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Fort Smith, where “New South meets Old West” is where you’ll find the balance of history and new age charm. Residents embrace the history of the city and there has been a great effort to revamp historical sites and spruce up the cityscape with colorful street art.  From its humble beginnings as a western frontier military post and fur trading center, based at the Arkansas/Oklahoma border, the now second largest city in the state is situated at Belle Point where the Arkansas and Poteau rivers converge.

Home to a diverse history of women’s rights memorable moments like having the city’s first female doctor have to be legally declared a “person” by a judge in Illinois, to being the place the first woman in the South ever voted; Nov. 13, 1917, Dymple Johnson cast her ballot in a special mayoral election in Fort Smith, the first held in the state after the law took effect and last but not least “Miss Laura’s” demonstrating female entrepreneurial skills and business savvy. The building was bought by Laura in 1898 and renovated to reopen as an upscale bordello which was known to be the “grandest bordello in the West” and the only bordello to make it onto the National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Smith is also known for its crackdown on bringing law and order to the area, instating Judge Isaac Parker and States Attorney W.H.H. Clayton in the late 1800s. Known as the Hanging Judge, Judge Parker sentenced 160 men and women who had been guilty of murder and other serious crimes. Since he did not believe in hanging women, Judge Parker effectively executed 79 men on the gallows over the course of his career in Fort Smith. These days the courthouse and gallows can be visited at Fort Smith National Historic Site.

On a more celebratory note, the residents of Fort Smith certainly know how to have a good time! Some of the annual events the city hosts throughout the year include: Peacemaker Music Fest – held each summer since 2015 at the Riverfront Amphitheater, Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Fest – held since 1991 along the Arkansas River in downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair. This bi-state fair occurs over a ten-day period in late September. Old Fort Days Rodeo, Fort Smith’s annual Old Fort Days Rodeo and Barrel-Racing Futurity offers nearly ten days of Wild West activities. It has been held every May since the mid-1930s! Fort Smith Juneteenth Community Festival, Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Ales for Trails, held each summer since 2016 along the Arkansas River in downtown Fort Smith, the event is a celebration of craft beer, live music, and an active outdoor lifestyle.

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I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

Never sacrifice quality for affordability again! When you choose to buy your marijuana seeds through I49 Seed Bank you are purchasing the highest quality seeds available, all at an affordable rate and backed with a germination guarantee that will have even the newest of growers feeling confident in their purchase. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Fort Smith, Arkansas, let I49 be your go to source for regular, feminized and autoflowering weed seeds in all of your favorite strains. Peruse the gigantic online cannabis seed bank and read the detailed expert reviews to guide towards the best seeds for your specific grow setup and preferences. Offering a ton of pot seeds that thrive indoors and a vast selection of those better suited for growing outdoors, your growing success is our mission.

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Fort Smith?

Pot seeds are deemed legal across the entire country when they are bought and sold as novelty items, however each state determines particular laws in regards to cannabis cultivation, use and possession. While you’ve probably guessed it, Arkansas is not one of those states to yet legalize recreational use and possession of cannabis, but has made strides with Issue 6, and officially in May of 2019, licensed cannabis sales at dispensaries began in the state for medicinal use. While cannabis seeds themselves are completely legal as novelty items, your purchase of I49 Pot Seeds is always safe, secure and confidential just to keep your mind at ease.

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Flower Power meets Girl Power when you choose to purchase I49’s feminized cannabis seeds for sale. Feminized seeds are seeds that carry female genetics, ensuring you are only growing flower producing females instead of having to remove and discard the male plants. Through a completely safe and totally effective scientific method, a female plant is encouraged to produce male pollen sacks and then pollinates another female plant, the resulting seeds carrying female only genetics. Science isn’t always boring!

These sour diesel fem seeds are a great choice for a day spent at The Park at West End, riding the 1935 World’s Fair Ferris Wheel from San Diego or embracing your inner child while you marvel at the details of the vintage carousel.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

When time or space is of the essence, growing autoflower plants makes the most sense. These seeds begin the flowering cycle right away, skipping the 7-12 week vegetation stage and not requiring any complex lighting cycles to trigger flowering. Although they may not grow into towering trees, auto flower plants are perfect for small enclosed grow spaces and sneaky outdoor garden growing; seeing as though these plants rarely come close to hitting 3 feet tall. In as little as 10 weeks you could be harvesting your own crop from these cheap autoflower seeds. Offering affordability and expedited growing times, I49 is the best source for purchasing weeds seed from an online seed bank.

Strains to Grow in Fort Smith

After a day of  hiking or biking Thebacha Trail, the 5 km multi-use trail that winds through Fort Smith from Queen Elizabeth Campground to Axe Handle Hill, or hiking Rapids of the Drowned, the short hike that is located right downtown (and is the best spot to see American White Pelicans close up), gorila glue seeds will provide you with glorious buds known for their relaxing and euphoric state inducing effects.

Spend a day wandering around town scoping out the 20+ additions of artwork from the Unexpected Murals Project (an Urban Contemporary Art Festival, held each fall since 2015), where artists from around the world contribute to contemporary art pieces all over the city. For the ultimate day use, blue dream feminized seeds provide the grower with their own stash of pick me ups!

Looking for something that packs more of a punch? Pick these cookies cannabis seeds for profound euphoria and total body relaxation, definitely recommended for use only when you know you won’t be driving any time soon as the effects of this gal are long lasting!

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

Touted for the seemingly endless benefits for humans and our four-legged friends alike, CBD is a go-to therapeutic alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals used to treat chronic pain, inflammatory disease and anxiety, to name a few uses. CBD, a natural derivative from cannabis plants (both hemp and marijuana) has no psychoactive properties, meaning you won’t ingest CBD alone and get stoned or high. Many users like to combine the two main cannabinoids, CBD and THC to get the most relief possible. THC offers immediate pain relief and relaxation, while CBD is less noticeable but offers longer term benefits. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Fort Smith, check out i49’s cbd seeds for sale and find the perfect fit for your medicinal needs.

Buy Marijuana Seeds for Home Growing

When you’re ready to buy marijuana seeds for growing at home, I49 has a huge selection of regular, feminized and autoflower seeds for you to choose through. Have a look through the vast online cannabis seed bank and find the perfect seeds for your individual growing needs. Never having to choose between affordability and quality, buy these premium quality cheap marijuana seeds online for I49. Have a look through the seed catalogue and find your favorite sativa, indica, CBD or kick-in-the-pants THC varieties, plus discover some new lesser known heroes of the cannabis world.

How to Find Seeds for Sale in Fort Smith

Whether you’re looking for potent punch-in-the-face THC high seeds, would love to buys some classic OG Kush cannabis seeds online, or are not too sure what you’re looking for, I49 has expertly detailed descriptions and ideal growing conditions for each strain so you can plan out your home grow accordingly! When you want to find weed seeds in Fort Smith, look no further than I49, the most respected and reputable seed bank online.