Buy Cannabis Seeds in Honolulu

Honolulu is a gigantic metropolitan mecca, the 11th largest in the world in fact. Proudly, Honolulu is home to the Mai Tai drink and Hawaiian luau. There are plenty of exquisite world-renowned beaches in Honolulu which bring flocks of snowbirds and worldwide vacationers from all over. The consistent and beautiful weather in Honolulu makes it a perfect place to grow those high thc marijuana seeds that you can find at I49 Hawaii.

Buy cannabis seeds in Honolulu, Hawaii from I49 and enjoy the sunshine and mild mists of rainfall that make Honolulu such a magical place and perfection for growing. Honolulu is home to an abundance of supreme nature, not to mention the home to a few top dog movie sets such as Jurassic Park and Godzilla, among others. Why not smoke your favorite green and head out to explore the epic beauty that makes up Honolulu. Relish in the diverse culture, or relax in the sunshine at a waterfront restaurant, or get out on a secluded exotic hike. There are many ocean water activities you can get into with some yummy ganja as well. Go have another worldly experience whale watching and be witness to the baby humpback whales. Get your premium bud in a world class place and buy cannabis seeds online in Honolulu, online direct from I49.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

The I49 Seed Bank has such a diverse selection of quality, yet cheap weed seeds with amazing customer reviews. I49 USA will deliver nationwide, even to the geographically isolated island of Honolulu, Hawaii! Backed by I49’s promise of germination guaranteed pot seeds, I49 is a safe bet for buying weed seeds and growing your lavish pot plants. With a wide selection of weed seeds, you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for. Try out the fast flowering feminized seeds or autoflowering seed for quick harvest. Alternatively, you may want to play around with regular seeds and enjoy the full process of pollination. I49 has all your weed needs covered from straight up medicinal CBD, to fantastic strains of sativa, indica, and hybrid blends. Don’t wait! Get on I49’s website now and let the germinating begin!

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Honolulu?

Honolulu can be pretty relaxed about certain laws and then extremely strict on other laws pertaining to patrons using marijuana. This Aloha State has not decriminalized or legalized marijuana and so you have to have a medicinal purpose for this consumption. If in possession of less than 1oz of weed, this can get you put in jail for 30 days if you haven’t seen a doctor to recommend pot to you for medical reasons. Medicinal users can grow their marijuana seeds and have up to 7 plants at a time, although this is pretty relaxed. There is a gray area for those that are growing and aren’t a patient or caregiver, with the exception of specific laws that prohibit growing where children reside and using someone else’s property to grow personal marijuana. One of the more relaxed laws is that there aren’t really any laws for setups less than 25 plants. Luckily, you can still buy cannabis seeds online in Honolulu, Hawaii, so start exploring our vast variety today!

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Have you ever heard of autoflower seeds before? Autoflower seeds have flowering that occurs once germination begins, yielding much faster and constant supplies of marijuana! Autoflowering seeds are very resilient and easy to work with. Whether you wish to grow cannabis on a smaller home scale either outdoors in the garden or inside in a grow tent. Perhaps you’d like to grow commercial marijuana?  Autoflowering seeds will help you to gain that amazing supply of endless green. For optimized growing, autoflowering seeds love about 18 hours of sunshine a day and have been known to survive on 4 hours. These seeds grow into a shorter and stocky plant and are fine to grow among other plants. The autoflower seeds are not delicate. If you want to, planting your autoflowering seeds next to your tomatoes is a great idea as they tend to be great companion plants. For indoor growing of autoflowering seeds, the process is super easy, just turn the lights on in the morning and off in the evening. Super simple, no hassle, and no complicated lighting systems required. Check out I49’s robust stock of autoflowering marijuana seeds and get these awesome seeds shipped to your home in Honolulu now. I49 values your privacy and has a privacy guarantee on all products.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

Does growing large and fruitful marijuana plants interest you? When you purchase the feminized seeds, you are choosing a seed strain that ensures your plant will be female, which is where the good stuff comes from; the bud that most growers want to yield. Female plants produce the premium sweet buds we love, while the males flower to pollinate the female. The pollination process is much more time consuming if your goal is to have a robust harvest within 7-13 weeks. The feminized weed seeds have gone through a specific process of changing the genetics of a plant without altering its genes equating in a female only plant. This process takes the middle work right out for you so you can enjoy that prime bud sooner. Check out I49 for the top feminized weed seeds on sale.

