Buying Marijuana Seeds in Delaware: A Guide to the Basics

While certainly not a trend-setter in this respect, Delaware has become increasingly tolerant of marijuana possession and use. Despite being a bit behind the curve in other regards, Delaware has always allowed the purchase and sale of marijuana seeds.

Of course, would-be seed buyers will always do well to be aware of the current legal situation and likely future developments. A quick look at some of the kinds of seeds Delawareans most often purchase could be useful, as well.

Delaware’s Somewhat-Steady March Toward Legalization

Although it has proceeded fairly slowly, Delaware has been incrementally liberalizing its marijuana-related laws for quite a while. In 2011, a law enabling the medically justified use of cannabis went into effect, giving hope to many who suffered from the relatively small number of qualifying conditions.

Unfortunately, things did not proceed as quickly or smoothly as advocates had hoped. When the first authorized medical marijuana dispensary in Delaware opened four years later, only a few hundred residents had the cards required to use it.

Worse still, supply problems have plagued the state’s medical marijuana system since, driving some cardholders to turn to the black market. On the other hand, 2015 also saw the passage of a law decriminalizing the possession of modest amounts of marijuana.

Another hopeful and more recent sign came with a proposal that cleared the relevant Delaware General Assembly committee in 2019. If that bill passes a vote scheduled for 2020 and gets signed into law, adults aged 21 and over will be able to buy and use marijuana statewide for recreational purposes.

As such, the legal situation surrounding marijuana in Delaware is still in flux, although heading in the right direction, as far as fans are concerned. Groups like the Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition have been encouraging progress and are dedicated to ensuring that any mistakes made along the way get addressed.

Delaware Residents Can Legally Buy and Possess Marijuana Seeds

Fortunately, things are quite a bit simpler for Delawareans who simply want to purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds. Just like in most other states, marijuana seeds that have not sprouted are legally regarded as distinct from the plant itself and entirely fine to buy and own in Delaware.

Even while plenty of progress remains to be made with regard to legalization, marijuana seeds can be purchased by any adult statewide. Buying and collecting seeds as “souvenirs” or the like is a completely legal option.

Special Seeds Account for Important Cultivation-Related Issues

Naturally enough, Delaware residents who make the effort to buy marijuana seeds often have some specific goals and targets in mind. In many cases, people who are interested in marijuana seeds think about issues like:

  • Like many other living things, marijuana plants occur in two distinct sexes. Reproductively speaking, male plants exist only to pollinate females that flower and can produce viable seeds. Most people who choose to grow marijuana are only interested in the buds produced by female plants. Male plants that are allowed to mature in the presence of females can drastically reduce yields and bud quality while giving rise to other problems. Some plants even become hermaphroditic under certain conditions, flowering but also pollinating others. Seeds that have been “feminized” via a special process rule such issues out.
  • When grown outdoors in a suitable environment, female marijuana plants begin flowering when the natural light they soak up signals that the time is right. By default, people who cultivate marijuana plants under artificial conditions have to adjust their lighting arrangements accordingly. Seeds that have been altered to flower automatically make things a lot simpler for beginners, since they do not necessitate such steps. Many “auto-flowering” marijuana seeds also mature more quickly than those that are left to develop according to their natural inclinations. While yields will often be lower than with plants that flower when Mother Nature gives the signal, that can easily be an acceptable price to pay.
  • Seed collection. Many people are happy to purchase marijuana seeds again and again, as their needs and desires dictate. Others like to harvest their own seeds from mature, pollinated plants and even use them to develop new hybrids. Seed buyers who fall into the latter group normally prefer “regular” seeds that have not been feminized or forced to flower automatically. It can still make sense to buy “fem” and “auto” seeds now and then, even in such a situation, though.

A Couple of the Most Popular Pot Seeds Among Delaware Residents

There are more marijuana strains today than at any time in the past. Coupled with the availability of feminized and auto-flowering versions of so many of these, that can make things confusing for inexperienced seed buyers.

Generally speaking, though, focusing on some of the most popular seeds at any given time should make it easy to start learning and becoming more confident. Two of the types of marijuana seeds that Delaware residents most often buy today are:

  • Feminized White Widow. The indica species of the cannabis plant is renowned for producing a calming, contemplative feeling. Crossing a carefully cultivated strain of indica with an energy-boosting sativa varietal is a favorite strategy among veteran cultivators. White Widow Fem seeds produce marijuana plants that contribute to an energizing but cerebral experience. The distinctive crystals that grace the White Widow’s buds are heavy with THC and other cannabinoids.
  • Northern Lights crossed with Big Bud. Some marijuana hybrids check a lot of boxes at once, while others are more specialized. The Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud Fem variety is a versatile favorite of growers who prize speed and yield. At the same time, this auto-flowering, feminized seed also produces plants that contain lots of THC. People looking to overcome insomnia or simply kick back and relax often appreciate its low-key psychoactive profile.

Many More Seeds are Available Online

Although proponents of marijuana legalization in Delaware still have some work to do, things are looking better than ever. Delaware residents have always been legally entitled to purchase marijuana seeds, and more are becoming interested in this option with every passing day.

All that it takes to buy top-quality marijuana seeds is to browse our well-stocked website and place an order. With Delaware marching forward into a fully legalized future for marijuana, there has never been a better time to get started.