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Settled by Puritans in 1666, Newark is one of the country’s oldest cities and a hub for the Port of New York and New Jersey due to its location at the mouth of the Passaic River. While many tourists consider Newark to be just a pitstop on the way to New York City via Newark Liberty International Airport, what locals and many travelers alike know is that the city has a rich culture stemming from the city’s love affair with music, art, and film. To really delve into the rich artistic offerings, the Newark Museum and City Without Walls, also known as cWOW, offers an array of exhibits and showcases in the city’s art history and more contemporary works.

As the largest city in the Garden State, Newark is divided into 5 sections, or Wards, all with their own charm and charisma: Central, North, East, South and West.

The Central Ward has approximately 55,000 residents and is home to many historic sites, including the Metropolitan Baptist Church, the Krueger mansion, the Abyssinian Baptist Church, and Eberhardt Hall. The ward also hosts exceptional colleges and universities including Berkeley College, NJIT, Rutgers (UMDNJ), Essex County College and Seton Hall University School of Law.

The North Ward is home to the picturesque Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the iconic Branch Brook Park, which is an Instagrammer’s dream come true especially in the Springtime with over 5,000 cherry trees in full bloom at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

The East Ward, also known as the Ironbound, has a bustling Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish Community and is the restaurant haven of the city, with hundreds of eateries, specialty food stores, wine shops and boutique shopping and “restaurant row” on historic Ferry Street.

The South Ward was once the heart of the Jewish community, and is also home to Port Newark – Elizabeth Marine Terminal serving New York and New Jersey.

Last but not least, the West Ward used to be a predominantly Irish-American community, is now a culturally diverse area that boasts Ivy Hill Park in the Vailsburg section that offers outdoor recreation fun for everyone.

Whichever ward you fall into, when you are searching to buy cannabis seeds in Newark, New Jersey,  I49 Weed Seeds is your one-stop shop. Choose from a wide variety of autoflowering, feminized and regular seeds in all of your favorite strains and check out some of our other lesser known but equally prized varieties.

Are Seeds from I49 Seed Bank Good?

We know that you work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on poor quality products! I49 offers only the best quality seeds sourced from top shelf growers. Whether you are new to growing or have been at it for years, I49 wants you to succeed. That’s why we have detailed descriptions on each product informing you of best growing environments for each strain and they come backed by a solid germination guarantee. So, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t wasting money on magic beans that don’t sprout magic stalks! Whether you prefer CBD, high packing THC, indica-dominant or want to purchase sativa seeds online, I49 seed bank offers the largest selection of 420 seeds online.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Newark?

The Garden State is yet to legalize personal recreational uses, cultivation and possession of marijuana, however; marijuana seeds are deemed legal throughout the entire country when sold and purchased as novelty items. Coming down the pipes, the legalization referendum is hitting the ballots in November which could see Newark and all of New Jersey embracing adult recreational use, possession, cultivation and sales of cannabis. Taking these things into consideration, rest assured that when you purchase your cannabis seeds from I49 New Jersey, you are making a completely legal and above-board purchase! What you choose to do with those seeds when they arrive at your door is completely up to you, but you will definitely be the first of your friends to start growing when the laws permit.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

One method some growers find easier is to use autoflower seeds in their home grow-ops. Autoflowers don’t require light cycling to take them from vegetation to flowering stages, they begin their energetic efforts on flowering as soon as they germinate, making their growth cycle approximately half of regular seeds. While these seeds won’t grow into mammoth sized bushes, they will often be ready to harvest in as little as 10 weeks. Easy to disguise in a garden with other plants, autoflowers likely won’t grow past 2.5 feet in height, making them the perfect choice for sneaky outdoor growing or small space indoor setups. Peruse these easy cannabis seeds for growing on I49’s online cannabis seed bank and choose the seeds that best fit your specific grow-op setup.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Unlike most flowering plants, cannabis requires the pollen from a male and a female plant to reproduce, however the female plants are the ones that produce the resin-rich flowers we dry, cure and consume. So, is there a way to cut out growing male plants that could possibly turn your whole crop into seedy bunk? Yes, there is. Feminized seeds are seeds that carry female genetics, ensuring you are growing those lovely lady lumps; no boys allowed.

In a totally safe and completely effective scientific process, a female plant is encouraged to grow male pollination sacks. The pollen is then taken from that sack and used to pollinate another female plant, creating a bunch of baby girl seeds. This process leaves the integrity of the genetics intact, no mutations involved and moreover, no need to watch for, remove and toss male plants in your home-grow! Here are some of I49’s feminized weed seeds for sale, take a gander and find some that fit your specific tastes and requirements. One of our favorites are the wedding cake seeds, great for evening use and relief from chronic pain caused by arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia and other debilitating issues.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Newark?

Catching the Music Festival in Lincoln Park or a performance at the PAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center) this variety of cannabis seeds white widow is known for its creative and euphoric effects, a perfect accompaniment to an evening at the Jazz Festival.

Promising to help you learn to surrender from the hustle and bustle of the nation’s 3rd largest insurance center, purple kush cannabis seeds take you from Newark City Hall and the downtown core to your own backyard oasis.

How about trying out northern lights seeds feminized and enjoying this Indica dominant strain that pairs nicely post brews at a Devil’s game at the Prudential Center. Sleep soundly win or lose!

CBD Seeds: What’s the Big Deal?

Being touted worldwide as the best thing since sliced bread, CBD products can be found all over the place. A recent study showed one in seven Americans used CBD products regularly. So, what is CBD and what’s the big deal? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Unlike its infamous brother, THC, CBD does not contain any psychoactive components so users can benefit from the array of benefits without necessarily partaking in the altered state, or high, that THC gives users. The list of therapeutic uses for CBD is a lengthy one, but the most common uses include relief of chronic pain from injuries and illnesses, inflammation reduction in joints, reprieve from depression and anxiety and treatment for seizures caused by epilepsy. When high amounts of CBD are mixed with moderate amounts of THC, the user can benefit from immediate relief from the THC while utilizing the longer-term benefits of CBD. I49 is the place where to buy medicinal marijuana, search for a strain that suits your specific needs, or get your parents or family members setup for some therapeutic and natural relief of arthritis or MS, among others.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Garden

Trying your hand at growing some cannabis in your garden this year? These are the best outdoor weed seeds on the market, with varieties to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a novice or expert level grower, growing outdoors can be simple, cost effective and efficient when you set your garden space up for success. Consider the amount of sunlight the space will receive and drainage of soil before planting your pot seeds. Utilizing herbs and other companion plants near your crops is an effective and easy way to keep pests at bay and provide nutrients into the soil. These bruce banner og marijuana seeds could have you well on your way to harvesting your own stash in early Fall!

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Newark, choose the number one source for weed seeds online, I49 USA. With the biggest selection of all of your favorite strains in feminized, autoflower and regular seeds, online shopping is made super easy. Purchases backed with a germination guarantee and seeds sourced from only the best quality available will leave you with the confidence that your order from i 49 seed will not disappoint. Shop comfortably from your own home or on the go, and with just a few clicks you’re on your way to having primo cannabis seeds delivered to your door.