The Nutmeg State is a place of historical innovation. From new technology to pioneering never before seen laws like the speed limit—it’s paved the way for the future of the US in many ways. Is it safe to assume it’s kept up with the times and buying marijuana seeds in Connecticut is legal? 

Despite maintaining a solid medicinal marijuana program for nearly a decade—the state has remained unwavering in the movement for recreational use and home cultivation. 

Many other states that are yet to accept a complete reform still allow you to keep weed seeds as souvenirs. 

Under the eyes of state law, owning marijuana seeds in Connecticut implies intent to cultivate and supply, making them illegal—until now.   

It’s no surprise that CT follows in the footsteps of its closest neighbors New York and New Jersey after they moved forward to legalize recreational cannabis in 2021.  

Connecticut has quite a long way to go to achieve the same status. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with cannabis seeds in Connecticut.  

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Connecticut

Is weed legal in Connecticut? Yes, marijuana is now legal in CT. 

June 22nd, 2021, was a momentous day for weed advocates when the state signed S.B 1201 into law. 

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Connecticut?

The multi-year plan aims to legalize and regulate cannabis while establishing a framework for taxable sales.

As of July 1st, adults over 21 are legally allowed to carry up to one and a half ounces of weed and possess up to five ounces at home in a secure location. 

CT residents will be able to consume cannabis on private property without fear of infractions. 

Public use, such as in state parks, on beaches, and Connecticut waters, is prohibited and carries penalties.

The state plans to introduce adult-use cannabis sales through state-approved dispensaries by May 2022. Home cultivation of marijuana seeds in Connecticut will also become legal but not until July 2023. 

The good news for registered medical patients is that they’re permitted to begin growing medical marijuana seeds in Connecticut as soon as October 2021. 

If this includes you, you’ll be allowed to cultivate up to six plants indoors—three immature and three mature plants.

Other limitations surrounding this change include keeping your grow area secure from anyone else, especially minors. 

Selling or providing weed to someone under 21 is a Class A misdemeanor. The offense carries a jail sentence of up to a year and a $2,000 fine. 

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Connecticut?

When the time comes for buying marijuana seeds in Connecticut, remember the new law only permits growing indoors. 

CT is keen to keep a handle on discouraging minors from using weed, and indoor growing equals a more discreet operation. 

buying marijuana seeds in connecticut

When buying weed seeds in Connecticut, opt for an indoor-friendly strain. 

While some cultivars thrive outdoors, others fare better under a more controlled environment.

This approach also allows you to keep pests at bay and is more suited to beginners. 

You can also choose to go down the autoflowering route, which allows you to grow indoors all year round. 

Alongside the legal amount of plants you can cultivate, these types of cannabis seeds in Connecticut will allow you to achieve a continuous harvest.

Climate conditions 

It’s not unrealistic to think that the outdoor growing of weed seeds in Connecticut will become a legal option for residents. 

Many other states also began slow and steady before becoming more liberal. 

With its continental to subtropical temperatures, it’s the ideal place to cultivate weed under the rays of the hot summer sun. 

Humidity levels in CT are high, which many cultivars adore, and rainfall is consistent rather than sporadic and torrential. 

Winter does roll around fast and causes plummeting temperatures. An early autoflowering strain would be best to ensure your harvest is ready before any frost arrives. 

Best strains to grow in Connecticut 

There are currently around 50,000 registered medical marijuana patients in CT. 

With the date for permitting this type of home cultivation just around the corner, it’s safe to assume medical marijuana seeds in Connecticut will be flying off the shelves. 

These heavily therapeutic strains are improved as feminized seeds that allow you to grow a bountiful crop of only budding female plants. 

Add autoflowering genes in the mix, and you have a sought-after concoction of fast-growing, easy-to-manage weed that will keep your cupboards stocked all year round.  

Best strains to grow in Connecticut

Auto Northern Lights Fem Seeds, for example, provide the perfect blend of attributes for any novice grower. 

The indica dominant seeds grow into plants that need very little maintenance. Within ten weeks, the flower grows to a discreet size that’s ideal for indoor cultivation.

The medical community applauds this cultivar for its moderately high THC content of 22%. The strain also has a CBD content of 0.6% that alleviates most common cannabis side effects.

The cultivar can produce up to 19 oz/m2 of sweet and earthy smelling bud. Medicinal users love it for deep relaxation and relief from pains such as migraines, cramps, and arthritis. 

Its uplifting effects carry you into a state of euphoria, helping to overcome mental health challenges like stress and depression. 

When buying marijuana seeds in Connecticut, look out for Auto Critical Mass Fem Seeds. These little hybrid gems are high CBD seeds that combine 2.9% of the therapeutic compound with 20% THC. 

People who suffer from inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, and various other ailments turn to the easy to cultivate weed for its relaxing and sedative effects. 

Within 12 weeks, you can expect to fill your stash with up to 16 oz/m2 of nugs that’ll fill the room with intoxicating citrus scents and undertones of skunk. 

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Connecticut

Doing a quick internet search for a Connecticut seed bank will prove there isn’t a shortage of places to grab seeds for sprucing up your indoor garden or filling out your vegetable pots. 

These stores may not provide the kind of seeds you’re after, but they should stock the majority of things you need to set up your grow.  

The best place to find a Connecticut marijuana seed bank is online at reputable and trustworthy retailers like i49 Genetics

There’s a colossal catalog of premium quality seeds to choose from, including the most popular indica and sativa seeds

You’ll also join a community of like-minded people who aim to support you with the right information to achieve a prosperous harvest. 

When the law lifts and home growing gets the green light, don’t hang about. Get your marijuana seeds from i49 delivered discreetly right to your doorstep and start your cultivation adventure with only the very best products.