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Located along the northern shore of the Long Island Sound, New Haven is the state’s second largest city. Likely known best as being home to the Ivy League’s Yale University, the city has also dubbed itself the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut” for the supply and support of so many theatres, museums and music venues. The city holds a few titles for firsts in America; one first planned city, a layout that is known as the “nine square plan” with New Haven Green at the center core of Downtown New Haven. Another first the city holds title to is the first city with a tree planting program, garnering the city nickname of “The Elm City” for the canopy of large trees that has since grown. With an extensive network or rail services through the area, New Haven is accessible to New York City residents with just a 2-hour train ride in between, making it the perfect long weekend getaway spot for many New Yorkers.

The city is also known for its diverse cuisine, from delicious and vibrant Malaysian, Ethopian, Jamaican and Korean restaurants, the creation of its own style of pizza, “apizza”, to more home-grown Americana tastes like Louis’ Lunch. Although debated by some, the Library of Congress states that Louis’ Lunch is the birthplace of the Hamburger. It doesn’t get much more American than that; or does it? Louis’ Lunch is also credited with the creation of the Steak Sandwich!

New Haven County is known for a concentration of top institutions including Yale University, University of New Haven, Quinnipiac College, Southern Connecticut State University, and Albertus Magnus College for Women.

The academic attitude gives all New Haven County residents and local schools access to top cultural, historical, athletic, teaching and medical facilities, including three of New England’s top 50 hospitals: Yale-New Haven Hospital, the Hospital of St. Raphael, and the VA Medical Center.

Some of New Haven’s more obscure but remarkable places to visit include the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library on Yale’s grounds, Cushing Brain Collection- a collection of diseased brains, Skull and Bones Tomb – the oldest of the secret societies whose members included Presidents Taft and both Bush Sr. and George W. Bush.

The city of neighborhoods, New Haven actually has 31 constituent neighborhoods, spanning out from the Downtown core including: Dwight, Dixell, Prospect Hill, The Hill, East Rock, Mill River, Long Wharf and Wooster Square to name a few.

Whether you hail from Quinnipiac Meadows, West Rock, Westville, West River or Fair Haven, when you want to buy cannabis seeds in New Haven, Connecticut, I49 USA has the best selection of seeds to suit everyone’s specific desires. Shopping online is made easy with I49, the largest online cannabis seed bank in the country.

Are Seeds from I49 Seed Bank Good?

I49 Seed Bank offers the highest quality weed seeds available with a huge selection of sativa, indica, CBD or punch-in-the-face potent THC varieties. Shop comfortably from your home or on the go and peruse the largest selection of 420 seeds online, backed with a germination guarantee that will leave even the most novices feeling confident in their growing abilities. I49 is a reputable company that prides itself on quality, affordability and customer satisfaction; read the rave reviews we’ve received from previous customers and know that your growing success is our mission. Each strain comes with a detailed description that lays out ideal growing conditions and specifics related to each variety. Grow like a pro with I49.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in New Haven?

Marijuana seeds are considered completely legal across the entire USA, when sold and purchased as novelty items. Each state allows for its own laws in regards to legalization of cannabis, Connecticut being one of the states that has decriminalized marijuana possession but not yet fully legalized it except for medicinal use. First and second offences for less than half an ounce are only punishable by fines up to $500, somewhat like an excessive speeding ticket. So, what does that mean for you? You can safely, and legally, purchase pot seeds without having anything to worry about as far as buying and possessing them go. Beyond that, well, that is entirely in your hands. I49 Marijuana Seeds offers the buyer a huge selection of cannabis seeds to choose from, all completely legal and above board to be bought and shipped right to your front door.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

When growing cannabis, one option of seeds you’ll come across is auto flower cannabis seeds. These are seeds that waste no time in starting the flowering process to give you harvestable buds in as little as 10 weeks. While traditional plants can take well over double the time, these stealthy and stalky gals will stay small (under 3 feet tall) and instead focus their energy on flowering at the onset of germination. No light is cycling required to appease the cannabis gods, these gals can survive off limited light; but of course it is recommended you follow specifics for each strain if you want to produce optimal yields.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Are you growing cannabis from seed in the hopes of harvesting as much bud as possible? This is the most common reason people choose to grow ganja, so it makes sense to plant and cultivate females since those are the flowering and bud producers of the cannabis world. Choosing feminized seeds makes growing weed all that much easier. No more checking plants for sexes and disposing of males that can potentially ruin your crops. Feminized seeds are completely safe and totally effective for making the most of your grow space. Check out the feminized cannabis seeds for sale on our site. These gg4 seeds for sale offer the grower an ideal garden grown strain that packs a serious punch!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in New Haven?

The hot humid summers of New Haven and cold winters make blue dream seeds the perfect choice for indoor growing as these plants tend to thrive indoors. Great for morning and mid-day use, this variety won’t leave you too cooked to be a functional adult! You can still complete homework, do some food prep and cleaning or get outside and enjoy East Rock Park or Lighthouse Point Park.

If it’s your day off, or a holiday and you just want to hang out, relax and stay in your sweats, the all-day high these girl scout cookies marijuana seeds can produce is perfect for Netflix, Hulu and ordering in some delivery for dinner.

Need something a bit more uplifting to get you through a day of showing friends the sites? Grow some super sour diesel seeds and you’ll have a bit of pep in your step for another visit to the Knights of Columbus Museum, West Rock Ridge or the Pez Visitor Center (candy anyone?).

CBD Seeds: What’s the Big Deal?

CBD is quite the buzzword these days, but for good reason. The uses for CBD, or cannabidiol, are seemingly endless and new studies emerge regularly showcasing potential health benefits from this amazing plant extract. From both the marijuana and hemp varieties of cannabis plants, CBD is a completely natural occurring cannabinoid that allows users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits without the altered state of psychoactives like THC. I49 has these cbd hemp seeds for sale, choosing from varieties that contain only trace amounts of THC to strains that have both high CBD content with the added bonus of moderate THC for immediate relief of chronic pain and other diseases and ailments.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Garden

Growing cannabis at home can be easy and stress free when you set yourself up for success from the onset. Choosing to purchase your marijuana seeds from a trusted source like I49, choosing the best seeds for your needs and utilizing the outdoor summer sun can have you harvesting these kush weed seeds in late September or early October. Peruse the online seed bank, which offers affordability to all with these cheap marijuana seed options; all without sacrificing quality. Get your grow on and buy cannabis seeds in New Haven with confidence, backed by a germination guarantee, direct from I49.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Purchasing weed seeds online has never been so easy, with I49’s huge offerings of  high thc cannabis seeds, varieties for those who prefer sativa or indica strains, and loads of seeds for those with CBD benefits in mind. Whatever your reasons for growing cannabis are, your satisfaction and success is our mission. Whether you choose to spend your free time out at Marsh Botanical Gardens, around Judge’s Cave or Lake Wintergreen, we have the perfect pot seeds to suit your every lifestyle. Order online from the comfort of your own home; pants are always optional in these situations! What are you waiting for?