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Situated 40 miles south of Lake Erie, Akron is part of the Great Lakes region. The Ohio and Erie Canal pass through the city and divide the city from east to west. Akron natives are proud to be able to tell others they are the only city in the entire country that has a biogas facility that produces methane through the decomposition process of sludge to create electricity. This type of renewable energy helps put Akron on the map as one of the producers of renewable energy.

In Akron, there are four distinct seasons thanks to their humid continental climate. Winters are cold and dry but bring a mix of rain sleet and snow. Summer is typically warm and humid and fall brings clear and dry days and nights. This provides plenty of opportunity for growing cannabis seeds in Akron throughout the spring, summer and fall months.

Home to one of the largest tire manufacturers, Goodyear Tire, has helped earn the city the nickname of “Rubber Capital of the World”. Not to be outdone by the tire and rubber industry though, Akron also lays claim to the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. Unfortunately, Akron is also known as the “Meth capital of Ohio” and is clearly in need of some more natural ways to alleviate issues that people are dealing with. Embracing the medicinal qualities of marijuana seeds is a great start!

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Akron has many fine elementary, high schools and the University of Akron but no school is better known than St.Vincent-St.Mary’s. This is the famed high school of local legend and NBA superstar LeBron James. When in highschool near the turn of the millennium, he put Akron on the sports landscape in a major way. His high school basketball games were televised nationally and brought a hoopla of media. This attention seemed to attract more people to James A. Rhodes Arena to watch the University of Akron Zips men’s basketball team. They became more competitive in the years following and made the NCAA march madness tournament in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

If you are looking for parks and recreation in the area, you are going to be naturally drawn to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It has many gems, including Goodyear Heights, the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm as well as Lock 3 Park. Lock 3 Park is a popular spot for entertainment as it boasts an outdoor amphitheater that hosts music festivals and many special events year-round. It doesn’t get much better than enjoying the warm summer nights with a spliff and some good tunes. Of course, if you were able to be puffing on a stash that you grew at home with the weed seeds you got from I49 seed bank, it would be that much better!

Are Seeds from I49 Seed Bank Good?

Asking if cannabis seeds from I49 are good is like asking if devouring a Blizzard from Dairy Queen is delicious. The inevitable answer is a resounding YES! We offer the highest quality sativa seeds, indica seeds, hybrid seeds and many more in our extensive catalogue. We have rave reviews from our customers that love our privacy guarantee. Not to be outdone though by that, they can’t stop telling their friends about our germination guarantee that can’t be beat. If growing cannabis at home is your plan then be sure to come see us at I49 seeds and we will get you hooked up quickly and discreetly.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Akron?

Marijuana seeds are legal across the entire USA as a novelty item. Ungerminated pot seeds are treated virtually the same as hemp seeds which are becoming popular as a food item; but, do not eat your cannabis seeds as that would be a waste of perfectly good weed seeds. While Ohio passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state, it did not leave any room for home growers. So, while Ohio has many great months for growing cannabis seeds outdoors and the i49 seed bank has the easiest weed to grow, if you want to stay on the side of the law then you need to hold off.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

You may be new to growing marijuana seeds or just want to try something new. Autoflower seeds are a great option to try. For novice growers it allows you to have plants that will flower on their own without time cycle lighting. For an experienced grower it might be something new or allow you to squeeze an extra harvest in during the outdoor growing season. Autoflowering seeds have a quick transition from vegetating to flowering and will generally produce a yield within 7-13 weeks. This goes well with the shorter sunny periods in Akron. So, when you want the best outdoor cannabis seed company on the hunt for autoflower seeds, be sure to come see us at I49 Marijuana Seeds.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Did you know that female marijuana plants produce all of the rich cannabinoids that you have come to know and love? If female plants make all of the goodness, why would anyone mess around with a male plant? Traditionally the male plant has been needed for pollinating the cannabis plant. With feminized seeds, the female seeds are able to pollinate themselves, thus rendering the male pants useless. This allows for a more bountiful harvest which is at the top of the priority list for any experienced cultivator.

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What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Akron?

Embrace your inner Hulk with the best bruce banner seeds that money can buy. Take these dope green buds with you to the Regal Independence theatre for the latest flick in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This potent sativa strain will dazzle you with its incredible crystals. It has a high THC content with an 8-10 week flowering time and it tickles your nostrils with a slight diesel aroma and sweet, earthy flavors.

The whitewidow seeds are perfect for those nights at the Northside Speakeasy. This strain gives you the comforting effects of indica with the uplifting qualities of sativa. This hybrid strain makes it easy to engage in those deep talks with friends and enjoy a stone that lasts the entire evening.

The nostalgia of picking out your wedding cake at Tiffany’s Bakery, Reeves cake shop or the Westside Bakery will come flooding back to you when you buy wedding cake seeds. This indica strain is loved for its dessert like aromas and flavors. It has an 8-10 week flowering time and a high THC content that provides a deep sense of calm. It was the most popular strain of 2018 for a reason!

CBD Seeds: What’s the Big Deal?

Have you been watching Dr. Oz and been left even more confused aboutmedical hemp seeds? Head to I49 for the real deal and learn more about medicinal marijuana. Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD is the leading medicinal and healing property of the cannabis plant. Loads of research has been devoted to showing the efficacy of this part of the plant. Evidence is showing that you can gain relief from various ailments with CBD products. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, seizures or even cancer, CBD edibles, balms, oils, and tinctures may be just what you have been looking for.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Garden

Not a morning person, huh? Many people aren’t. They need a little boost in the morning, but growing your own coffee beans in Akron is impossible to do. Plant some 100% sativa seeds in your garden and you will be feeling the energy and euphoria that mornings can deliver. Don’t let your neighbors use prying eyes and ruin the fun. Plant some autoflower cannabis seeds in your garden and take advantage of their short stature and grow these bad boys right under their noses.

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Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Nobody wants to waste time getting what they need. We all have better things to do. You could be watching the PGA’s Bridgestone Invitational at the Firestone Country Club or enjoying the mouthwatering burgers at the National Hamburger Festival. Pick up your smartphone and with a few taps you can have high quality, premium ganja seeds that come with a germination guarantee delivered to your door discreetly from i49 seeds canada. Join all of us in the 21st century and make sure to get your 420 seeds online!