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Teeming with wildlife and rich history, Okmulgee, formerly known as Okmulkee, is from a Creek word for ‘boiling waters’ and the history of the town dates back to the civil war when the Creek Nation began restoring order to the heavily devastated homeland and came together to establish a capitol building.

Since its formations, Okmulgee has gone from being a tiny village to one of the wealthiest cities in the country, and back to being a sleepy, small town. Throughout town you can see remnants of the town’s glorious past, from the Spanish Baroque style Orpheum Theatre, the architecturally and historically significant mansions and the McCulloch Building built by the Masons.

Just 40 minutes south of Tulsa, Okmulgee offers a quiet step into the solace and solitude of nature; with numerous spaces in and around the area to immerse yourself in the peaceful outdoors. A few minutes from downtown, Okmulgee State Park and Okmulgee Lake Spillway offer easy access to fun-filled outdoor activities like boating, swimming, fishing, camping and nature trails in a tranquil setting. The spillway itself is an engineering marvel of limestone steps and stone retaining walls.

Deep Fork National Wildlife Preserve is another treasure composed of lush hardwood forests, a meandering river and oxbow lakes. Take a walk through Cussetah Bottoms Boardwalk Trail and you’ll immediately find yourself immersed in the deep serenity nature offers, ripe with wildlife. Truly a hidden gem within our stomping grounds.

Whether you’re spending your days off exploring outside in nature, or kicking back around town, I49 has you covered with the largest online cannabis seed bank when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Choose from all of your favorite strains of cannabis seeds and some lesser known heroes that you’ll soon love, all with a germination guarantee that can’t be beat.

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

Here at I49, we strive to make your growing experience as easy and stress free as possible. By offering only the best quality weed seeds available, with descriptive details for each specific strain, we take the guesswork out of growing at home. No need to search high and low for the best yielding autoflowering seeds, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of them for you. You can thank us later! With customer service at the forefront of our business model, we take pride in customer satisfaction. Your growing success is our success, so we offer a germination guarantee that will leave you feeling confident in your capabilities, even if this is your first time growing cannabis from seed. Peruse through our online cannabis seed bank at I49 USA to find the perfect accompaniment to your lifestyle and tastes. You’re just a few clicks away from purchasing top shelf weed seeds to get your home grow op started.

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Okmulgee?

As you’re likely aware, Oklahoma isn’t exactly the country’s most forward thinking state, so while recreational cannabis cultivation, possession and use is still not legalized within the state, pot seeds bought and possessed for the sole nature of a novelty item are legal across the entire United States. Oklahoma was the 30th state to legalize medicinal marijuana, so great leaps and bounds have been made in that department. Registered License holders are allowed to grow up to six plants in the flowering or budding phase and have up to six plants in the vegetative stage, so whether you have a state issued license, or you’re helping Aunt Carole get set up to grow some CBD seeds to assist with her arthritis, I49 has the premium us based cannabis seeds you’re after.

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

When you’re baking cookies, you don’t want to have to throw out half of the cookies after all of your hard work making them, right? The same concept applies when you’re growing pot seeds. Regular seeds come with approximately 50/50 mix of female plants and male plants, and since male plants don’t produce those resin-rich buds we’re after, home growers love the availability of feminized versions of their favorite strains.

What exactly are feminized seeds? They are the all-female byproduct of crossing two female plants together, which may sound weird but is actually a really neat natural marvel. As nature’s motto is to try to adapt and survive when threatened, female cannabis plants have the ability to generate male pollination sacks for the sole purpose of keeping the species alive when stressed. Harnessing this awesome natural ability, breeders are able to harvest pollen from a stressed female and use it to pollinate another female plant. The seeds from this process carry all female genetics so you don’t have to toss out the male plants anymore! Have a look at our online seed bank and find all of your favorite strains of feminized marijuana seeds for sale.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Looking to grow cannabis but wish the process didn’t take so long? Join the club! You can cut the cultivation time in half when you choose to grow autoflower seeds, which, as the name suggests, start to flower automatically. These hearty hybrids begin to start flowering around the 3-4 week mark, and don’t require any light cycling to induce their flowering stage. Since these gals will rapidly cycle through the process, you shouldn’t expect the same yields as you would from plants that have a few months to grow big and bushy, but if a decent harvest in half the time appeals to you, then consider purchasing autoflowering marijuana seeds for your home grow. These plants are also ideal for stealthy outdoor growing or indoor vertically challenged spaces as they are unlikely to reach 3 feet in height.

Strains to Grow in Okmulgee

Keep reading to find our top suggestions of strains to grow for life in Okmulgee!

After a long summer day of basking in the glory of Dripping Springs Park and Dripping Springs Lake, unwind after dinner with the lovely and potent purple punch weed strain and feel yourself melt into a euphoric bliss.

When you’re feeling stressed out from your course load at OSUIT (Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology), do si dos autoflower is a great choice to instantly feel the weight of your courses lifted and allow you to relax and enjoy a cerebral buzz with mildly sedative effects.

If sativa dominant strains are more your style, tropicana cookies cannabis strain offers you a resin-rich bud that is ideal for concentrates like hash or shatter. Enjoy the citrus forward flavors and mood-boosting effects of this beloved variety.

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

Why exactly is CBD all the rage these days? New research is constantly coming out with the astounding uses and benefits of CBD (short for cannabidiol), so here’s a quick run-down on some of the most common therapeutic uses of CBD. Touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, those with autoimmune disorders and chronic pain can’t speak highly enough of CBD. Since it is not a psychoactive compound, you won’t feel high with CBD use which makes it ideal for people who don’t love the altered state the THC from most marijuana seeds offers.

CBD is also known for its ability to stop seizures from Epilepsy, and the FDA has even approved it for treatment, which is a major step forward for natural health. If you’re looking to add some natural medicine into your home, check out I49 Seeds Oklahoma for all the CBD seed options. Offering tons of choices of low THC strains with high CBD, or moderate THC and high CBD content for those looking for that instant reprieve alongside the therapeutic long-term benefits.

Buy Marijuana Seeds For Home Growing

We’re here for you when you’re ready to get growing and buy weed seeds online, offering the best selection of 420 seeds online. Choose from sativa strains, indica varieties and hybrids you’ll be fast friends with in no time. There is something for everything on I49’s seed bank. Selling premium cannabis seeds at affordable prices, our seed profiles come with helpful tips for optimal growing conditions and common uses so you know exactly what to expect from your bounty of buds when it comes time to harvest.

How to Find Seeds For Sale in Okmulgee

Whether you grew up in Okmulgee, moved here to attend the College of the Muscogee Nation, or just love the history rich area, there are so many neat places to discover in your own backyard. The entire 20-block downtown area has been designated as a National Historic District, consisting of The Servers Block, the Okmulgee County Courthouse, the Okmulgee Library and St. Anthony’s Catholic Church which is built in the iconic Spanish Colonial Revival style.

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