Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds if You’re in Wisconsin?


Marijuana remains illegal in Wisconsin, despite voters wanting to legalize and regulate it. Seeds, however, are still legal to purchase in Wisconsin. It’s just not legal to cultivate them yet. Those who do want to purchase seeds can do so without worry through our store. We offer a vast selection of marijuana seeds, all of which can be purchased legally in Wisconsin for souvenir purposes, and are available to answer any questions you might have before a purchase.

Marijuana Legalization Within Wisconsin

Right now, it is illegal to possess marijuana with very few medical exceptions. Recreational use has not been decriminalized in the state, so anyone caught in possession of marijuana faces serious penalties. Even for the first offense, marijuana possession is a misdemeanor and is punishable by jail time and fines, which can be up to $1,000. After the first offense, the accused could face a felony punishable by up time in prison and thousands in fines. Potential penalties increase if the accused is suspected of distribution.

Medical marijuana is legalized in Wisconsin, but the laws are incredibly strict. Right now, the only option for medical marijuana products is a high CBD, low THC oil, and it can only be used by those who suffer from a seizure disorder. There have been attempts to expand the medical marijuana laws to include more chronic illnesses, but they have been unsuccessful so far. Voters in the state are interested in legalizing marijuana completely, though this has not been done yet either. The legalization, however, could change in the near future as more people vote for the change.

The Legality of Purchasing Marijuana Seeds

With marijuana being illegal in Wisconsin, is it still possible to purchase seeds? Yes. Though it is illegal to have the plant or derivatives in the state of Wisconsin, it is not illegal to have the seeds. In the US, the seeds are considered a novelty item and treated as such by the laws. This means that it is legal to own marijuana seeds; it is just not legal to cultivate them. For those who want to purchase marijuana seeds, it means that the purchase is easy and legal, so there’s no worry about being caught ordering cannabis seeds online no matter where they live. Wisconsin residents can legally purchase as many seeds as they would like and have them shipped to their home.

Choosing the Type of Marijuana Seeds

Three main types of seeds are available today: regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Those who want to purchase marijuana seeds should understand the difference, so they know what to purchase.

  • Regular – Regular seeds can produce male or female plants. They are often the best choice for beginners because they are less expensive than other options, but they need to be watched carefully if they are cultivated so the male plants can be thrown away.
  • Feminized – Feminized seeds come from plants that have been sprayed to eliminate male seeds. This means that all of the plants grown from these seeds will be female plants. These are a little more expensive than regular seeds, but the result for those who do grow the seeds is that they don’t have to worry about male plants.
  • Auto-Flowering – Autoflowering seeds will automatically start flowering at the right time of the plant’s lifecycle. For those who cultivate the seeds they purchase, this means they don’t have to watch the plant as carefully and don’t have to worry about whether it will start to flower.

Choosing the Right Strain

Narrowing down the different strains can make it easier to find the perfect seeds. Strains include Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, and there are plenty of variations within those different strains.

  • Sativa – Sativa is known as a day-time strain because it can produce a burst of energy and help to increase creativity. Examples of Sativa include Purple Haze seeds and Moby Dick
  • Indica – Indica is known as an evening strain because it provides a more mellow mood and aids in relaxation. Some of the Indica strains we carry include Big Bud Fast seeds and Nicole Kush
  • Hybrid – Hybrid combines both Sativa and Indica for what’s often the perfect mixture. A couple of examples of our hybrid options are Sour Kush seeds and Purple Star Killer

How-To Guide for Purchasing Souvenir Seeds

If you’re in Wisconsin, it is legal to purchase cannabis seeds for souvenir purposes. Start by thinking about which type of seeds you’ll want to purchase. Then, narrow down the strain. After that, it’s possible to look through the vast amount of seeds on our website. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may want to look for seeds that are less expensive or look for something more specific. Once you find the seeds you want, we make it easy to check out through the site. All seeds are packaged quickly in discreet packaging and will be shipped to your door fast.

Buying Your Seeds From i49

There are plenty of seed banks to choose from, so why should you purchase the seeds from I49? We offer a huge selection, but we offer a lot more than that, too. We also offer fantastic customer service and our expert experience with cannabis seeds. We have decades of collective experience with marijuana seeds, and our support team is available to answer any questions you might have, from what type of seed to buy to how quickly they’ll arrive. We offer discreet packaging and will have the seeds shipped fast so they arrive at your home quicker. We strive to make sure all of our customers love the seeds and the service they receive.

Despite marijuana being illegal in Wisconsin, the seeds are legal to purchase. Laws may be changing soon, so it may be possible in the near future to cultivate the seeds purchased today. If you’re looking for cannabis seeds to purchase, check out our huge selection now. Browse the website and contact us if you have any questions about marijuana seeds or finding the right seeds for you.