Going green has been a buzzword for a long time. The Bluegrass State isn’t far behind the environmentally green idea, with half the region covered in forests. When it comes to growing green, does this include planting marijuana seeds in Kentucky?

Growing green grass sounds almost comical in a state that’s called Bluegrass. Another trending activity is organic gardening, and what better way to raise a good crop of cannabis than from weed seeds in Kentucky.

Before we look at what conditions to grow marijuana seeds in Kentucky, we first need to discover if buying and growing them is legal.

Marijuana seeds in Kentucky

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Kentucky?

To answer the question of buying and planting cannabis seeds in Kentucky, we need to look at the marijuana laws. Is weed legal in Kentucky? Unfortunately not.

The Bluegrass State regards cannabis consumption, possession, and cultivation as illegal. This fact’s astounding if you consider that they’re one of the biggest cultivators of weed in the country.

You should wait and refrain from cultivating any weed in Kentucky from marijuana seeds to avoid any jail time. Anyone caught growing even one plant can face one year in prison and a fine of $500. These charges increase the more crops you raise. 

Kentucky does allow its residents to buy and possess hemp-derived CBD products with a THC content of 0.3% or less. Hemp cultivation’s also permitted but only for farmers, processors, and those licensed by the Department of Agriculture. 

The Bluegrass State’s House of Representatives passed a medical cannabis bill in early 2020, but due to the COVID pandemic, it never made it to the Senate. It was introduced again in 2021 but with no success. Rep. Jason Nemes’ eager to re-introduce it in 2022.

You cannot plant weed seeds in Kentucky right now, but you can purchase them if you keep them in their ungerminated state. If you’re wondering where to buy marijuana seeds in Kentucky—you can find them online.

There are a few marijuana seed banks online, but not all have quality and high premium cannabis seeds for sale. At i49 seed bank, you can’t go wrong. We pride ourselves in offering our clients authentic genetics and a wide range of seeds to choose from.

Accepting the new bill in 2022 will allow growers to plant cannabis seeds in Kentucky but with some restrictions. Until this is possible, it’s best to learn the various options for cultivating weed.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Kentucky?

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Kentucky?

Planting weed seeds in Kentucky can be effortless if you’re well prepared. One of the facts to consider when deciding on growing marijuana would be to plant indoors or outdoors.

Both have pros and cons when it comes to cultivating a good quality crop. Indoor growing allows you to control the environmental conditions of your grow area. You can adjust the light, temperature, and humidity to facilitate optimum growth.

An indoor weed garden from cannabis seeds in Kentucky benefits you by allowing you to keep your crop from prying eyes. This idea is especially useful if the new Bluegrass State’s marijuana laws require you to conceal it from public view.

Regulating the conditions indoors can only be done by installing special equipment and tools, which can be quite costly. When choosing to plant certain cannabis seeds in Kentucky, you may encounter strains that grow to different heights and widths.

Sativa seeds create tall and slim plants, whereas a crop from indica seeds is shorter and bushier. Ensure that the indoor area you choose to grow cannabis from weed seeds in Kentucky can accommodate your plant’s unique characteristics.

Outdoor growing gives your plants the freedom to grow freely without any constraints. A weed crop raised from marijuana seeds outside in Kentucky exposes them to all the natural elements. These can optimize their growth and enhance their flavor. It’s also less expensive.

Cultivating marijuana seeds outside in Kentucky requires you to be aware of the climatic conditions of your area. This knowledge will enable you to choose a suitable strain that can grow in the best conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at the climate in the Bluegrass State.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Kentucky?

Climate conditions

The Kentucky climate is humid subtropical. The summers are hot, wet, and humid, with July temperatures peaking at 95°FC and can be quite brutal at times. The winters are cold, with January’s temps dropping to 23°F at night and rarely below 0°F.

Springtime’s fairly mild, with conditions changing swiftly. On the other hand, autumn’s a pleasant season with lots of sunny days and low humidity. These conditions are important if you plant strains of marijuana seeds in Kentucky that have a problem with humidity or need long periods of light.

Best strains to grow in Kentucky

Considering the humidity and summer heat, the sativa range is most suited for these conditions. As mentioned before, they grow tall and slim, which helps facilitate airflow.

Sativas also have more resin which repels excess moisture and will leave your plants free of dampness and rot. Strawberry Feminized is an example of a sativa that’ll thrive if you plant its marijuana seeds in Kentucky.

This cultivar will flourish outside in direct sunlight while you avoid the nighttime frost. It’s best planted during April/May and harvested in Sept/Oct. Strawberry Feminized is guaranteed to do just as well indoors and outdoors.

Its high levels of THC promises to lift your mood if you’re battling anxiety or depression. Strawberry Feminized’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties are great at soothing headaches and alleviating migraines.

Another sativa that doesn’t mind the outdoors is Panama Feminized. This lady loves sunny and warm conditions. It can grow tall, which could create concern when planting these cannabis seeds in Kentucky indoors. 

If you plan on raising Panama Feminized inside, then it’s important to keep the humidity low. Indoor cultivation of these weed seeds in Kentucky will take about ten to eleven weeks to flower.

Panama Feminized also has a few medicinal benefits ranging from managing symptoms and side effects of depression and PTSD, arthritis, or migraines. 

There are plenty more examples of these seeds and others to choose from at i49.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Kentucky?

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