Cannabis Seeds in Idaho: Proven Power in a Tiny Package

Cannabis, in numerous forms, has been around for millennia. Ages ago, ancient medical practitioners discovered various parts of the plants’ powerful abilities to relieve pain, break up blood clots, treat wounds, eliminate parasites and even potentially prevent hair loss according to some accounts.

Eventually, lawmakers criminalized marijuana in the United States. This action took a great deal of healing potential out of the hands of the medical world and replaced a long-running and diverse natural treatment with less-effective synthetic alternatives. In turn, it also left countless people suffering and searching for other options.

Turning the Tides

In 1996, California became the first state in America to remove the criminal aspect of marijuana use and ownership. From there, people rallied on both sides of the fence to sway the reigning restrictions in other states. As of January 1, 2020, a total of 11 states had legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. Another 33 states now allow patients to use the drug for certain medical conditions.

Is Cannabis Legal in Idaho?

Numerous states have jumped on board the cannabis bandwagon over the last couple decades, and several others plan to do so during the year to come. Idaho isn’t one of them. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Idaho, and state lawmakers don’t appear to have any inclination to change that in the near future.

Where Does Idaho Stand on Medical Marijuana?

As far as authorities in Idaho are concerned, there are no distinguishing factors between recreational and medical marijuana. Because of this, even medical use of the herb is considered illegal across the state with no exceptions. Patients suffering from cancer, IBD, anxiety, epilepsy and the full range of other conditions treatable with marijuana are punished in the same way as anyone else in the state who might be caught with even a couple ounces.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Idaho?

In a state that so harshly frowns upon even allowing medical patients to receive any benefits of cannabis, you might wonder if any portion of the plant would be allowed at all. As fate would have it, seeds are perfectly acceptable. You can safely and legally purchase cannabis seeds online as souvenirs without fear of negative consequences.

Are There Any Other Exceptions to Idaho’s Cannabis Laws?

In short, no. Recently, lobbyists for the legalization of hemp almost found success. A bill allowing for the cultivation of hemp for various purposes was presented to the state’s lawmakers. Hemp and marijuana fall into the same family, but hemp lacks the THC found in marijuana that’s known for producing psychoactive effects.

Both the House and Senate passed the bill almost unanimously. Just before being signed into law, though, sources indicate it was shot down. This means even hemp remains illegal in Idaho. That being said, products containing CBD but little to no THC are legal at the federal level.

Exploring the Various CBD Alternatives

On last count, an estimated 800 different strains of cannabis had been developed and were recognized by various organizations. New ones are continually being discovered and created. Some contain lofty levels of THC and only small amounts of CBD whereas others veer in the opposite direction. Still more offer equal amounts of both.

At i49, we offer a vast selection of cannabis seeds. We bring you varieties in all categories, including those with high CBD levels and only trace amounts of THC. Some of the more hemp-like alternatives in our lineup are:

  • Blueberry CBD: These particular cannabis seeds give rise to plants with 16 percent CBD and less than one percent THC. They’re designed to help alleviate pain and anxiety while also treating certain types of epilepsy and seizure disorders. This strain’s sweet, fruity scent and flavor help provide relief from a number of conditions without hampering focus and concentration.
  • OG Kush: Containing 15 percent CBD and only minuscule amounts of THC, OG Kush can have a powerful positive impact on pain, anxiety, insomnia and seizures to name a few medical conditions. Those medical benefits come courtesy of a lemony, spice, woody aura.
  • i49 HIGH CBD: These seeds bear our own special strain of CBD. Its high levels of CBD and low THC content make for a highly diverse range of beneficial effects. Our i49 High CBD combines the flavors of mint, lemon and pine and is great for combatting tension, anxiety, inflammation and neurodegenerative issues among other conditions.
  • Auto White Widow: Falling into the 10-percent CBD range and offering higher amounts of THC than the previously listed options, plants grown from Auto Widow seeds generate a calming, relaxing effect and help alleviate severe and chronic pain. They also bring about a nice sense of euphoria.
  • Harlequin: Yet another member of our high-CBD family, Harlequin seeds grow buds that bring to mind flavors of wine and cherries. This strain is fast and simple to grow, and it can help with anxiety as well as a number of conditions known to cause pain.
  • ACDC: ACDC seeds produce plants offering an 18-percent CBD concentration and less than one percent THC. Their woody, earthy essence makes for a calming, relaxing and comforting effect.

These are only a few of the CBD seed varieties we have to offer. Our feminized and autoflowering seeds are high-quality options designed to offer a number of advantages. They’re among the simplest to grow, quickly produce high yields and come in a long list of different alternatives.

Find CBD Seeds Online through i49

Browse our lineup of cannabis seeds offering varying levels of CBD and THC to see which ones catch your eye and apply to your unique needs. You may even want to purchase a few different varieties for good measure.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced representatives by phone or using the form we’ve provided for more information. Your perfect cannabis seeds are here; all you have to do is find them!


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