Los Angeles Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Honolulu?

Are you in the mood to smoke some of that sweet tropical banana kush? Banana kush has a very similar flavor and aroma of exactly that, sweet tropical bananas. Yum! You should experience a happy and calm state when smoking this green. Roll a joint of this delightful banana kush and grab your friends and go hike the Diamond Head volcano. How epic would it be to stand flying high with this high THC bud on a dormant volcano? Get the high in demand  banana kush seeds, and enjoy harvest in early October, or indoor flowering 7-9 weeks. Order you banana kush seeds online from I49 now.

Do you love an epic sunset? They are the best in Honolulu, and the only thing that could possibly make them better is a toke off a sunset sherbert joint at sunset. Grab yourself some feminized sunset sherbert seeds for sale at I49.  I49’s online cannabis seed bank promises a germination guarantee on this feminized seed. Get your grow on outside with these low maintenance seeds, flowering in 8-10 weeks weed seeds. You’ll find this strain yields 15-19% THC, is an 85% indica hybrid, and gives users a full body buzz that is just perfection for a chill afternoon at Waikiki beach, melting into the warm sand and living the stress-free life.

Have you ever experienced an authentic Honolulu luau? You should definitely hit the bong with some skunk before going. Skunk 1 is munchy-inducing, and gives users a super calm and chill vibe. The skunk 1 feminized seeds are 17% THC, a 65% indica hybrid, and grow beauty buds yielding large nuggets that are super easy to grow with a short flowering period of 7-8 week. Have you dreamt of growing commercial cannabis with those lush acres of land? Skunk 1 feminized seeds thrive in warm climates! Time to get your seeds from I49 and make the dream a reality.

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

Are you looking to get the medicinal benefits of cbd strain seeds and bypass the whole psychoactive (THC), stoned feeling? I49 has fantastic CBD cannabis seeds, with a huge selection that you can find online. CBD is brilliant in so many healing ways like supporting mental complexities such as depression and anxiety, and even insomnia. CBD is also a great strain for combating some bigger issues like inflammatory diseases, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain disorders, and it even suppresses the growth of cancer cells! There has been much research on the benefits of adding CBD to one’s lifestyle. If you love to juice straight from your abundant garden of sweet tropical fruits and nutrient filled veggies for the health benefits, why not add a few of your home-grown CBD leaves into the mix? Cheers to your health and I49’s amazing CBD seeds!

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

Have you been thinking about starting to grow cannabis from home? If you want to purchase the best feminized marijuana seeds for sale on the market, head over to I49 for the huge range of quality 420 seeds online. Have fun growing your seven medicinal plants and try I49 for the wide variety of strains of weed seeds. Try experimenting to figure out which seeds you enjoy the most.

Honolulu really is a great place to get your home garden growing the highest quality of bud. Just look at the lavish landscape that surrounds you. You’ll have a blast growing from home since it will be so easy and breezy with only two seasons. Summer in Honolulu is from May to September, and winter is October to April, and a fun fact is that Honolulu skips the whole daylight savings ordeal of spring ahead and fall back.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Honolulu?

In the Hawaiian dialect, “Honolulu” means “calm harbor”. Calm harbor refers to the deep natural channel that makes it an ideal resting spot for boats when doing an ocean crossing. I49 USA has some really deep ganja that will make you feel like a calm harbor within yourself. We really do make it easy for you to buy cannabis seeds in Honolulu with the best online seed bank, with lots of sales for you to stock up on. Get your order in today and let I49 deliver your purchase right to your door!