Buying Marijuana Seeds in Minnesota

Since 2015, marijuana has been legal in Minnesota for medical purposes. However, it is still illegal for personal use, though trends are showing that more people are in favor of allowing recreational use, and further legislation may allow it in the future. For those who want to grow their own plants for medicinal use, having access to high-quality cannabis seeds is a must. We stock a wide variety of the best strains on the market and can have it to your home in as little as a few days. Read below to learn more about the legalities of purchasing marijuana seeds in Minnesota and what to purchase.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana in Minnesota?

It is legal to purchase marijuana seeds in Minnesota, even without a medical marijuana card. For marijuana use, the laws are a little more restrictive. Medical marijuana is legal as of 2015 for those suffering from certain chronic health conditions. This includes cancer, Crohn’s disease, HIV-AIDS, seizures, terminal illness, and other medical conditions. When marijuana is used in Minnesota, it cannot be smoked but can be taken in vapor, liquid, or pill form. Those who can have marijuana for medical purposes cannot grow their own supply, so they must purchase it from a state dispensary and are limited in the amount they can purchase at once.

In Minnesota, recreational marijuana is still illegal. However, a first offense that involves only a small amount of marijuana is not likely to result in charges or a jail term. Less than 42.5 grams is considered a personal amount and can carry a fine of up to $200, though most first-time offenders will avoid a criminal record. Possession of more than 1.4 grams can lead to 90 days in jail and a fine up to $1,000. Larger amounts can lead to a distribution charge, which would be a felony and would include higher fines plus the potential for longer jail terms.

How to Purchase Your Own Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Seeds, however, are not counted as marijuana and are not subject to the same laws as marijuana plants or products. This means it is legal to obtain seeds in Minnesota, as long as they are not germinated. The reason for this is that in the United States, seeds that are not germinated are considered a novelty item. Since they are not plants or products made from marijuana and cannot be used without germinating them, they do not fall under the same laws as other marijuana products. You can purchase any type of marijuana seeds through as well as any strain you prefer without worrying about the legality of having the seeds if you live in Minnesota. When you purchase seeds from us, we will package them discreetly and ship them directly to your front door as fast as possible.

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds Available

Those who want to purchase cannabis seeds will want to make sure they choose the right type. There are three different types of seeds to consider, including regular, feminized, and auto-flowering.

  • Regular Seeds – Regular seeds are not sorted, so they contain male and female There is no way to identify the gender, so some of the plants grown may need to be thrown away. These are, however, the easiest for beginners.
  • Feminized Seeds – Feminized seeds all grow female plants, which means there’s no need to wait for the plant to grow to find out if it will be male or female. These are the better option for those who want to purchase cannabis with the intent to harvest buds as there’s no need to throw away any plants.
  • Auto-Flowering Seeds – Auto-flowering seeds grow into plants that begin the flowering cycle automatically, so there’s no need to watch them carefully. They also tend to flower earlier and are the best way to maximize the yield from each plant grown.

Various Strains of Cannabis to Consider

Different strains will have a different impact after use. Two of the main strains available are Sativa and Indica, and there are hybrid strains that combine both. Depending on the results desired, one strain might be better than another.

  • Sativa Strains – Sativa strains provide extra energy during the day and can help with creativity. Some of the more popular Sativa options include Purple Haze Feminized and Sour Diesel Feminized.
  • Indica Strains – Indica strains help produce a calming feeling to provide relaxation. Some of the most popular Indica strains will include Cream Caramel Feminized and Purple Kush Feminized.
  • Hybrid Strains – The hybrid strains combine the best of Sativa and Indica and tend to be more popular. Top options available include Siberian Snow Feminized and Super Lemon CBD Feminized.

Why Buy Seeds From i49?

Plenty of seed banks are around now, with more cropping up every day. So why should you buy from i49 We’re the best around because we have experts with decades of experience in marijuana seeds. We know the best strains, we make sure our online shop makes browsing and buying as easy as possible, and we offer a dedicated support team so you can get help when you need it. If you’d like to purchase your own marijuana seeds for souvenir purposes in Minnesota, we have what you’re looking for. We ensure the highest quality for all of our seeds and will ensure they are packaged confidentially and shipped to your doorstep quickly. Browse our selection today or speak with our support team to get help finding the perfect strain to buy.

Are you looking to purchase marijuana seeds? In Minnesota, it may not be legal to purchase marijuana, but you can have as many seeds as you would like. With laws changing rapidly throughout the United States, it may not be long before cannabis is legal for recreational use. If you have the seeds ready, you’ll be able to start growing your first plant fast. Browse our store now to find the perfect marijuana seeds and learn more about all of the top of the line strains we have available today.