Cannabis laws have been changing across America, but is weed legal in Iowa? Many of you Iowans must be curious if you can buy weed seeds in Iowa now. We’re happy to say yes, you absolutely can, but you can’t grow them just yet. 

Allow us to tell you a little more about the legal status of cannabis seeds in Iowa. We’ll also take you through some of the things to consider about growing in your Midwest state. 

Did you know certain strains will fare far better than others in your climate? 

Let’s get straight to the important stuff, legally buying marijuana seeds in Iowa. We’ll save the good stuff for the end.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Iowa?

Is weed legal in Iowa? Yes, cannabis is still illegal in Iowa state, except for the medicinal use of CBD oil for qualifying medical conditions like: 

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Intractable epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

Previously, the THC levels in CBD oil had to be less than 3%, but there are some slow legal improvements. In 2020, a new law was passed, allowing products with around 0.15 ounces of THC every 90 days. 

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Iowa?

You’re allowed to own ungerminated weed seeds in Iowa, but growing them could land you in a lot of trouble.

The Iowa marijuana laws concerning cannabis production and distribution are very strict. A few dispensaries have licenses to distribute CBD oil and other products. Unfortunately, you can’t buy marijuana seeds in Iowa from the dispensaries. 

The legalization of recreational cannabis seems to be on the horizon for Iowa. Recent polls show 54% of adults favor legalizing marijuana, 39% are opposed, and 6% are unsure. 

We can only hope for Iowa to join the other 14 states in the legalization movement soon. For now, you can read up and prepare for when the day arrives.

Let’s get into everything you’ll need to know about buying and growing weed seeds in Iowa when the time comes.

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Iowa?

It’s a federal offense to grow weed seeds in Iowa, but arming yourself with the knowledge to do it right isn’t. Here’s all you need to know about Iowa’s climate and growing cannabis in your Midwest state. 

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Iowa?

Outdoor Growing

With the nasty frosts and short growing season, an outdoor weed garden isn’t recommended but not impossible either. Keep the climate in mind when buying cannabis seeds in Iowa. If you plan your garden and do proper ground preparation, your hard work will pay off. 

Generally, indica seed strains are hardy and handle cold weather well. Those with ruderalis breeding are an even better pick to add to your Iowa seed bank cart. 

Plant them in a south-facing spot, and their compact growth and broad leaves will make the most of Iowa’s limited sunshine.

A short flowering cycle is a must for outdoor growing in Iowa. By August, your cannabis plants must be ready for harvest. Once the cold winds start, you risk losing your crop to bud rot. Grow auto-flowering seeds in Iowa to make the most of your short growing season.

Indoor Growing

For those who don’t want to be held back by the elements, indoor growing is the answer. It can be more costly, and it requires more technical skill, but our guides will help you with this.

Indoor growing gives you the freedom to cultivate various marijuana seeds in Iowa. 

Indica and sativa strains are ideal for growing medical weed from high CBD seeds. Having full control while growing your plants means you know what goes into them.

We recommend that you set up two growing rooms. One room is for the vegetation phase in which your weed plants require 18 hours of light. The other room is for the flowering phase when your plants only need 12 hours of light. 

We know indoor growing sounds intimidating, but don’t worry. We have a few tips to help you get the most from growing your Iowa cannabis seeds indoors.

  • Get proper full-spectrum lights for your grow rooms. LEDs use less electricity and produce less heat, cutting down your costs. Their full-spectrum wavelength is the closest match to what your cannabis plants would have gotten naturally outdoors. 
  • Buy cannabis seeds in Iowa that are auto-flowering and feminized. You can grow year-round indoors, but using “fast-finish” strains means you can get more harvests regularly.
  • Attend hydroponic growing training and research where you’ll get all the equipment to build your indoor cannabis growing rooms. By the time it’s legal to grow cannabis seeds in Iowa, you’ll be ready to start instantly. 

Best cannabis strains to grow in Iowa

So far, you know how to grow weed indoors and outdoors. We’ve also told you what type of cannabis seeds to grow in Iowa, specifically for the climate. Now we’re making life even easier. 

Best cannabis strains to grow in Iowa

Here are a few varieties you can look for when you’re buying marijuana seeds in Iowa.

For outdoor growing

  • Auto Lowryder Fem – this stout indica hybrid is a grower’s dream. Fully mature plants only reach up to eight inches, but they say dynamite comes in small packages. 

These plants thrive in cold northern climates, making them the perfect outdoor cannabis seeds for Iowa. 

  • Auto Blueberry Fem – This purple beauty is low maintenance and a fast grower, and no green thumbs are needed for multiple harvests. 

A couple of puffs from this tasty bud, and you’ll be one with your couch while enjoying a relaxing high.

For indoor growing

  • Auto Northern Lights Fem – hydroponically growing weed has never been easier. This strain has been bred to be compact while still delivering a good yield each harvest. 

It doesn’t need any lighting changes as it grows, so no need for a second room.

  • CBD ACDC 1 to 18 Fem – take advantage of growing indoors and create your CBD products. Give this sativa a semi-humid environment with a constant temperature range of 70°F–80°F. 

It’ll return the love as they’re known to help treat stress and pain with its hefty CBD concentration.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Iowa

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Iowa

Growing cannabis is illegal, but you have every right to buy cannabis seeds online, as long as you don’t germinate them.
When the time comes to grow, you’ll want better quality and packaging for a higher chance that they’ll all germinate. Find a reputable distributor like i49 Genetics to buy marijuana seeds in Iowa online and save yourself any disappointment.