Cannabis Seeds For Sale: Guide to Buy Marijuana Seeds in the Empire State.


If you’re interested in starting your journey to become an ultimate cannabis connoisseur, the years that you spent consuming the marijuana that other people have grown has prepared you to start growing your own cannabis.

Whether you’re looking to be in control of every aspect of the growing process or you’re interested in using marijuana for its medicinal purposes, beginning your cannabis growing journey can be overwhelming. Plus, there’s the whole legality of purchasing cannabis seeds for sale in the state of New York.

Whatever your reason to start growing marijuana is, we created a complete guide to help you understand how to you start growing your own marijuana plants as a beginner. Keep reading to learn more!


Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in New York?


Marijuana has been decriminalized in the state of New York, meaning you won’t take the risk of developing a criminal record if you’ve been caught with a small amount of marijuana on your person. In addition, if you have a large amount of marijuana on your person, you won’t have to worry about a criminal record if this is your first or your second offense.

Medical marijuana has been legal in New York since 2014. If you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition the drastically impact the quality of life, you can possess a 30 day supply of marijuana at any given time.

Spinal cord damage, IDD, ALS, chronic pain, HIV, AIDs, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy are all conditions that are eligible to be treated by medical marijuana in New York.

While New York doesn’t have any laws on the legality of home cultivation, you can still legally collect marijuana seeds, is considered an adult souvenir product.


Cannabis Seeds 101


Marijuana plants can be female, male, or hermaphrodite plants. Reproductive organs for marijuana plants are found on individual plants, which makes it a type of dioecious plant.

Cannabis seeds are created after a male plant pollinates a female plant. The majority of the marijuana that you consume is from a female flower that seedless, which means that you won’t find seeds and products that you purchase from a medical marijuana dispensary.

There are some marijuana plants to contain both female and male reproductive organs. These types of marijuana plants are referred to as hermaphrodite plants, which include the ability to produce pollen and self pollinate.

No matter if a marijuana plant self pollinates or if it has a male marijuana plant pollinating if you female plant, it’ll create marijuana seeds. As the seeds reach maturity, they fall off of the female marijuana plant, and can be used to create new plants or harvested for hemp.


Male Versus Female Marijuana Plants: How to Tell a Difference


Contrary to popular myths, there is no way to tell the difference between a female and a male marijuana seed. The only way that you’ll be able to identify the gender of a marijuana plant is on the planet address it’s pre-flowering stage.

At about six weeks of age, the first signs of a gender of a marijuana plant will begin to grow.

You can identify a female marijuana plant if there’s a small bud that’s located between the main staff and the fletching branch. The small but that you’re able to locate will eventually grow into adults flowers, which creates consumable Marijuana.

Another way that you could identify a female marijuana plant is by locating the white pistol hairs that surround the small bud. These pistol hairs are unique to female marijuana plants, and as the female plant matures, the pistol hairs will turn orange or red the closer that it is to being ready to harvest.

You can identify a male marijuana plant by the pollen socks that are located between the main stock and the fletching branch. This pollen sac has a tulip-shaped appearance and will not have any pistil hairs sprouting from it.


Removing Male Marijuana Plants


Once you identify the male marijuana plants in your harvest, you must immediately remove it before it enters into the Flowering stage. If you happen to leave any mail marijuana plants in with your female plants, the male plant will pollinate all of the surrounding female plants as it enters into the flowering stage. This will cause female marijuana plants to produce seeds instead of consumable marijuana flowers.

For you to reap a high-yield and they successfully harvest, you need to remove all marijuana plants from your garden. Unless you have other uses for a male marijuana plant, you can throw these away. Male marijuana plants are virtually useless, as they do not produce any effects when you consume the plant.


Clones Versus Seeds


A clone is a portion of a marijuana plant that’s been cut off, but still has the ability to grow roots. Growing a clone over a seed will help to stabilize the genetic reproduction of the mother plant, if you’re interested in reproducing duplicates of the mother plant.

However, growing from seed offers a large variety of advantages and growing from a clown.

Marijuana seeds grow a taproot, which is the route is responsible for anchoring the marijuana plant into the soil. CloNES don’t grow a taproot, which makes the plan a lot less stable.

In addition, clones aren’t able to absorb the water and nutrients that it needs to grow efficiently. This means that growing marijuana from a seed will help to produce a healthier plant.

