Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds: The ABC’s of Buying Marijuana Seeds

In 2018, Oklahoma passed State Question 788, which opened up medical marijuana use in the Sooner State.
Under SQ 788, an Oklahoma board-certified physician must approve all state-issued medical marijuana licenses.
As the state government continues to update and define the permanent framework defining how residents over the age of 18 can obtain and use medical marijuana, there’s another way to get your hands on the strains you want.
Oklahoma cannabis seeds are legal, and they’re a great way to grow the medical marijuana you need and crave.
Today, we’re sharing an insider’s guide to buying these seeds, and why it pays to partner with our specific, medical marijuana seed bank alternative.
Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal In Oklahoma?

Throughout all of the United States and Canada, it’s legal to purchase marijuana seeds, or “weed seeds.”
Why is this the case, especially when not all states have passed legislation allowing the medical or recreational use of cannabis?
The answer lies in the makeup of the seeds themselves. When they aren’t germinated, marijuana seeds are regarded not as drugs, but as adult novelty souvenirs. You’re within your rights to own any such collector’s items you want.
This opens up even more doors if you have an official medical marijuana license that permits you to obtain and use cannabis in the state.
According to SQ 788, anyone with a state-approved license can legally consume medical marijuana. Specifically, they can possess the following:
Up to three ounces of marijuana on their body
Six mature plants (budding and flowering)
Six seedlings (growing and vegetating)
One ounce of concentrates
72 ounces of edibles
A total of eight ounces of marijuana at their residence
Beginner Grow Tips for Oklahoma Residents
If you decide to purchase cannabis seeds, you’ll want to make sure that you know the right germination method to sprout them into flowering plants! Here are a few steps to follow to get it right the first time.

Soak Your Seeds

First, place your seeds in a cup of distilled water at room temperature. Let them soak for 14 to 18 hours. Use your fingers to push them to the bottom, making sure they’re fully covered.

Prepare Your Towel

When you’re ready for the next step, prepare the spot first. Fold a thick paper towel on a plate. For best results, make sure the paper towel does not contain any dyes or perfumes.

Pour Your Seeds

Next, pour the entire contents of your cup (after the seeds have soaked) onto the plate and paper towel. Fold the paper towel over the seeds to cover them completely.

The Germination Process

Your next duty is to wait! Place the plate in a warm, dark room and let it sit until the seeds begin to open. Check the paper towel on a regular basis to make sure it’s still damp, adding more water if necessary. It will take between two and seven days for the seeds to begin to crack open. We recommend using a Germination Guide to assist you through this process.

Root Development

Once the seeds start to open, you’ll notice a taproot growing at the bottom of each one. Allow each root to grow between 0.5 centimeters and 0.75 inches before transplanting it.
One pro tip to help you make the most of your crop? Before you transplant your seedlings, check to make sure there are no other crops around that could impede their growth.
For instance, there are plenty of outdoor hemp plants all around the state planted in response to the CBD craze that’s sweeping the nation. When you plant your budding female plants outside, any wind can fertilize them with CBD-rich hemp pollen. Even more of these seeds will become mixed with your plants as you crop them, dry them, and trim them.
While this can give your strain unique characteristics, it can also negatively affect the quality of your final smoking or vaping product. For that reason, it’s best to plant your seeds in a separate, protected greenhouse, where you can control their growth from the very beginning. From hydroponic setups to covered cannabis greenhouses, the exact design is up to you!

Worried about messing it up? Don’t be.

Oklahoma is similar to other spots where cannabis plants grow freely and successfully due to the unique climate. This means your strains will be as high-quality as those that come from the Middle East, India, or Vietnam, where cannabis is allowed to grow wild.

Which Seeds Should I Buy?

We offer a wide variety of cannabis seeds, designed to fit any palate and preference. For instance, you can choose from among the following options:

CBD seeds
THC seeds
Hybrid seeds
Feminized seeds
Auto-flowering seeds

In addition, you can also choose IndicaSativa, or Hybrid strains depending on what you like best. If you have the time and budget, you can even buy wholesale seeds or buy in bulk. The latter is a smart way to drive down your overall costs and make sure you never run out of your favorite strains.
If you purchase around 10 to 20 seeds per year, you’ll have plenty to keep as a backup stash or share with others!
If you’re starting out, there are plenty of beginner seeds that are virtually impossible to mess up. Then, as you grow in confidence and ability, you can scale your purchases up to more advanced seeds meant for mature and experienced growers.
We also offer sampler packs that allow you to try a variety of different cannabis strains at once. We create these packs using strains that grow well together, helping you enhance and improve your growing experience!

