Buy Cannabis Seeds in Mustang

Summer has arrived and with it, so has the growing season. Oklahoma has a great midyear climate for growing your own medical marijuana and if you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Mustang, I49 Oklahoma has the marijuana seeds you need.

Mustang is so much more than a small town with a cool name. How many other towns can say they are named after iconic wild horses? Being a bedroom community of Oklahoma City may bring down that wild horse nostalgia a little but Mustang stays true to its wild west roots. The first Post Office was established in 1895 and the town was formally established in 1901 with the arrival of the Western Railroad line.

Agricultural is the main economic driver in Mustang but the town has evolved as time has gone on. There must be something good in the water too as Olympic Gold Medalists Kendall Jones and Shane Hamman are from here. Western Days are an annual September event featuring the Mustang Roundup Club Open Rodeo, a chuckwagon dinner, chili cook-off, western dances and old-time wild west antics around town. Locals compete in storefront decorating and the Stampede fun run draws a crowd every year. Put on your Sundays finest and try out for best dressed cowboy and cowgirl or polish up your classic ride for the Stampede Car Show. You won’t run out of fun, food and good times at Mustang’s Western Days. Yeehaw!

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

Nearly every online cannabis seed bank makes big claims and even bigger promises. At I49 Cannabis Seeds we think differently. We are founded with the belief that excellent customer service and the finest quality weed seeds go together like cake and ice cream. Our talented pool of seed breeders endeavors tirelessly every day to produce the best possible cannabis seeds with the strongest genetics so you will be successful growing at home. On top of that, we back every single seed with an unquestionable germination guarantee.

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Mustang?

Technically, pot seeds are legal for purchase across the USA and nearly anyone can order 420 seeds online. However, when you grow those seeds you must observe your local laws regarding cultivation of cannabis. In Oklahoma, you must have a medical marijuana patient card to use or grow marijuana. These are easily procured by speaking with your doctor. Once considered a patient, you will be legally entitled to grow up to six mature plants and six immature plants at one time. Failure to have the medical marijuana patient card can result in a felony charge so as previously mentioned, talk to your doctor and get the card before beginning any home cannabis cultivation. Once you have all your ducks in a row then you can find all your favorite strains of marijuana seeds for sale right here at I49 seed bank.

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

The goal of any cannabis growing operation is to harvest as much THC crystal laden buds as possible. Female plants produce the potent, high yielding bud we love so starting with a female seed is crucial. We want high yields but how can a simple seed be female? Breeders stress flowering female plants by removing certain environmental factors like light. The plant thinks that winter has arrived and will produce her own pollen in order to carry on the genetic line. Cannabis growers harvest that pollen then apply it to another flowering female of the same strain. This passes on the original plant’s genetics and her female chromosomes. As a male plant never entered the fray, only female chromosomes are present which guarantees a female seed.

What Are Autoflower Seeds?

We’re all busy people these days, running from here to there and back again. If you find yourself challenged for time and want to grow a cannabis strain that doesn’t require much attention, autoflower marijuana seeds may just make your day. These easy to grow seeds do not require complex automatic lighting programming. They just need some sun, water and occasional food. This allows novice growers to make mistakes while perfecting their craft, and provides professional growers simplicity and reliability to produce high yield harvests.

Strains to Grow in Mustang

Having a generous six plant, six seedling allowance for medical marijuana growers in Oklahoma gives home growers the ability to grow several different strains at once. The following suggestions are great strains to grow in Mustang.

For growing bulk cannabis, the regular jelly bean cannabis seeds selection offers dozens of strains that are great for growing at home. These are guaranteed to grow strong and healthy in both indoor and outdoor areas. Growing bulk seeds does offer cultivators the ability to build up a large and varied selection of cured cannabis flowers that can last years or just keep you well stocked through the winter months. These strains can also be used to make edibles, tinctures and concentrates.

Have something more sativa like in mind? You’ll love the purple haze strain effects from this green lady. A sativa dominant hybrid that lifts moods, starts conversations and gives users a sense of euphoric freedom. This strain is perfect for watching the sun rise or fall over the western prairies or just chilling on the banks of the Oklahoma River at Regatta Park. Purple Haze is great for alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD. Fruity, blueberry flavors wrap around your mouth and sweet, spicy, earthy aromas permeate the air.

Fans of indica strains rave about the flavor of our kool aid punch strain. Bouquets of Kool-Aid, grape candy and fresh baked blueberry muffins fill the air while a strong flavor of sweet berries and vanilla enchant your taste buds. It is best used in the evening though as the parents strains, Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG, are well known for sleep inducing effects and the treatment of insomnia. Muscle tension drops away and moods turn to euphoric optimism as you drift off to a restful sleep.

Sticking with the purple theme but moving back to a sativa strain, our trooicana cookies will make you smile and gain a bald eagle-like focus of the many things going around you. Let’s not forget the nausea relief too. Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie teamed up to give us this beautiful strain. A strong orange cookie flavor and scents sugary spice make will elevate any party or even a party for one. The uplifting sativa effects would marry well with an afternoon of rock climbing at Wild Horse Park. It’s when you get past twenty feet that the anti-nauseate properties of the strain really come in handy. Also, it’s great to use for going out to eat at local hot spots like Swadley’s B-B-Q, Shorty Smalls Steakhouse or Los Vaqueros Mexican.

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

Many people simply cannot physiologically tolerate pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories and other forms of pain medication. With the recent push towards full legalization in depth studies about the medicinal benefits of cannabis are becoming much more frequent. CBD, or Cannabidiol has risen to the forefront of those studies for its seemingly incredible abilities to help with hundreds of symptoms in a wide variety of people. I49 USA believes very strongly in the power of CBD and has taken steps to ensure we have the highest possible CBD content strains anywhere. Highly useful in treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain and as a body balancer, growing your own high cannabidiol strain at home can guarantee you’ll have a consistent supply of the compound and be able to alleviate the aches and pains you live with every day.

Buy Marijuana Seeds For Home Growing

You have a couple of choices for growing cannabis at home like growing cannabis from seed indoors. Small spaces like closets or indoor grow tents work well and growers have greater control over the plant’s immediate environment so pest control, temperature and humidity control are easy. Growing marijana seeds outdoors is what professionals call full spectrum plants. Of course, this refers to the variety of light wavelengths provided by that bright ball in the sky. Plants take longer to grow this way but have a lot more space to stretch. If fed properly, trimmed and cared for then your cannabis plants can grow as high as six feet and produce as much as a pound of fresh flower from one plant.

How to Find Seeds For Sale in Mustang

By now you may be wondering where to buy cannabis seeds in Mustang, Oklahoma or curious about what weed seeds to buy. At I49 online cannabis seed bank, we have a solution for you, whether you choose to buy hybrid weed seeds, sativa or indica you’ll find all your favorites at I49 seed bank. We pride ourselves on top notch customer care, offering the finest quality cannabis seeds and a great community brimming with tips and tricks. Novice and professional growers alike all love I49 because we are as passionate about home grown cannabis as they are. Check us out and see how we can help you grow in the right direction, and join the rank of our other happy growers!