean that a successful yield will come from blasting the plants with powerful lights. A heavily flowering plant is only as good as the quality of the bud it produces. Select the perfect lighting system after deciding on the types and number of plants planned for the garden to ensure the system can offer what the plants need.

Optimal Nutrients for Heavy Yield Seeds

Healthy, productive plants happen more easily when they have an adequate growing medium. The right mix of nutrients will help the grower optimize their seeds for the most extreme yield possible. Macronutrients are the elements needed for the best plant growth. There are several macronutrients vital to the growth of cannabis plants.

Some examples of the nutrients a growing medium should have in the correct levels include calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and potassium. Potassium aids plants with disease protection, water circulation, and photosynthesis. Plants rely on phosphorus for healthy roots. Calcium deficiencies can cause damage to the branches and the roots, and nitrogenenables photosynthesis to occur and allows the plant to produce amino acids and process chlorophyll. Plants that lack nitrogen will not grow as large or have as big a yield as they would otherwise.

Growers must constantly look at their plants for signs of yellowing leaves or poor growth. Take soil samples often to check the levels of the micronutrients in the soil. Keep additives on-hand so adjusting the soil quality can happen quickly. The macronutrients listed above are not a complete list, so research the full needs of cannabis plants to avoid any damage to the crop.

Advanced Tips for Heavy Yield Seeds

Growers eventually discover personal tips and tricks for a more productive yield and the best quality bud. There are, however, some details that will help anyone boost their chances for a great crop. Here are some of the most important tips for growers to keep in mind.

Do Not Harvest Too Soon

Know the expected length of growth time before harvest for the strain chosen. Use that information as a window of opportunity for when to monitor the readiness of the buds each day. Some ways to know definitively are when the pistil and the trichomes are ready.

The pistils turn brown as the plant reaches the end of the last stage of growth. When half or more pistils have taken on a brownish color, it is time to harvest. The trichomes also transition from a murky-looking drop to a yellowish-brown resin. Harvest the buds when about half of the trichomes have transitioned.

Do Not Over Fertilize

Too few nutrients will harm plants, but too many nutrients are just as dangerous. An overabundance of nutrients can cause a chemical burn to the plants. Always test the soil first, rather than blindly dumping in additives.

Buy the Best Lights Possible

Lighting affects so much of the ability of the plants to grow. Make an excellent lighting system a priority when building a budget for a growing area. It is possible to find affordable grow lights but make sure they offer reliability. No one wants to come home to discover their plants were in the dark all day.

Watch the Temperature Ranges

Cannabis plants need different levels of heat as they grow. The plants flourish during their earliest stages in rooms that stay between 70-75 degrees. Once cannabis plants reach their flowering stage, they can withstand a slightly larger variation in temperatures. Most mature pot plants still need the environment around them to be between 60-80 degrees.

Check the Humidity Level

Moisture has a significant role during germination and into the vegetative stage. During the flowering stage, there should be much less moisture in the air. Regardless of the stage of plant growth, a room that stays too humid for too long could cause mold growth and destroy the plant.

Aim for relative humidity levels of 60-80 percent for seedlings and during the vegetative state. Reduce the humidity to 40-50 percent at the flowering stage and make the room even dryer (30-40percent) during the last week or two before harvesting takes place.

Top 5 Heavy Yield Seed Recommendations

#1.Big Bud Fem

Big Bud Fem is an example of a high yield indica strain that appeals to those that want to enjoy a long and euphoric day of kicking back with no worries. Expect huge buds and fewer leaves.

#2.Auto Triple XL Fem

Auto Triple XL Fem is a popular high yield autoflower strain. People that prefer this strain like that it has a powerful, relaxing effect. Like many strains today, it is a hybrid of several popular strains. Many people enjoy its fresh, fruity taste.

#3.Critical Mass Fem

Enjoy heavy buds that harvest easily with this abundantly producing seed. Loved for its medicinal effects, Critical Mass Fem offers a wide array of scents and flavors for the user to experience.

#4.Moby Dick Fem

Moby Dick provides a long-lasting and pleasant high. Many people use the high yield Sativa strain to receive a boost in productivity and creativity. The strain may also prove beneficial as a temporary break from anxiety and depression.

#5.Super Silver Haze Fem

Want to feel energized and uplifted? Super Silver Haze may be the perfect option. The high-producing plants also help to relieve anxiety for many people.

Why Choose I49 Seed Bank?

At i49, the company founders were experts and members of cannabis culture before they started the business. Being familiar with what the average person wants has made it easier to design a customer-friendly experience. Attention to the quality of the products the company offers takes priority, but just as much effort goes into efficiently getting the products to the customer. The company was founded on a commitment to timely delivery, fair prices, and an honest and high-quality product.

Interesting Facts About Heavy Yield Pot Seeds

  • High yield seeds are usually the best quality plants available because they have a strong immune system that protects them against disease and pests.
  • Plants often grow shorter when grown inside, but they remain abundant because they frequently become fuller than average during the flowering stage.
  • Trimming leaves can help to expose the buds so they grow fatter due to the additional air and light they receive.
  • Most traditional seed strains produce about 14-ounces of product for every square meter of indoor growing space.
  • Seeds that offer high yields can often produce 21-25 ounces per square meter. Some boast yields as high as 32 ounces.

Common Misspellings & Abbreviations

Finding accurate information is a frequent problem for people that want to learn more about how to get started as a cannabis grower. Cannabis culture can seem confusing to many people because of all the unique words and phrases. A couple of the issues involve misspellings and the use of abbreviations that happen commonly during searches. When looking for certain seeds or for more information about establishing a farm or indoor growing room, look for alternative spellings like, “High Yield” and “hi-yield”.

Final Comments

Regardless of the crop grown, all gardeners want the most from every inch of their growing space. Seeds that produce the heaviest yield make that goal possible. Growers will need to give these seeds and plants a little more attention than basic cannabis seeds, but the harvest results make the few extra minutes worthwhile.

At i49 Seed Bank USA, shoppers will find a large inventory of high-producing cannabis seeds with the potential to produce every experience imaginable during use. The strains include a variety of flavors, aromas, and potencies. Check out the website seed listings to view the over 100 strains of heavy yield seeds currently available.