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Norman, Oklahoma was once called “Norman’s Camp” in the earlier developmental years of the Oklahoma Territory after a young surveyor, Abner E. Norman. The name “Norman” stuck as other settlers arrived in Oklahoma. Now Norman has an estimated population of 121,000 residents in this suburban dense college town, making Norman the third largest city in Oklahoma State. The University of Oklahoma’s main campus is also located in Norman. Close to the middle of the campus you’ll find the home to the Sooner football team at the Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. Walk the campus of OU and take your pictures in all the Instagram worthy spots. Norman is rich in history, academia, and has a bountiful amount of shops, cafes, restaurants, and hangout spots for studying or meeting up with friends.

Is being in nature more your thing? Check out one of these four sites, all with unique settings. Lake Thunderbird is known for its abundance of trails for the avid walker or jogger, or for those that wish to hike or bike. Lake Thunderbird is located within Norman’s city limits making it a fantastic spot for a simple day trip or a family vacation! Lake Thunderbird has over 200 RV sites and many camping sites available that can be booked online. There is countless fun one can have on the lake, from paddling, to swimming, fishing, and all the boating fun! This is definitely a relaxing place to disconnect from the city vibes and spark a joint and connect with nature and loved ones. The George Sutton Wilderness Park (located off of 12th and Robinson) is a great place to smoke some weed and get your friends together for some disc golf or take your dog to the dog park. The George Sutton Wilderness Park also has some pretty awesome trails for those looking to jog or walk its lush trails. The Legacy Park is a great place to have a picnic and enjoy the entertainment at the amphitheater. You can find Legacy Park in the North Park area of the University in Northwest Norman. The Legacy Trail is a historic walk tracing the history of Norman. This fun and educational journey through time starts out at Jones Ave near Duffy St. and extends north almost to Robinson Street.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane with the best weed strains around! Buy cannabis seeds in Norman, Oklahoma through I49 Seeds Oklahoma and get your home cannabis grow going!

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

At the I49 Seed Bank you can expect to find top quality marijuana seeds for sale with privacy and germination guarantees to back the customers’ rave reviews of the product!  You’ll find a huge selection on high thc indica seeds, sweet sativa, juicy hybrid seeds, CBD seeds, fast producing buds from the autoflowering and feminized seeds, and for the avid grower the regular seeds to get down and intimate with your plants. You’ll have the best cannabis home grow in all of Norman with these I49 seeds!

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Norman?

It is legal to grow weed seeds from home in Norman for those that have obtained a medical marijuana patient card from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. As a patient you may grow up to 6 mature plants and 6 immature plants in your home, just as long as you either own the property or you have written proof that the landlord consents with you growing in their home. Be sure to keep the document as proof you can grow on the premise if you are a renter. You can grow inside or outside in your garden, just as long as no plants are visible from cars or pedestrians passing your home. Always buy seeds online from I49 for the highest quality and greatest selection of cannabis seeds for sale and get your legal home grow started!

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Did you know that with the feminized pot seeds you can harvest a more robust supply even faster? With the male genetics scientifically engineered into the feminized seeds without actually modifying the plants genes, you’ll be sure to get much more of the sweet sticky green we all love! This completely safe process takes any hassle out of growing the regular seeds, which have the male flowering buds that need to then pollinate the female buds. The feminized seeds completely bypass this step and cultivate only female flowering plants. Check out cheap cannibus seeds from I49 and be sure to try out some feminized seeds to take the guesswork out of your home grow!

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Did you know that autoflowering seeds are easy seeds to grow basically anywhere? You can chuck them in the garden next to some tomato plants for example. They are not fussy seeds. They need a minimum of 4 hours of light a day to survive and will really thrive with 18 hours of sunlight. So, whether you want to grow inside or outside you are set all year round with these seeds. They don’t disappoint! If you want to grow your cannabis inside, these seeds don’t require any fancy systems to grow their sturdy and stalky supplies, just flick on the lights when you wake up for the day and shut them off again before bed. You can buy cannabis autoflower seeds from the I49 seed bank anytime and these amazing seeds will ship right to your door.

Strains to Grow in Norman

Start your day off right with the i49 blue dream, energizing, sativa dominant bud. This strain thrives best when grown indoors. The blueberry flavored, moderate THC blue dream will bud a beautiful blue-green color and will be covered in sweet blueberry smelling crystals. Blue dream is an easy to grow strain, perfect for beginner growers.

Have you ever grown gorilla glue feminized seeds? The gorilla glue strain was the Cannabis Cup Winner in 2014, it is known for the relaxing sensations and feeling of euphoria users experience when using it. The gorilla glue is an extraordinary hybrid strain that has that cozy up on the couch effect of the indica with an uplifting, joy inducing nature of a spot on sativa at 20% or more THC, this one has weekend vibes written all over it! For the avid gardener, gorilla glue might be one you’d like to plant in the ground.

Are you looking for a weed strain that packs a punch? Get the cbd girl scout cookies seeds from I49 and you won’t be disappointed! The girl scout cookies have been known to leave users with a profound euphoria, launching them into a full body high promoting relaxation, and blasting off into a creative and happy cerebral space! Girl scout cookies buds yield a remarkably high THC content and are well known for their potency in effects that can last all day. Girl scout cookies are not for amateur growers as they will thrive best in a “sea of green” or a hydroponic system.

All of these featured seeds may be purchased at amazing discounted rates from the I49 seedbank! Check out I49 for a vast selection of even more 420 seeds online and get them shipped right to your home in Norman today!

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

Did you know that CBD has many medicinal properties that can really elevate a patient’s wellbeing? A lot of cancer patients will actually consume medical marijuana to combat nausea, depression, anxiety, and also to repress cancer cell growth. If any users are looking to reap the benefits without any of the THC psychoactive properties of marijuana, then cannabidiol (CBD) is the way to go. You can juice it, smoke it, vape it, have it in a lotion, a tincture, or ingest it as an oil, make it into a butter; whatever your heart desires. CBD is also a really great way to help with inflammatory diseases, aches and pains, and insomnia. You can purchase your cbd flower seeds for sale at the I49 online cannabis seed bank. Check out I49 now for top quality CBD weed seeds.

Buy Marijuana Seeds for Home Growing

Since Norman is considered a college town, lots of students are known to smoke a joint to help with concentration with projects and exam preparations. There is no doubt the college kids at the OU College of Arts and Sciences in Norman would indulge a little and get those creative juices flowing. Whether you are a student wanting to grow your own stash or an experienced grower wanting to dabble with a new strain, grow your cannabis seeds legally from home in Norman and buy marijuana seeds at great discounts from I49 USA!

How to Find Seeds for Sale in Norman

Norman has quite the art and music scene that is constantly growing and evolving within the community. The annual Norman Music Festival is hosted each spring and is a family fun affair! Night out on the town? Hop over to Opolis on North Crawford Ave for an intimate nightspot for indie bands. The Norman Medieval Fair is also an occasion with much anticipation, boasting the largest weekend event in Oklahoma! Check out the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, both nationally recognized sites in Norman Oklahoma!

Regardless of what kind of adventures you want to have, you can rest easy knowing you can buy cannabis seeds in Norman from I49. There is an abundance of marajuana seeds for sale at I49 and they can ship right to your home! Buying marijuana seeds online has never been easier, so take advantage today!