This is the question cultivators keen on growing Nebraska marijuana seeds are asking.

Although we see many US states beginning to legalize weed, cannabis is still prohibited in the Cornhusker State. In early 2021, State Senator Anna Wishart introduced LB 474 to initiate a medical marijuana program. The bill didn’t pass.

There’s hope for patients wanting the state to legalize medical marijuana seeds in Nebraska. An initiative will go to the ballot in 2022 if advocates can get about 175,000 valid voter signatures before 7 July 2022.

If you plan to cultivate marijuana seeds in Nebraska when it’s legal, it’s essential to expand your knowledge of the subject. Let’s explore growing methods, the best strains for the state’s climate, and where to buy quality cannabis seeds for your garden.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Nebraska? 

Is weed legal in Nebraska? Unfortunately not. Can you buy marijuana seeds in Nebraska? Yes, but it’s illegal to possess and cultivate cannabis in the state. 

Cannabis seeds in Nebraska

Yes, you’re allowed under US law to buy marijuana seeds in Nebraska as long as you don’t grow them. Ungerminated seeds are classified as novelty items. This legal provision means that you can get your favorite cannabis strain and store the seeds until the state permits cultivation.

Having marijuana seeds in Nebraska isn’t prohibited. It’s illegal, though, to possess the buds that are ready to be consumed. 

The state is one of 31 that doesn’t punish first-time offenders with jail time if the quantity is 1 oz. or less. They’re fined $300 and may have to attend a drug education course. Penalties can reach $500 and maximum imprisonment of seven days. 

Remember that you can’t cultivate marijuana seeds in Nebraska. If caught, you’ll face penalties based upon the total weight of the plants you’re growing.

Although many states prohibit weed for recreational purposes but allow medical marijuana programs, Nebraska isn’t one of them. Despite efforts by advocates and patients and their families, residents of the Cornhusker State have to be patient for at least another year.

Until then, you can prepare to grow Nebraska marijuana seeds by learning the ropes and knowing how to choose cannabis strains that’ll thrive in the state’s unique climate.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Nebraska?

Although cultivation of marijuana seeds in Nebraska is prohibited, it’s still a good idea to arm yourself with weed-growing knowledge. You could be only a year away from producing your own stash.

Most cannabis strains can thrive indoors and outdoors. The location you choose will depend more on the climate and the time of year you grow your Nebraska marijuana seeds.

Let’s review the climate in the Cornhusker State to help you decide on your cultivation strategy. Then, we’ll show you some of the best marijuana cultivars for Nebraska.

grow weed indoors or outdoors in Nebraska

Climate conditions

There are two ideal climate zones in Nebraska for marijuana seeds cultivation. The condition in the eastern region is a humid continental climate. It has warm summers and cold winters. During summer, you can grow any sativa, hybrid, or indica cultivar outdoors.

In the west, the climate is more suitable for cultivating sativa-type marijuana seeds in Nebraska. The area is semi-arid and host to hot summers and cold winters. If you schedule your cultivation period during summer, you can grow your cannabis indoors and outdoors.

Best strains to grow in Nebraska 

Not all Nebraska marijuana seeds are the same. There are three variations you need to know about as they have unique features that can suit your goals:

  • Regular seeds – these are 100% natural seeds. They haven’t been genetically engineered. As they have male and female parents, you have an equal chance of getting plants of either gender. They’re perfect for breeding as they retain most of the traits of their parents.
  • Autoflower seeds – these Nebraska marijuana seeds are perfect for growers who don’t want to manipulate the plants’ light cycle. Your crop will automatically switch to the flowering mode when they mature. 
  • Feminized seeds – if you don’t want the hassle of segregating the males and removing them, these are the types of marijuana seeds in Nebraska you should use. As breeders only used female plants to produce these seeds, you get only non-male plants that give you juicy buds.

When it’s legal to buy and grow marijuana seeds in Nebraska, here are some excellent cannabis strains to consider:

Auto Gorilla Glue #4

Auto Gorilla Glue plants don’t like colder climates, but they’re hardy enough to thrive in most conditions. As they are autos, the growth period is fast, making them ideal for places with short summers.

Best strains to grow in Nebraska

Auto Gelato fem

These indica marijuana seeds in Nebraska are both autoflower and feminized. With Auto Gelato fem, you don’t have to worry about having male plants. You save time segregating them, and you maximize the yield from your grow area because 100% of your plants will produce buds.

Auto Zkittles fem

If you want a taste of award-winning buds, choose Auto Zkittles fem marijuana seeds in Nebraska. It was Best Indica in the 2015 Cannabis Cup. This strain thrives outdoors, but you can grow it indoors if you live in a cooler climate. As it has a short life span, you’ll be able to cultivate and harvest it before the cold season begins.

Auto Tangerine fem

Another excellent choice of marijuana seeds in Nebraska is Auto Tangerine fem. It’s a relatively new strain that’s gaining popularity among master tokers. 

You get an excellent outdoor plant that loves sunlight and flourishes in temperate and continental climates. However, it’s hardy and can endure colder temperatures as well, making it a perfect cultivar for your garden.

There are many more excellent Nebraska marijuana seeds that you can cultivate. Remember that you can buy seeds before weed becomes legal in the state, but you can’t germinate them. Store them carefully, and they’ll be ready when you get the green light to grow marijuana in the Cornhusker State.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Nebraska

Where can you get marijuana seeds in Nebraska? Dispensaries usually carry seeds, but you’ll have to wait until weed is legal in the state before these outlets are available.

To save the trouble of going out of the state to find seeds, you can check out online seed banks like ours. 

We’ve been offering high-quality seeds for over 20 years. You can rest assured that you’ll find your favorite marijuana seeds in Nebraska in our extensive collection. 

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Don’t worry. You can preserve your ungerminated cannabis seeds for years if you store them properly. Get your seeds today!