As much as most people enjoy sugar, it’s really bad for our health. North Dakota happens to be one of the top sugar producers in the country. Cannabis, on the other hand, has many more benefits, but can you plant North Dakota marijuana seeds? 

You’re about to find out if weed is legal in North Dakota, which environment is best for growing, and which seeds are best for the Peace Garden State.

If you’re using weed for medicinal reasons and are interested in planting medical marijuana seeds in North Dakota, then continue reading to discover if it’s allowed. 

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in North Dakota?

Is weed legal in North Dakota? Not for recreational purposes, but it’s legal for medical use. Those who qualify for medical marijuana need to apply for a medical ID card. 

Medical marijuana patients can possess and buy cannabis in this Peace Garden State, but unfortunately, they’re not permitted to plant medical marijuana seeds in North Dakota.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in North Dakota?

Their purchases are also limited to certain marijuana products and exclude cannabis seeds. Even though you can’t buy weed seeds in North Dakota, you can purchase them online at a marijuana seed bank

When choosing which online retailer to use, ensure that it’s a reputable one. To grow a premium grade of weed, you need good-quality seeds. A respectable seed bank, like i49, will ensure that your privacy is protected and all orders are delivered discreetly.

Once you receive your online order of marijuana seeds in North Dakota, it’s best to keep them in their ungerminated state until cannabis cultivation is legal. 

You could face possession charges if caught growing weed. This charge is a misdemeanor if you hold more than half an ounce. The penalty ranges between 30 days and a year in prison with a $1,500 to $3,000 fine.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in North Dakota?

After the legalization of weed cultivation, there are a few factors to consider before planting any marijuana seeds in North Dakota. You’ll need to decide whether your garden should be indoors or outdoors.

The space you require for an indoor garden depends on how much weed you intend to grow. Raising a small quantity of cannabis from weed seeds in North Dakota can be done in pots in a small area like your window sill.

grow weed indoor in North Dakota

If you want a larger amount of cannabis and don’t have sufficient indoor space, then you’ll need to consider an outdoor garden. When you plant marijuana seeds outside in North Dakota, you won’t have to give it as much attention as an indoor grow area.

Having an outdoor area allows your plants to grow freely with no restrictions. The natural elements can also enhance the size of your crop. 

grow weeds outdoor in North Dakota

When cultivating your weed from marijuana seeds in North Dakota indoors, you need equipment and tools to create a suitable environment. This entails regulating the temperature and maintaining humidity levels. Creating these conditions can be quite costly.

Some weed strains need a specific habitat for optimal growth, and weather conditions play an important role. Let’s have a closer look at the climate of North Dakota.

Climate conditions

The Peace Garden State is in the center of the country. It has a humid continental climate which is more prevalent in the eastern part of the state, whereas in the west, it’s semi-arid.

In North Dakota, when using marijuana seeds of a specific strain, you need to determine if it can grow in humid conditions and how much sunlight it’ll need. One such category is autoflower seeds, which need a certain amount of light to reach their flowering stage. 

Temperatures are also vital to successful growth. In this state, the high summer ones vary between 77°F and 87°F.

During July, these warm conditions can increase with temps reaching up to 90°F for a few days, but mostly in the south. During the winter season, the temperatures vary, as do the weather conditions.

Take care when planting marijuana seeds in North Dakota that they can withstand frosty, cold conditions. The temperatures in this state can fall below 0°F for one to two months during winter. 

When there’s a minimum amount of snowfall, the temperatures can range between 40°F and 60°F. Spring and autumn conditions are mild, with winds and frontal air passages that can create harsh weather.

Now that we know the climatic conditions let’s look at which strains of marijuana you could raise from weed seeds in North Dakota.

Best strains to grow in North Dakota

A strain that should do well in North Dakota is marijuana seeds known as AK 47 Fast Fem. These seeds grow to be sturdy plants but yet small. Its hardiness will help endure any unexpected adverse conditions during the fall.

Best strains to grow in North Dakota

AK 47’s small stature means that it’s easy to grow them indoors and won’t take up too much space. They are, however, susceptible to bud rot which requires you to monitor the humidity conditions with good ventilation and regular pruning.

If you’re looking to have some fun and have your energy boosted, then AK 47 is for you. It can leave you feeling lethargic once the initial effects wear off, so best be near your couch when this happens. It’s great as a support for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Another strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors in North Dakota is the marijuana seeds known as Grape Ape Feminized. As the name indicates, they’re from the feminized seeds collection. This means the male part of the plant isn’t present, leaving you raising a bud-producing crop.

Whether grown inside or outside, you’ll need to pay special attention to these plants. Regular trimming is required as their leaves can grow quite dense, preventing light from filtering to its lower parts.

One benefit of growing these marijuana seeds in North Dakota or anywhere else in the country is that its crops are resistant to pests and diseases. This bonus makes many growers happy, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving benefits. 

It’s best to leave consumption for just before bed or when your daily tasks are behind you, as this grape-flavored herb can leave you couch-locked.

The strains mentioned above are best planted in May/June and harvested in September/October before the cold starts settling in. These are only two examples of hundreds of seeds available at i49 Genetics.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in North Dakota

After reading all this information, the uppermost thought in your mind might be; where can you get marijuana seeds in North Dakota? As mentioned before, The Peace Garden State unfortunately only sells cannabis products to medical marijuana patients.

This state has also not legalized cultivation yet, which might seem like buying cannabis seeds is futile. However, purchasing weed seeds now allows you to choose the best strain to suit your needs when the laws change. There’s no better place to buy authentic genetics at i49. We offer safe online purchase options as well as discreet shipping to any location in the USA. Have a problem making the right choice? We’re happy to help; contact us today.