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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Northern Territory

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Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in the Northern Territory


Right now, marijuana has not been legalized for recreational use in the Northern Territory. However, residents in Darwin and other cities within the Northern Territory can purchase their own marijuana seeds and store them until the laws do change. The seeds need to be stored carefully, but this allows residents to start their own collection so they will be ready to grow when the laws are changed. If you’re looking to purchase marijuana seeds to start your own souvenir seed collection, check out the hundreds of strains available at i49seeds.net.

Marijuana Laws in the Northern Territory

As an Australian territory, Northern Territory does have the ability to create its own laws separate from the federal laws. Despite this, the Australian government can still override their laws, so marijuana is still not yet legal for recreational use. As of 2016, it is legal for medical purposes, though those who want to be able to use marijuana for medical reasons must go through the proper channels and have a license to purchase it.

What this means for residents in the capital, Darwin, as well as other cities throughout the Northern Territory, is that it is still unlawful to possess marijuana for personal use. Penalties can vary, depending on the amount of marijuana the person has on them at the time and whether law enforcement believes the individual intended to sell the marijuana. There are more severe penalties for those caught selling marijuana or those who are caught providing marijuana to minors.

Australia has been taking steps towards legalization. Right now, the capital of Australia, Canberra, has legalized recreational use. That could end at any time since possession is still illegal federally. However, it is a step toward legalization and could pave the way for territories like the Northern Territory to create their own laws regarding recreational use as well as cultivation.

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Northern Territory?

Since marijuana is not yet legal for recreational use, many people would assume they cannot purchase cannabis seeds. What this really means is, the options for cannabis seeds are limited to very few strains and can be very hard to come by. Those who do want to purchase seeds must buy them as souvenir seeds, meaning they’re intended to be collected and not germinated. As long as they are purchasing them with the intention of starting a seed collection, residents in the Northern Territory can purchase marijuana seeds online through a reputable seed bank.

How to Buy Souvenir Marijuana Seeds Today

Buying souvenir seeds is no different from purchasing marijuana seeds to grow plants. The difference is what happens after the seeds arrive at your home. Once the seeds you’ve purchased arrive, you’ll need to store them properly, so they continue to be viable for as long as possible. Viability can be impacted by the seeds being stored in a location that’s too hot, by the seeds being exposed to excess moisture, or for other reasons. Instead, it’s best to store the seeds in an airtight container that is carefully labeled, then placed somewhere that is cool and dark all of the time. This protects the seeds from any damage and ensures they won’t germinate unintentionally.

What Type of Seeds is Best to Purchase?

The answer to this question really depends on how much time you want to put into growing and whether you want to be able to save seeds for future use or developing your own unique breeds. If you’re planning on letting the plants pollinate so you can collect seeds, it’s best to buy regular seeds. If you want to harvest as much marijuana as possible, it’s better to opt for feminized seeds so you don’t waste time growing male plants that will need to be removed. If the plan is to grow marijuana as fast as possible, opt for auto-flowering, so they start producing flowers at the right time, even if you don’t change the daylight hours for the plants in time.

Ready to Shop? We Recommend These Strains

Marijuana is typically split into Indica or Sativa, with most strains being a hybrid of both. You may develop a preference for one of these two species of cannabis, so choosing the right seeds to buy is important. If you’d prefer a Sativa-dominant strain, check out Bruce Banner seeds, Auto Mandarine feminized seeds, or Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast feminized seeds. If you might prefer Indica-dominate strains, try out Nicole Kush feminized seeds, Auto Northern Lights seeds, or Cream Caramel feminized seeds.

If you haven’t grown marijuana before, you might want to look for easy-to-grow weed seeds to add to your collection. This way, once you are able to start growing plants, you’ll have at least a few different strains to try out and see what you like, without having to worry about common issues with the types of marijuana seeds that are more difficult to germinate or grow. Easy to grow options available in our store include Critical Mass feminized seeds, Auto Bubblegum feminized seeds, and Auto Super Skunk feminized seeds.

Buying from Us is Always the Best Option

Low-quality seeds are not going to last long if they’re being stored as souvenir seeds. When you buy from i49, however, you’ll receive the highest quality seeds, so you know they’ll be viable for at least three years as long as they’re stored properly. We hand-select all of our seeds to ensure they are the highest quality possible and ship them directly to your door. We have a huge selection of seeds available, with hundreds of different strains for you to choose from. If you need any assistance, we also have a support team ready to help you at every stage of the process.

While it might not yet be legal to grow your own marijuana plants, you can purchase souvenir cannabis seeds and start a collection. Browse through all of i49’s seeds to find the perfect options for you. We have hundreds of options available![/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content_no_spaces” el_class=”state-top-part-wrapper”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Weed Seeds For Sale in Northern Territory

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Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Northern Territory