Buying Marijuana Seeds in South Carolina

Marijuana may not be legal in South Carolina yet, but it is legal to purchase seeds. With more states legalizing possession of marijuana and allowing residents to grow their own limited number of plants, South Carolina may be looking at legalization in the future. As of right now, those who do want to purchase seeds may want to check out our store. We offer a huge collection of cannabis seeds and can ship them discreetly to South Carolina. Browse our store or read below to learn about buying marijuana seeds.

Is Marijuana Legal in South Carolina?

Marijuana has not been legalized for recreational use in South Carolina, nor has it been decriminalized. Even for a first offense, up to an ounce of marijuana could lead to 30 days in jail and a fine of more than $500. Those who are caught with a larger amount or with the intent to sell may face more serious penalties within South Carolina.

Medical marijuana is incredibly limited in South Carolina. Only certain patients are able to have a high-CBD, low-THC hemp oil to treat certain illnesses like epilepsy. There have been attempts to expand the medical marijuana available in South Carolina, but they have been rejected thus far. Right now, there is no pending legislation.

In South Carolina, it is possible to legally cultivate hemp, so long as the grower has the appropriate license. The only plants that can be grown legally are Sativa with a low-THC content. Applications must be carefully filled out and submitted by those who want to grow hemp, though they may not be accepting new applications right now.

Buying Cannabis Seeds

Though marijuana and marijuana derivatives are illegal in South Carolina, seeds are handled differently. In the US, seeds are not considered an illegal substance and are not treated the same way as the plants as they are considered adult novelty items. This means it is legal for collectors to purchase marijuana seeds, so long as the seeds are not germinated illegally. Anyone within South Carolina can purchase the seeds they want and can hold onto them in preparation for when marijuana becomes legal to grow.

How to Purchase Souvenir Seeds

Since it is legal to purchase seeds, it’s important to understand the different seeds available and how to buy souvenir seeds. There are a few things all buyers will want to understand before they make a purchase.

  • Know the Types of Seeds – Buyers of cannabis seeds should know the difference between regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds, even if they do not intend to start growing plants right now.
  • Find the Right Strain – Different strains product different plants, so it’s a good idea to understand the differences before making a purchase. We have many of the top strains available, so it’s easy to find one you’ll want to purchase.
  • Purchase Seeds Through a Seed Bank – Seeds should be purchased through a seed bank to ensure they are high-quality seeds and will grow once it is legal to grow plants. Seed banks also have a huge selection of seeds, so it’s easy to find the right strain.
  • Have Seeds Packaged Discreetly – Once you’ve decided which marijuana seeds to purchase, ensure the seeds will be packaged discreetly. This reduces the chance of any issues between shipment and arriving at your home.

Before Buying, Know What the Types of Seeds Are

The three main types of cannabis seeds are regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. The regular seeds are ones obtained from a standard marijuana plant and can be any strain. These seeds can grow into male or female plants, so there is a chance that some of the plants grown will need to be disposed of before pollination occurs.

Feminized seeds are ones that are obtained from specially treated plants. They only produce female plants and are treated to reduce the chance of hermaphrodite plants occurring. This means all plants will flower, and there is no worry about pollination.

Auto-flowering seeds are seeds that have been treated to encourage fast and automatic flowering. These plants don’t need to be watched as carefully during the growing process and are likely to flower faster than plants grown from regular or feminized seeds. This makes the growing process a lot easier for beginners.

A Few Strains You’ll Want to Buy Today

If you’re interested in purchasing seeds to prepare for legalization in South Carolina, there are many options to try. We have a huge selection available, so browse our site to learn about all of your options. If you’re looking for regular seeds, check out Gorilla Glue regular seeds or Rosetta Stone regular seeds. Are you looking for feminized seeds? Top options available today include Blue Dream feminized seeds and Banana Kush feminized seeds. If you’d prefer auto-flowering seeds, check out the Auto Gelato feminized seeds or the Auto Critical Purple feminized seeds.

Purchasing Seeds From i49

You’ve decided to purchase marijuana seeds, so why purchase them from i49? We offer a huge selection of seeds as well as outstanding support and discreet packaging so your seeds will arrive quickly and safely. We have decades of experience working with marijuana seeds and understand the need for fast, discreet shipping to your location. We also offer a full support team that’s dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns you might have. Our seed bank is the perfect place to find any marijuana seeds you may want to purchase, whether you’re just starting out and buying your first seeds or if you’ve been buying seeds for a while, and you’re looking for something new.

Though marijuana is not yet legal to grow or possess in South Carolina, states are starting to adjust their laws. If you’d like to start purchasing seeds now, souvenir seeds are an excellent way to prepare for upcoming legalization. We have a huge selection of cannabis seeds and can ship them to your home quickly and discreetly. Browse our collection now to learn more about all of the available options or contact us today with any questions you might have.