A Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in Utah

Though the state of Utah is often cited as being the first state to ban cannabis use in the early 1900s, it became legal for medical use in 2018. Individuals diagnosed with such conditions as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and more can enjoy consuming marijuana products for symptom relief.

However, the sale of cannabis seeds in a brick and mortar retail location is still prohibited in the state. Furthermore, individual cultivation of marijuana plants has been made illegal for the time being. Fortunately for cannabis enthusiasts, there are still ways to get cannabis seeds legally.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Utah?

Even though cannabis seeds are not available at any retail location in the state of Utah, residents can still purchase the seeds online legally. Seeds are legal to purchase and possess so long as they are not germinated. The state of Utah considers dormant cannabis seeds to be souvenirs and does not penalize those who own them.

Male Vs. Female Cannabis Seeds

How do you tell the difference between male and female cannabis seeds? It is an age-old question among the majority of cannabis enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there is no real way to tell what gender the seeds are before the plant is grown. One of the earliest ways to identify a female cannabis plant is to look for a small bud between the main stock and the young branch. As the plant grows larger, these small buds will sprout a white hair which will eventually turn red or orange.


However, there is a much easier way to increase the chances you are getting a female cannabis seed. Feminized cannabis seeds are produced in a way that ensures most of the resulting plants will be female. These seeds are available for purchase online at i49.com, which makes them readily available to cannabis enthusiasts in Utah.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

With all the different strains of cannabis seeds available, you may have a hard time settling on which ones to buy. The choice is made much easier when you are familiar with the different kinds of seeds available for purchase online.

Normal Cannabis Seeds

Normal cannabis seeds can be either male or female. If you buy 10 regular seeds, you can expect to have about 5 of them be female, but there is no definite way to tell how many of each gender there will be. Many cannabis growers believe that plants sprouted from regular cannabis seeds are stronger. Because of this, growers will often keep these plants in a vegetative state so they can make clones from the mother plant.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

For a cannabis plant to flower, it requires about 12 hours of light each day, but no more than that. For growers that do not have timed lighting systems or who live in an area where the daylight hours are significantly over 12 hours, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are the best option. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds begin to flower as soon as they reach a specific stage of maturity, typically taking less than 10 weeks to reach the harvest stage.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have more than a ninety-five percent chance of producing a female marijuana plant. Growers are able to produce feminized seeds by getting a female plant, not a hermaphrodite plant, to produce male flowers with viable pollen. Most often this is done by spraying the plant with chemicals like gibberellic acid, silver nitrate, or silver thiosulfate.

What Strains are Available?

There are three types of cannabis strains from which you can choose. These are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. Each type has its own unique qualities. It is important that you understand what they are so you can choose the seeds that will produce your desired effect.


Indica plants are usually short, wide, and bushy. The leaves on these plants are stubby and thick, and they typically mature faster and produce more flowers than a Sativa plant produces.


When the flowers are consumed, indica strains provide a sedative-like effect. Indica strains are often used for muscle relaxation, appetite stimulation, pain and nausea management, stress relief, and inflammation reduction. Indica cannabis seeds available in i49.com are:


Sativa strains are typically very tall marijuana plants with long, narrow, and thin leaves. These plants take a lot longer to mature than their Indica counterparts, and they need more light to reach maturity. Sativa strains are often used for daytime symptom treatment, addressing such medical issues as depression, fatigue, anxiety, and inattentiveness. Sativa cannabis seeds that are available on i49.com include:


Most new strains are a blend of Indica and Sativa strains, however there are also crosses between two Sativa or two Indica strains. In addition, most auto-flower strains have been mixed with a low-THC strain of cannabis known as ruderalis. This strain helps the auto-flowering plant to produce buds automatically regardless of the plant’s exposure to light. New hybrid strains are being developed all the time to produce specific desired effects. For example, a high Sativa hybrid may be able to reduce fatigue while still offering the calming sensation that is the hallmark of Indica strains. Some Indica strains available on i49.com include:

Why Buy Cannabis Seeds from i49?

There is no shortage of online cannabis seed banks. So what sets i49.com apart from the rest of the seed banks available online? i49.com employs long-time cannabis experts who use their extensive knowledge of cannabis strains and the cannabis industry to provide the best product possible. i49.com uses the most advanced ecommerce technology to make the browsing and purchasing process easy.