Buy Cannabis Seeds in Providence

Residents and visitors alike are drawn to Providence, Rhode Island for the accessibility and friendliness you would expect from a small town, but boasting all of the amazing amenities, culture and sophistication one expects from a big city. Whether you’re on holidays, live here or have just moved to the city for work or school, venture out and see what Rhode Island’s capital, Providence, has to offer.

Providence is one of the United States’ oldest cities, founded in 1636 by Roger Williams. The city’s name refers to God’s Providence as Roger Williams was thankful to God for giving him a place to support his ideals of religious freedom for all. Providence is now a haven of great food, art, and historical buildings. The Providence River running through its center makes it feel a bit like a European city, and you can palpably feel its strong immigrant history.

Even if you aren’t attending, venturing up College Hill is well worth your time. RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) trains some of the best artists in the world and offers a Museum free to the public on Sundays. Brown University, part of the Ivy League and the first US College to accept students regardless of religious affiliations and beliefs, has Ladd Observatory you can peer through the telescope at. Thayer Street is the off-campus hub for students and offers an array of ethnic food choices and shopping. Then have a stroll down Benefit Street to take in the 18th and 18th-century homes on the east side of Providence.

Regardless of what brings you to this city, located in the picturesque northern part of Narragansett Bay, when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Providence, Rhode Island I49 USA is your one-stop-shop. Offering the largest selection of premium weed seeds in our online seed bank, we have something for everyone. Take a look through the seed catalogue and find that perfect fit for your needs.

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

Combining quality top-shelf cannabis seeds with affordability is the name of our game. We sell only the finest selection of seeds available and pass on the savings to you with easy online and telephone ordering, fast shipping direct to your door and a wealth of information on each strain to ensure you are set up for growing success from the get go. If that isn’t enticing enough, I49 Cannabis Seeds also come backed with a germination guarantee so you can confidently start your home grow knowing these plants will sprout for you. See why so many customers choose to leave rave reviews, scope out the online cannabis seed bank and find those high thc, CBD or hybrid strains you love. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can be on your way to starting your home grow.

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Providence?

Pot seeds are legal across the entire nation, the caveat being that they are only legal in certain states when bought and sold as a novelty item. Because everyone is obviously spending their hard-earned money not growing their “fun” novelty seeds, right? Rhode Island has not yet legalized recreational use, possession or cultivation of cannabis, but it’s only a matter of time as each year bills are introduced to the Rhode Island General Assembly and one will get the momentum required sooner or later. Until then, only medicinal marijuana is legal in the state, and only to those with approved debilitating conditions. For all your approved cannabis seed needs, and for those novelty ones, too, I49 Rhode Island has you covered!

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Efficiency is key when you want to yield the most possible from your small-scale home grow-op. That’s why we recommend choosing feminized seeds, as this promises to provide you with nothing but bud producing females, versus the traditional method of checking plants for sexes during vegetation and removing and discarding the male plants. A missed male plant can pollinate your females and potentially ruin your entire crop, turning those buds into seedy, bunk weed.

Cruise through our seed bank and find the best feminized cannabis seeds for sale. Offering a huge assortment of sativa, indica, CBD and some wicked kick-in-the-pants THC cannibis seeds, I49 has the best selection of 420 seeds online.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Apartment living, still at your parents or have the world’s nosiest neighbors? We feel you and we’ve got you covered! Autoflower seeds are a variety of seeds that quite literally spend no time wasted on building deep roots or growing to great heights. Instead, autoflowers do exactly as the name suggests, they flower. Automatically. No need for any complicated lighting cycles to get these gals producing for you! While they will not produce the world’s largest harvest, they have some serious bonuses to consider. With limited lighting, these gals still flower. Since they’re busy budding and blooming, these ladies stay petite and are perfect from small grow spaces or discrete garden growing. And last, but most certainly not least, their seed to harvest cycle is half of that of the average regular seed. Many autoflower seeds go from germination to harvest time in as little as 10 weeks. Check out the best autoflower seeds US I49 has to offer.

Strains to Grow in Providence

It’s fascinating to think that we live in a city that is 140+ years older than our nation. Providence has persevered through everything from the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression to the Great Recession, the Hurricane of ’38 to the Blizzard of ’78. And as a city, risen to every challenge history has brought. With the pride of Providence at the heart of the residents, we offer these perfect strains to accompany your unique lifestyle in Rhode Island.

Excellent for taking advantage of the summer sunshine, these OG Kush seed are the perfect choice for those looking for a stress relieving indica variety. Head to your favorite restaurant or cafe along the canal or Waterplace basin and enjoy Waterfire along Providence River.

Girl scout cookie strain is a great choice for a day around the house, camping near Echo Lake, a day trip to one of the many beachfronts in the ocean state, or taking in a Providence Bruins game with your friends.

One of the best choices for day time use, when you buy sour diesel online for I49, you can harvest your own sativa dominant buds that pair nicely with a wander around Providence checking out the amazing street art and murals, a day at Roger Williams Park or devouring the delights offered around Little Italy, off Atwells Avenue.

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a go to therapeutic approach to many different ailments and diseases for a large number of Americans. So what is it and how can it help? For starters, it is a naturally forming cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp plants. CBD contains no psychoactive components, meaning it won’t alter your state or make you feel high when used on its own. The benefits of this amazing cannabinoid are lengthy, and studies continue to come out showcasing limitless potential for natural healing.

The most common uses for CBD and CBD products are for combating anxiety, depression and insomnia, reducing inflammation within the body to provide relief for those with autoimmune disease and joint issues, as well as cancer patients, those who suffer from MS, Fibromyalgia and chronic pains. If pharmaceuticals aren’t your jam or haven’t been working for you, see how CBD can be of benefit instead. I49 is where to buy cbd seeds for those living in and around Providence.

Buy Marijuana Seeds for Home Growing

Ready to set up a grow space at home? I49 offers a giant selection of cannabis seeds for sale, with a huge selection of sativa, indica, CBD and THC right at your fingertips. Easy online ordering, a germination guarantee and competitive prices for the best quality weed seeds on the market, choosing I49 is the smartest move you can make online!

Spend your day off at the planetarium at the Natural History Museum, shopping at the Arcade Mall, or staring up at the Superman Building downtown in the financial district (no, it’s not actually the Daily Planet building from the movies, but it sure looks like it!).

For indoor growing at home, check out these blue dream seeds for sale, they thrive indoors and offer those who reap the harvested benefits an energy boost and creative spark to finish those assignments for school, really take in a show at the Performing Arts Center or chill out at Edgewood Beach.

How to Find Seeds for Sale in Providence

Looking to buy cannabis seeds in Providence? Well, my friends, look no further. I49 offers the highest quality pot seeds on the market, with easy online ordering and a germination guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase. Choose from a huge variety of cheap weed seeds online, with assortments of CBD, THC and hybrids with prices that cannot be beat. Let the expertly reviewed and detailed descriptions in the seed catalog guide you towards the perfect choice for your specific needs. I49 USA has something that will benefit everyone.