Cannabis Seeds in West Virginia: They’re Good for What Ails You

For more than 20 years now, marijuana has been receiving a revival of attention. While its uses and potential benefits have been known for millennia, it fell out of the spotlight for quite some time. With a growing number of medical conditions and resulting symptoms affecting an ever-increasing portion of the population, though, states across the nation have been revisiting their views of the age-old herb.

Has West Virginia Legalized Recreational Marijuana?

Unfortunately, West Virginia remains among the minority when it comes to marijuana legislature. State lawmakers have yet to legalize it for recreational use. Supporters both inside and outside the state’s legal system are lobbying to change the laws, but so far, they’ve been unsuccessful. Local laws and regulations are quite clear in this regard.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in West Virginia?

Marijuana may still be frowned upon in West Virginia, but cannabis seeds are legal and safe to purchase for people who are 21 and older. Seeds are considered harmless souvenirs as opposed to contraband material, so they’re mere novelties. Owning them isn’t punishable by law.

West Virginia’s Standpoint on Medical Marijuana

Recreational use of marijuana isn’t permitted at all right now in West Virginia, but forms of cannabis for medical treatment are an entirely different story. In 2017, the state signed bills into law allowing for the use of marijuana products to treat certain medical conditions, such as:

  • Various Forms of Cancer
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Neuropathy
  • PTSD
  • Chronic Pain Uncontrollable with Standard Therapy or Opioids

Initially, medical cannabis dispensaries were scheduled to begin opening their doors across the state in early 2019, but that date was pushed forward several months. Then, delays in the policy-making process forced the date to be moved to 2020. At present, no one is certain when medical marijuana will be made available to patients from sources other than their physicians, but results are expected sometime between 2020 and 2021.

How Can I Get a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card in West Virginia, you must first visit a physician certified to provide prescriptions for cannabis. Doctors are required to attend an educational session and register with the state health bureau in order to become certified, so not all physicians can give out these prescriptions.

Should you be diagnosed with one of the previously mentioned medical conditions, you can apply for a West Virginia medical marijuana card. In order to do so, you’ll need a written certification from your doctor stating you qualify as a patient treatable with marijuana. It’s also necessary to have the following documentation:

  • A Completed Application Form
  • Proof You’re a West Virginia Resident
  • A Valid Driver’s License or State-Issued Identification Card

Your name and address must be identical across all forms of documentation. Applying for the medical marijuana card also requires an application fee. Once the application has been processed and the fee paid, you’ll receive your card and be able to take advantage of cannabis’ medical benefits and enjoy products from the dispensaries after they open.

How to Choose Cannabis Seeds

Since cannabis seeds are legal in West Virginia, there’s no harm in buying them right away. At i49, we carry a vast array of seeds from different strains of cannabis plants. Our experts are here to help you decide which types of seeds would best suit your needs.

Feminized seeds are the go-to choice for a number of people. They produce only female plants. This is important because male plants produce seeds rather than smokable buds. When you grow male plants, you’ll end up with a great deal of popping and crackling during the smoking process as opposed to a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Female plants, on the other hand, produce the flowers most people are looking for, and they contain more of marijuana’s helpful chemicals than males do. This means you’ll get more of the benefits with less material than you would with male seeds.

Feminized auto-flowering seeds are also available. With standard feminized seeds, growing plants takes a great deal of attention, careful light and heat regulation and other measures. Auto-flower seeds instinctively bloom after they’ve been growing for a certain amount of time. You won’t have to babysit them throughout their lifecycle.

Some people insist auto-flowering cannabis doesn’t taste as good or produce the same type of effect as traditional feminized alternatives. Still, it’s simpler to grow and isn’t as high maintenance as other options. This means even first-time growers are likely to see success with auto-flowering seeds.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in West Virginia from i49

With the conclusion of that brief botany lesson, we’ll proceed to the buying process. If you’re looking for cannabis seeds in West Virginia, you have plenty of options to choose from. Some seeds produce plants containing higher levels of THC, the chemical in marijuana known for generating its famous high. Others offer more CBD, the medically beneficial component.

We offer a wide range of seeds. Some of our options contain equal parts THC and CBD whereas other have more of one than the other. In West Virginia where medical cannabis has its foot in the door, the following varieties might be favorable.

  • Super Lemon CBD: Super Lemon CBD seeds grow plants with lemony, earthy flavors and aromas. They’re often helpful in treating pain, inflammation, chronic stress and conditions affecting the nervous system with up to 8 percent THC and CBD.
  • CBD Harlequin 1:18: This sweet, citrusy plant offers 12 percent THC and half as much CBD. It produces a relaxing effect to help with anxiety and PTSD while giving you a mental boost and promoting focus and concentration. We also carry CBD Harlequin Feminized seeds that grow plants with a 1 to 18 CBD and THC ratio.
  • Cheese CBD: With equal amounts of THC and CBD, this variety produces a bit of a citrus, floral, sweet bouquet with cheesy undertones. Its strong effect aids in relaxation and stress management as well as appetite stimulation and a euphoric state of mind.

This is only a small excerpt from our broad selection of CBD seeds for sale to West Virginia residents. Browse our full selection of numerous feminized and auto-flowering seeds, and don’t hesitate to try a few different strains to see which one best meets your needs.