It’s vital that you fully understand the law before purchasing marijuana seeds in Minnesota. That way, you can stay on the right side of the law, avoiding any fines and jail terms that go along with it.

Today, we answer the question on everyone’s mind, is weed legal?. You’ll also find out about growing bud in the North Star State, including the region’s climate conditions, the best type of cannabis for cultivators, and where to purchase marijuana seeds in Minnesota.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Minnesota?

Is weed legal in Minnesota? As it currently stands, buying and growing recreational marijuana seeds in Minnesota is illegal. However, it’s decriminalized the act, making it one of the twenty-seven states in the USA to amend their legislation.


The North Star State awards those found in possession of fewer than 1.5 ounces of cannabis with a misdemeanor. A judge may ask first-time offenders to enroll in a drug rehabilitation program. What’s more, there’s also a chance you’ll receive a fine of up to $300.

Anything over the 1.5-ounce limit will receive the full wrath of the law. The state considers it a felony, awarding a jail time of between 5 and 30 years, as well as a fine. The sentence depends on the amount you’re caught with and if you have any prior convictions.

Growing cannabis seeds in Minnesota is also illegal, receiving the same charges as those found guilty of possession. Since most cultivars yield a lot more than 1.5 ounces, there’s a very strong chance you’ll get incarcerated.

On a positive note, medical marijuana is legal. The state first legalized this form of alternative treatment back in 2014 and allowed Minnesota dispensaries to open in 2018. Since then, it’s put together a comprehensive medicinal program that helps many patients.

Registered patients could only purchase cannabis in either liquid, oil, or pill form until very recently. Thanks to new laws passed this year; the state has added dried herb to that list. Patients can expect to see this natural form of cannabis hit the shelves of Minnesota dispensaries by 2022.

Not only is this legislative amendment a step in the right direction for legalization, but it’s also brought down the costs for patients.

Regardless of whether you’re a registered patient or not, you can’t operate a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. If you’re found guilty, the state will suspend your license for 30 days.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Minnesota?

Before you start growing your own cannabis, you’ll need to ask yourself two crucial questions. Should you use the outdoor or indoor method, and what is the best time to plant marijuana seeds in Minnesota?


Both growing techniques have pros and cons, so you need to decide which option suits your situation best. A common misconception is that the outdoor method is less time-consuming. This couldn’t be further from the truth as both techniques require patience and care.

The Midwest has a reputation for hosting all kinds of weather conditions. From sweltering heat in the Summer to snowy Winters, Minnesota has it all. Fortunately, this means that the climate favors growing cannabis seeds outdoors. 

Cultivators should plant their marijuana seeds in Minnesota by April. That way, you can expect to harvest your cannabis crop by mid-September or early October.

We don’t condone breaking the law in any way. Due to the illegal status of recreational cannabis, we recommend waiting for the laws to change before growing weed in Minnesota. Instead, you can use this guide to start planning for that glorious day.

Below, we take a look at both growing methods, detailing what you should look out for. You’ll find everything you need regardless of which option you chose to cultivate your marijuana seeds in Minnesota.

How to make the most of the climate conditions in Minnesota

Outdoor Growing

Did you know that Minnesota is the third-best producer of crops in the United States? The region is host to many commodities such as rice, oats, and sugar beets. Its rich soil gives farmers everything they need for healthy plants, and perhaps one day, cannabis.

As we’ve already mentioned, when it becomes legal, we highly recommend using the outdoor method for cultivating marijuana seeds in Minnesota. The hot, sunny days provide your crops with the energy they need to grow. Plus, regular thunderstorms are a great source of water.

To start, you’ll need to find a favorable location for your weed seeds to grow. You should look for a spot that receives sunlight for a minimum of 13 hours a day. Anything less than that, and you run the risk of underdeveloped plants.

Space is also a vital consideration when sowing your marijuana seeds in Minnesota. The region often receives rainfall followed by hot temperatures. This creates an environment perfect for mold, so consider installing a structure to protect your crops.

Another factor to contemplate when choosing a spot to plant your marijuana seeds in Minnesota is the water quality. It’s not uncommon to find slightly acidic liquid. Regularly test the pH levels of your water source so that you’re giving your plants the best.


Indoor Growing

If space is an issue where you live, you may find that the indoor method is a better fit for growing cannabis seeds in Minnesota. The biggest downside to this option is the high prices incurred when setting up, but there are various ways to lower your costs.

One of the main reasons indoor growing is so popular is the level of control you have over the elements. You can effectively create the perfect environment for your cannabis all year round.

Regardless of the size of your grow tent, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve installed the necessary equipment. These are:

  • An oscillating fan to create a constant breeze.
  • Lights to replicate the sun.
  • A thermostat to control the temperature.
  • Ventilation to remove the stale air and replace it with fresh oxygen.

The last aspect you’ll need to come to terms with is the increase in your utility bill every month. Indoor growth relies on equipment powered by electricity. To create the optimal settings, you’ll need to power these tools, resulting in higher costs.

Best strains to grow in Minnesota

When it comes to choosing the best types of marijuana seeds in Minnesota, you can’t go wrong with an indica-dominant hybrid. 

The reason for this is due to the haphazard weather conditions in the region. Indica seeds can handle fluctuating temperatures far better than their sativa relatives.

You could then go slightly further and choose autoflowering seeds. This variant provides faster growing times, allowing you to harvest your crop before the early arriving winter.   

When the time is right we recommend our Auto Purple Kush feminized seeds? This cultivar produces vivid maroon-colored buds that will remove any stress from your body. Both beginner and veteran cultivators will appreciate its resilient nature and fast flowering time.

If it’s potency you’re after, consider ordering a souvenir pack (for now) of Badazz x Rolex feminized seeds

While this cannabis plant requires some TLC, its 22% THC levels make it worth the effort. Plus, its sweet berry and spicy flavors are sure to get your mouth watering.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Minnesota

At the moment, buying from a Minnesota seed bank is not an option. This will certainly change when the laws allow for personal cannabis cultivation, but for now, you’ll need to hold out.

Even when the legislation changes, it may take some time before you can find a trustworthy dispensary. Luckily for you, there is an alternative option. 

Online seed banks like i49 Genetics not only have a reputation for high-quality seeds, we also stock a wide variety that’s sure to meet all your requirements. 

Plus, we offer discreet delivery anywhere in the US, perfect for avoiding any nosey neighbors.

Why not check out our stock of cannabis seeds today, build up a souvenir collection now, and start planning for the harvest of a lifetime?