Due to the environmental stress that growing a marijuana clone causes, growing marijuana from a seed will help to produce a higher yield. Since marijuana seeds don’t have to struggle to get the proper vitamins, nutrients, and water that it needs to grow into a healthy plant, but able to focus on producing a higher yield.

Plus, by growning from seed is a great way for a beginner to start their marijuana growing journey. Seeds aren’t under as much stress as cannabis clones are, which means there’s a reduction in the risk of pests and diseases. Cannabis beginners can discreetly purchase cannabis seeds online, while clones are a lot harder to purchase discreetly.


Types of Marijuana Seeds


Another influential factor in your cannabis growing journey is understanding the different types of marijuana seeds. The choice that you make when shopping around for cannabis seeds will determine how much care you have to invest into your plants.


Regular Cannabis Seeds


Regular cannabis seeds produce both female and male marijuana plants. Since these seed haven’t been genetically or chemically altered to determine the gender of the planet, they’re considered to be entirely natural.

While regular cannabis seeds are easy for beginners to grow, they require the ability to identify the gender of a plant. If you aren’t comfortable with identifying the gender of the plant, you take the risk of male marijuana plants ruining your entire harvest.

If you have experience growing marijuana, you also need to be able to identify hermaphrodite plants, which pose a risk of also ruining your entire harvest.


If you’re interested in growing some unsexed strains in New York, we think these are some of the best strains’ money can buy:

  1. Bruce Banner Strain Seeds
  2. Great White Shark Strain Seeds
  3. Critical Mass Strain Seeds
  4. Gorilla Glue Strain Seeds
  5. Hindu Kush Strain Seeds


Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Feminized seeds have been chemically treated to ensure that all of the plants that are produced are female.

The chemical process that a female marijuana plant will go through to create feminized seeds is called Rydal ovation. This process is achieved by spraying a mother plant with a solution of gibberellic and colloidal silver. Feminized are resistant to turning into hermaphrodite plants.

By eliminating the need to identify the gender of a marijuana plant, marijuana cultivators are able to dedicate more time to properly caring for the plants. As an end result, this can increase the yield that you’re able to harvest from your marijuana plants.

The biggest downside of feminized cannabis seeds is that they’re nearly identical to the mother plant that they came from, which means they’re not a great option to select if you’re looking to have a large diversity in your plants. However, they make a great option for beginners, as they eliminate the need to identify male marijuana plants.

Are you looking for strains to grow in New York?

We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite strains to be grown in New York:

  1. Moby Dick Strain Seeds
  2. Tropicana Cookies Purple Strain Seeds
  3. Purple Thai Strain Seeds
  4. Northern Critical Strain Seeds
  5. Grape Ape Strain Seeds


Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds


Once auto-flowering cannabis plants reach a certain age, they automatically enter into their flower and cycle. However, this is different than other types of canvases, as feminize and regular cannabis seeds depend on a reduction in light exposure to begin their flooring cycle.

You can purchase auto-flowering cannabis seeds in both regular and feminized options. If you are interested in having to set up a specific light schedule for your cannabis seeds, purchasing auto-flowering feminize kind of seeds are the easiest option for you to select as a complete beginner.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds thrive in long summer days with access to high-quality light sources. If you’re interested in yielding large amounts of marijuana throughout the season, plant your seeds early in the canvas season.

Auto-flowering seeds tend to flower a lot sooner than other types of marijuana seeds, which means you can reap several harvests from your plants.


What Auto Flower Strains Are Perfect for New York?


If you’ve decided that auto-flowering strains are perfect for you to grow while you live in New York, there are some auto-flowering strains that thrive in New York’s unique climate. Here’s a closer look at the best auto flower strains are perfect for growing in New York:


Auto-flowering Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds


This short Indica strain is perfect for indoor growth, while providing users with a full-body high create an uplifting sense of euphoria.


Auto-Flowering Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds


If you’re looking for a strain of marijuana to grow while living in New York, this Gorilla Glue #4 strain provide users with a euphoric mental high that’ll make you feel as if you were glued to your couch.


Auto-Flowering Critical Fast Bud Good Night Seeds


Interested in finding a cannabis strain that will flower quickly? This strain is perfect for indoor growth while providing users with a full body hyper creates an uplifting sense of euphoria.


How to Find the Best Cannabis Seeds for Sale in New York


Finding the best cannabis seeds for sale in New York can be tricky, especially if you’re new to growing cannabis and don’t know where to start your journey. We hope that this guide has helped you to understand how to find the best strain of marijuana for your unique medical needs.

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