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Sioux Falls has it all! Are you into art? Do you appreciate a cool craft beer and awesome live music? Are you an outdoorsy enthusiast? There really is always something fun and exciting to do in Sioux Falls and if you ever find yourself bored in this city it’s you and not Sioux Falls, because Sioux Falls knows how to have a good time! There is such diversity in this beautiful city with such beautiful people. Get out and explore and open up to the warmth and good vibes all around.

Did you know that there are over 70 different parks and greenways in Sioux Falls, South Dakota? Some noteworthy parks include Terrace Park, McKennan Park, Sherman Park, and Yankton Trail park. This incredible city is best known for its Falls Park, which is located just north of downtown. Falls Park is a majestic waterfall just outside downtown that flows some incredible energy into Sioux Falls and its residents. Sioux Falls has been voted one of the top 25 cities to live in South Dakota. The city’s namesake was based upon the Big Sioux River. This charming city has so much to offer its residents and annual visitors. Diverse in culture, rich in entertainment and the arts, Sioux Falls is anything but a snore.

If you are a resident of Sioux Falls, then maybe you know just how many festivities this city likes to celebrate throughout the year. At the Media One Funski, you can enjoy tubing and skiing during the winter months, Woofstock for your four-legged friends soaking up the summer sun, revel in all the marvelous colors of autumn at the Harvest Festival delights, and bring on the holiday festivities with the yearly Parade of Lights.

Sioux Falls loves to celebrate the culturally diverse festivals and events like SiouxperCon, the annual gaming and comic book convention in May, or Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Falls Park every May. There is the all love Pride Festival, and the blast to the past Siouxland Renaissance Festival in June as well. You can even unleash your inner zombie in the Sioux Falls Zombie walk every October for all hallows eve. There are plenty of live music options available too. Check out the RibFest in June, get your jazz hands ready for JazzFest in July, and show off your two-stepping moves at the Sioux Empire Fair in August.

Sioux Falls truly is a lively city with so many events happening. Downtown is such a vibrant place to be, whether it be for work, living, or coming to take in the energy of this very alive place as a visitor. In the summer months you can enjoy weekly movies at Moonlight Movies, in July you can show off your classic car or sultry corvette at the Hot Summer Nites events in town, enjoy the rumbling Harley Davidson hogs during the Hot Harley Nights, and in August the whole family can come down for some fun in the sun at the Downtown Riverfest. Then close the summer out, join thousands of art enthusiasts for the annual Sidewalk Arts Festival in September.

Did you know that many of the city’s older buildings were made out of rose quartzite? Pretty epic right? Most of those structures are still standing today! Sioux Falls was known for its pioneer past and hardworking vision, with a commitment to the community and building it up to what it is today. Sioux Falls is a great place to be.

Sioux Falls has easy access to many different restaurants, local bars and pubs, or coffee shop hangouts. If you compare to other cities, Sioux Falls is quite unique for its small-town vibe and big city amenities.

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I49 Seedbank: A Great Choice for Seeds!

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Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Sioux Falls?

South Dakota has very strict marijuana laws even on medical CBD which makes it really hard to consume marijuana in Sioux Falls. Weed seeds are legal to purchase all across America as long as they are ungerminated. The dormant weed seeds are looked to as a novelty item. If you chose to grow I49 Weed Seeds from home, please do responsibly and remain informed of the regulations and restrictions.

Buying Autoflower Seeds Online

Are you looking to grow a more robust harvest quicker? The autoflowering seeds are a good way to get faster flowering buds, because of the shorter vegetation cycle which is due to the cross breeding of the ruderalis strain. Autoflowering seeds don’t need a complicated lighting system. You can literally plant the autoflowering seeds in the back garden and they will grow next to any other plant. You can expect the autoflowering plant to produce shorter, more stocky plants. At I49 USA you can get your hands on some sweet autoflowering pot seeds at amazing discounted prices!

How do Feminized Seeds Work?

Feminized seeds are awesome if you are looking for a faster yielding plant all year round. The fem seeds have been safely and scientifically engineered to eliminate the male genetics of the plant so that you are guaranteed to grow only female flowering plants. The female flowers are where it’s at when it comes to the pungent sticky buds we love so much! These seeds will yield you a delightfully full supply of constant green all year round.

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What Weed Strains Grow Best in Sioux Falls?

So, you’re wanting to grow cannabis in Sioux Falls? First, please understand that currently the laws do not permit recreational growing. That said, the purple kush is amazing for growing marijuana seeds outdoors! The purple strain seeds love the soil and would be best planted in the garden. The weather in Sioux Falls ranges from the four distinct seasons. The city can experience cold freezing and dry winters with hot, hot summers. Great for spring planting and autumn harvesting.

You can find the I49 bruce banner weed for sale and the white widows weed seeds on sale as well. Both the Bruce Banner and the white widows are high THC yielding plants.

You could also buy northern lights seeds usa for your grow tent or hydroponic system as northern lights enjoy a warmer South of Spain kind of environment. At I49 you can find all your 420 seeds online for great deals!

CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Medical marijuana is a way for many cancer patients to help combat a lot of the uncomfortable processes they must endure around chemotherapy. Loss of appetite or nausea can be expected with chemotherapy, so finding yourself a fabulous strain that will settle your stomach and reactivate the hunger sensations in your body will be beneficial to your wellbeing if you are a cancer patient.

CBD is a medicinal strain because of the chemical compounds found in this marijuana plant. Unlike THC, CBD lacks the psychoactive chemicals that allow you to experience that stoned sensation. You can grow your own medical pot seeds with or without the THC, whichever your personal preference. Order your CBD cannabis seed from I49’s online cannabis seed bank right to your home in Sioux Falls.

Buy Pot Seeds Online for Your Grow Operation

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How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Sioux Falls

Whether you are getting ready to head over to Covell Lake to try your luck at some fishing, or off on a bike riding adventure on the 30-mile track that encircles the city, why not bring your favorite strain of maryjane? You can buy cannabis seeds in Sioux Falls from I49 for great prices and have them sent right to your front door! Hopefully, the laws around recreational growing lightens up soon, but in the meantime you will be ready to hit the ground running with your seeds stocked up!