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Quick Flowering Seeds

Quick flowering seeds to cut the time from growing to blowing

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What Are Quick Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Quick flowering 420 seeds grow into plants that flower automatically after they’ve grown for two to four weeks. There’s no need to adjust the lighting schedule to start and maintain flowering, as you would if you were growing a feminized photoperiod strain. Autoflowering varieties need less time to reach maturity; some strains can be harvested in just eight weeks. Because they’re so easy to grow, autoflowering seeds are great for beginners.

Non-Photoperiod Cannabis Strains: What Are They?

Photoperiod plants flower depending on the amount of light they get. In nature, these plants begin to bloom in early fall, as the days get shorter. When grown indoors, a cultivator will kickstart the flowering process by setting a 12/12 lighting schedule.

By comparison, autoflowering seeds flower based on their age, not the light they receive. These non-photoperiod strains have several important attributes:

  • They flower automatically after two to four weeks of growth.
  • The average crop takes 10 weeks from planting to harvest.
  • Autoflowering seeds are feminized, which means you won’t have to cull the male plants from the crop.
  • Plants stay relatively short, which makes them more manageable and easier to conceal.
  • It’s possible to harvest multiple crops per growing season with autoflowering seeds.

We’re here to help you choose the right autoflowering seeds for your growing needs. Call us at +1-888-441-4949 or visit the i49 Seed Bank USA online to see our selection of quick flowering seeds for sale.

How are Quick Flowering Marijuana Seeds Made?

Our quick flowering strains are made when breeders carefully cross sativa or indica plants with ruderalis strains. Ruderalis is a cannabis subtype that grows wild in regions with short summers and long periods of daylight. These plants have, over thousands of years of evolution, learned not to rely on light quality or quantity to flower. Instead, they flower according to their age.

While ruderalis plants don’t produce the dank, sticky buds we all love, they do serve an important purpose. Breeders all over the world have found that they can combine popular sativa and indica strains with ruderalis, and autoflowering seeds are the result. These great seeds offer growers the best aspects of every cannabis subspecies.

Why Choose Quick Flowering Weed Seeds?

There are quite a few reasons to choose our quick flowering seeds for your next cannabis crop. Many of our customers like autoflowering seeds because they are easy and convenient, producing fast harvests and ample yields. Because these plants are compact, they’re ideal for growing in small spaces. However, with their robustness and resiliency, they’re equally great for stealthy outdoor growing.

Cannabis consumers also like autoflowering strains. If you’re smoking weed for the high it provides, autoflowering varieties can offer everything from an uplifting, euphoric feeling to a relaxed, couch-locked daze. Some strains have a lower THC content, which makes them good for those seeking milder, more balanced effects. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect quick flowering seed for sale at thei49 Seed Bank.

Where to Buy Quick Flowering Marijuana Seeds

If you are lucky enough to live in a state that allows medicinal or recreational marijuana usage, it’s simple enough to find great seeds at your nearest dispensary. However, not everyone is that fortunate, so we’re here to help. When you purchase quick flowering cannabis seeds from our US-based seed bank, you’ll gain access to a great strain selection and our discreet, quick shipping programs.

Though it may seem confusing to those who’ve never bought weed seeds online, we have made the purchase process as easy and fast as possible. While other seed banks make outlandish promises, we deliver. Call or click today to learn more about our quick flowering sativa seeds.

How to Buy Quick Flowering Marijuana Seeds Online

Whether you’re running a large-scale grow op or a small indoor garden, planning will help to ensure your crop’s success. While some people start by grabbing seeds out of their weed bags, that’s not always a good idea. There’s no way to guarantee the gender or quality of these seeds, but when you buy from us, you’ll get just such a guarantee. By learning how to buy quick flowering indica seeds online from i49, you’ll be more likely to end up with a great yield.

Though some cannabis enthusiasts grow new plants from clones, this is a costly and time-consuming method. It’s faster, easier, and cheaper to grow weed from seeds, especially when you choose one of our quick flowering strains. We will ship your seeds directly to your door, and we will do it discreetly, quickly, and safely. Call today for more details.

Growing Quick Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Because autoflowering cannabis plants mature quickly, a good grower can harvest several crops in a season. Here, you’ll learn about the growth stages of quick flowering weed.

How to Germinate Quick Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Germination is the first growth stage. Start the process by putting your seeds in a cup of water or folding them into a damp cloth. Put the cloth or cup in a dark place for at least 24 hours, during which time the seeds’ taproots will emerge. Alternatively, you can put the seeds directly into the growth medium to minimize the shock that often occurs during transplantation.

The Seedling Stage

During this stage, photosynthesis begins. Most indoor growers use LEDs to fuel plant growth. Though it’s best to space plants at least three feet apart, those using LST (low-stress training) techniques can plant up to four seedlings in one square yard.


As the plants enter the short vegetative stage, you’ll notice the emergence of fan leaves. Keep the grow room’s temperature at about 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity at about 50%.


This is what you’ve been waiting for! As your plants start to flower, you’ll see small sacs that will quickly turn into dank, sticky buds. Keep the room’s humidity at 45% and the temperature at 23 degrees Celsius for best results.


Our quick flowering seeds will be ready to harvest in eight to 10 weeks. At that time, the buds will look milky white and the pistils will be reddish orange. However, some slow-growing strains may take about 12 weeks to reach maturity.

Advanced Tips for Quick Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Once your autoflowering seeds have grown into healthy plants, it’s possible to train them and increase your crop yield. With these advanced tips, it’s possible.

  • Start with good seeds. If you’re after high THC content, be sure to select the right strain. Or, if you only have a small space in which to grow weed, our quick flowering strains are perfect.
  • Focus on pruning. If you’re growing pot indoors, you’ll need to learn some training and pruning techniques. These methods, such as Screen of Green and Sea of Green, help indoor cultivators maximize yields. With proper pruning, you’ll expose the plants to more light, and more buds will grow.

Whether you’re running a small grow room, or a commercial-grade grow op, we’re here to help. Visit us at the i49 Seed Bank USA for seed buying and weed growing advice.

Top 5 Quick Flowering Cannabis Seed Recommendations

Though we’re justifiably proud of every seed strain we sell, our autoflowering varieties have a special place in our hearts. Here are our top five quick flowering seed recommendations.

When you want the best quick flowering hybrid seeds at the lowest prices, count on us. Call or click today to learn more about our fast flowering seed strains.

Why Choose i49 Seed Bank

Though we know you have options as an online seed buyer, we’d like to thank you for putting your trust in us. Our customers turn to us for our fair prices and fast shipping, and they keep coming back for our incredible seed selection. With these benefits, there’s no better place to find the seeds you need.

Interesting Facts About Quick Flowering Pot Seeds

Though they look unassuming, there’s a lot packed into those tiny seeds. Cannabis seeds have been found at burial sites that are over 3000 years old, and the plant’s use likely dates to prehistory. Marijuana plants are gendered, but you can’t tell a male from a female simply by looking at the seeds. Keep coming back for more interesting facts about cannabis seeds!

Common Misspellings and Abbreviations

Our fast flowering strains are prized for their quick growth and maturation. Here are a few of the most common misspellings and abbreviations our customers use:

  • Fast flowering weed
  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • Autoflower
  • Quick blooming flowers

No matter what you call it, you’ll find the best fast flowering seeds here at Call or click today!

Final Comments

When you want to grow a great crop in a short length of time, our fast flowering seeds are a great choice. View our selection online or calli49 USA at +1-888-441-4949 for purchase information.