What Autoflower Strains Are Perfect for Oklahoma?

Looking to take the guesswork out of growing your medical marijuana? Auto-flowering seeds are some of the simplest to grow, and they also yield an incredible crop.

These are special seeds that are genetically bred to start flowering quickly after the very first leaves start to form. How soon can you expect a bud? Regular Indicas will flower around seven to nine weeks after germination, while Sativas can take between 10 to 16 weeks.

These plants are recognizable by their short, dense makeup. Most will grow between two and three feet tall. While your yields might be a little lower, the plants will be smaller, allowing you to pack more plants into the same space.
The best part? They don’t require much vegetative growth to jumpstart the bud development process. This makes them ideal for first-timers!

As long as you water them, feed them, and keep an eye out for pests, these plants are good to go. Autoflower plants have their own internal clock, so you don’t even need to worry about arranging a light schedule to help them grow.
Of course, we don’t recommend neglecting them altogether! They’ll still require daily care, so make sure you have time in your schedule to tend to them.
Some of the top autoflower strains that we recommend and sell include:

Auto Widow CBD Feminized Seeds
Auto Gelato Feminized Seeds
Auto Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds
Auto Cheese CBD Feminized Seeds
Auto Haze CBD Feminized Seeds
Auto OG Kush Feminized Seeds
Auto CBD Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

Feel free to take a look at our entire inventory of autoflower seeds to find the perfect strains for your needs!

Why Use Our Medical Marijuana Seed Bank Alternative?

You can visit any dispensary or hydroponic supply store around Oklahoma and find a variety of strains designed to fit your medical growing needs.
However, there are few places that offer the extensive selection that our online shop does. We have access to the resources that allow us to provide many more options than you’ll ever find in a physical storefront.
From regular seeds to autoflower CBD strains designed for medical use and even high-THC strains ideal for edibles, we have it all.
When you order from a trusted resource like us, you know that you’ll get exactly what you paid for. We will never substitute a strain without your consent.
We ship nationwide and all seeds are ready to ship within one to two business days!
Find the Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds You Need Today
You rely on your medical marijuana to help ease your pain, relax your nerves, or simply make a day at Turner Falls as enjoyable as possible.
You don’t want to scrimp on knockoff seeds that could produce disappointing or even dangerous results. Instead, rely on a top vendor to provide the Oklahoma cannabis seeds you can trust.
When you’re ready, we’d love to help you find the exact varieties you’re looking for. Feel free to contact us today and let’s grow together!

Where to buy your Cannabis seeds online within Oklahoma State

If you are a resident of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Lawton or other surrounding areas, look no further than I49 Seed Company for all your online cannabis shopping needs. We are a fully stocked medical marijuana seed bank, carrying a selection of CBD, THC, hybridfeminized, and auto-flowering options. There are several categories to search for your marijuana seeds for sale in Oklahoma. If you like to smoke a big old joint before a refreshing swim at Tumer falls, or pop a weed capsule before taking a dinner-time adventure down the Bricktown Canal, i-49 seed bank is a reliable source for your good quality regular seeds, or feminized marijuana seeds. I49 Oklahoma has the best seeds to plant in Oklahoma soil. Whether you prefer the Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains the best, we have the wide cannabis selection to get you growing your own. Consult our germination page to ensure you successfully sprout your medical marihuana seeds in the water & paper towel method. If you have the space and time for it, why not order yourself some wholesale cannabis seeds? Our seedbanks website offers bulk purchases of anywhere up to 100 or 500 seeds for a greater discount!

Amazing strains and selection from Oklahoma Seed Bank i49

Dispensaries around Oklahoma and hydroponic supply stores may be able to offer you a handful of strains for your medical growing needs. I49 seeds online offers you more varieties of weed seeds than any physical storefront ever could. We have basic strains that are great for beginners and more challenging strains to keep your leaning curve accelerating as an expert cannabis gardener. Under the current medical regulations, Pot growers in Oklahoma may posses six cannabis plants in the growing (vegetative) stage, as well as six cannabis plants in the mature (budding/flowering) stage. You can order a 10 or 20 pack each year to have a few backups or pay some forward to a friend. Trading weed seeds can be a fun option, that gets you a variety of strains to try out and compare. If you love this idea, but lack the friends to trade with, look into i49’s sampler packs. These contain a wonderful collection of different cannabis strains that should grow well together and nicely round out your seed collection at home. After consulting our FAQ page, if you have specific questions pertaining to your order – contact our knowledgeable support team at usa@i49.net or by toll-free at 1-888-441-4949

Wide selection and great value for customers of i49 Seed bank Oklahoma

Nothing beats the feeling of finding that rare or exciting strain of weed that brings you back to the first time you ever smoked up. We have hundreds of unique cannabis strains to blow your mind and save your money. We offer single cannabis seeds for you to try out, or bulk packages for you to bring down your overhead costs. When choosing where to grow your plants in Oklahoma, consider the risks of other nearby crops. Oklahoma is known for a high concentration of outdoor hemp plants contributing to the booming CBD demand throughout the USA. If your budding female plants are exposed to the outdoor elements, they risk the inevitable fertilization by pollen simply flying in the wind. You will get more seeds in your batch of marijuana once you crop it, dry it, and trim it. Although these seeds will be a unique mix of your strain with the wild CBD rich hemp pollen, but in general it will reduce the quality of your smoking or vaping product. You order verified strains for a reason, so keep their genetic identity protected by growing in a greenhouse. This should also limit the wild pests around your marijuana plants.

Guide to Online seed purchases: What seeds are best to plant in Oklahoma?

Because of the unique climate and setting of the South Central region of the United States, there will inevitably be some strains that fare better than others in Tulsa, OK and other cities within Oklahoma state. You will hear of successful growers here using both indoor hydroponic setups, as well as seasonal gardens that utilize the outside space, or covered cannabis greenhouses. If you like the uplifting psychedelic sativa strains, check out our Blue Dream seeds for growing success! This plant is powerful and resilient, and her flowers smell like sweet blueberries. Something delicious on the Indica side of the spectrum is our Wedding Cake feminized seeds available to ship from 149 seeds. This tasty alternative to Pinkman Goo (rare) is a cross of Cherry Pie x GSC. It has amazing flavor profiles and great for treating Medical Conditions. Some impressive record-breaking strains are available from our online seed dispensary, including Bruce Banner (powerful hybrid testing over 27% THC), and White Widow (highest tested THC levels in OK State!). The entire state of Oklahoma is an ideal area for growing cannibus seeds – a climate similar to areas of the Middle East, India, or Vietnam where cannabis grows wild and free.

Oklahoma Seed Bank

We are an Oklahoma cannabis seed bank alternative and we carry a variety of weed seeds for sale online and shipped to your home or garden for a modest fee of $15. Our marijuana seeds for sale have an express option for $50 that sees your pot seeds delivered in just four business days.  The best part about choosing I49 Seed Bank for your Oklahoma marijuana seeds is that we have a great selection of seeds that grow in OK.

Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Why do we use third party billing ? Many of our customers prefer to keep their legal and grey area activities private for security reasons. We never share your contact details with anyone for any reason, ever. So if you are planning your next harvest and want some beans, give us a call at 1-888-441-4949.

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I49 is a weed seed bank that supplies the best marijuana seeds for sale online and ships to everyone in the United States. We offer a no substitution guarantee and we will do our best to provide the strains that we say we are, every time you choose to do business with us. You can reach a real person by calling 1-888-441-4949 and we are available evenings and weekends too.

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Whether you are looking for auto-flowering seeds for your Oklahoma City grow show or feminized high cbd strains, we have just the cannabis strain for your harvesting pleasure. We sell high THC strains for your recreational marijuana pleasure and short flowering cycle seeds for your crop yield bonus harvests. Reach out to us at web@i49.net or call 1-888-441-4949 and buy the best marijuana seeds for sale in Oklahoma, USA.

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