Buy Weed Seeds in Columbia (South Carolina)

Ever find yourself wondering where to buy marijuana seeds in Columbia, South Carolina? Here at I49 Seed Bank we have the solution to that problem. Check out our massive online cannabis seed bank, you’ll find the finest quality marijuana seeds available. All our seeds are backed up with an industry leading seed germination guarantee and our customer service is next level. I49 really is your best bet to buy cannabis seeds in Columbia, South Carolina.

Columbia is the bustling second largest city in South Carolina. In 2013, Kiplinger magazine named it one of the “ten great cities to live” in America. More recently it has been bestowed the title of one of “America’s most livable cities”. It’s no wonder why as the city has embraced the culture of “The New South” and has taken considerable steps to diversify and integrate everyone living within its boundaries. The Columbia Museum of Art is an excellent example of inclusiveness trend we as a people are working toward. Displays like “Black is beautiful”, “Visions of India” and the “Imaginative worlds of M.C. Echser” are incredible to view in person. Something well worth checking out is the “Tribe” exhibit which is a celebration of South Carolina Hip Hop. The city is growing too and quickly becoming a highly sought-after retirement destination due to its wonderful outdoor lifestyle, cross cultural influences and of course, southern food.

Southern Food has been reimagined in Columbia. Cola’s Restaurant is a hometown favorite of the Columbia dining scene. Serving reinvigorated traditional southern cuisine blended with Asian influences like Pulled Pork BBQ Egg Rolls and Crispy Flounder, a southern staple located in the original RC Cola bottling plant with huge open garage doors to view the old Antebellum Statehouse.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

We wouldn’t back our seeds with an undeniable seed germination guarantee if we didn’t believe in our product. I49 USA was founded on the principle that the finest quality cannabis seeds and friendliest customer service go jointly with the guarantee. That mentality demonstrates unshakeable faith in our CBD weed seeds for sale and with a few clicks of the mouse you can join in the growing from home club. Summer is upon us and the time to plant your I49 pot seeds is now.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Columbia?

You can legally buy cannabis seeds in Columbia, technically canibus seeds are legal nearly everywhere. Unfortunately, they are only legal as novelty items. The South has been a little slow to paddle out on the green wave sweeping the nation and compared to other states is still quite restricted in their approach to legalization. At this time, there is no current framework for decriminalization or legalization. The stringent rules do allow for low THC high CBD hemp derived oils for medical patients. Keeping this all in mind, it is always best to carefully consider the laws where you live before beginning a cannabis growing hobby.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflower seeds have taken the market by storm over the last few years. There is a good reason why too. Cannabis is a photoperiod dependent plant, meaning it requires an equal schedule of light to begin the reproductive process. When fall arrives and the sun hits twelve hours light versus twelve hours of dark is when the plant begins its reproductive cycle or “flowering”. This isn’t always achievable depending on geographic location so autoflower seeds have been developed not to need a light shift to flower.

Many of the strongest weed seeds are available in autoflower strains now and they are in many ways much easier to grow than regular weed seeds. Removing the worry about light scheduling allows you to focus more on caring for your growing plant to ensure the biggest possible yield.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Marijuana grows in both male and female sexes, however, the two are certainly not equal. Female cannabis plants produce the sticky resinous crystal coated flowers we all love to smoke. Males do produce some flowers but not nearly the quality of the females and males are even known to ruin the potency of the female’s flowers if left close enough to pollinate it. For this reason, male plants are removed from the female’s presence.

The trouble is that cannabis does not reveal its sex until after a month or so of seedling growth. A month is a long time to wait to find out if you have the highly desired female plant. If only there was a way to guarantee a seed was female. Oh wait, there is! By stressing a flowering female marijuana plant into producing her own pollen, growers can harvest it and apply it to another flowering female plant of the same strain. This pollen contains the genetic coding of the original plant and will only possess female chromosomes. This is how the cannabis seeds for sale at I49 seed bank can be guaranteed as female seeds. Let us calm fears of wasted growing space and time and trust that the female seeds we sell will produce the biggest, most potent possible flower.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Columbia?

Depending on what your hobbies and interests are, i49 seed company has nearly every cannabis strain seed currently known to man. If your weekend plans include heading down to the Congaree District then consider growing sour weed to accompany you. The energizing effects of this strain will have you up and at ‘em ready to wander The Vista, as locals know it. This is the hub of arts and culture in Columbia it’s also a foodie’s hot spot. There is something for everyone here from The Liberty Tap Room, The 929 Kitchen, Jason’s Deli and many more international favorites to enjoy.

Looking for something strong? Then have a look at the 2014 Cannabis Cup winner Gorilla Glue #4. THC levels peak as high as 28% make this hybrid strain one of the planet’s most potent strains. I49 seed bank is the place to buy gorilla glue strain for growing at home. This “take a seat” strain will give you a happy and euphoric feeling best enjoyed on easy days off work. Also great for being a hometown tourist at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. So much more than a traditional zoo, Riverbanks helps in the conservation efforts of animals around the globe. Meander the grounds and view African Lions, Siberian Tigers, Komodo Dragons and Australian Koala Bears. Imagine smoking your homegrown Gorilla Glue #4 then sitting down to converse with the resident Silverback Gorillas.

After spending the day at the zoo you’ll need to fuel up. Head downtown and jump join the Columbia Food Tour. Get to know the local cuisine on the Main Street Food Tour with sample fares from seven locally owned restaurants, sweets shops and public houses.  It will be so good you’ll want to come back every Thursday for the Narrative and Nibbles Tour. A shorter hour and a half leisurely stroll around downtown with a narrative on Columbia’s rich history with lots of nibbles along the route. Count on the gsc strain to help work up that appetite. More commonly known as Girl Scout Cookies its name is shortened to GSC for obvious reasons. Its effects are obvious as well, packing a punch with THC levels in the high twenty percentile. GSC is a well-known appetite stimulator but is also fantastic for treatment of aches and pains, stress and anxiety.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Those who have tried CBD swear by it. The second most prevalent compound in the cannabis plant, CBD has shown great promise in ever increasing cynical trials and medical studies. Touted to greatly aid in relief from chronic pain, depression and anxiety it has also been used to significantly reduce or completely stop seizures for people living with epileptic disorders. Strains that are high in CBD are low in THC making them non psychoactive and safe for use with kids as well. At I49 South Carolina we specialize in high CBD strains for medicinal use. Read more information on our website about CBD strains and their applications that may benefit you.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Gardening is incredibly beneficial in reducing stress and it just feels so good to get your hands in the Earth. Imagine watching your favorite cannabis strains grow tall and healthy with some tomatoes, beans and spinach. Come harvest season, you’ll have fresh green to match your fresh greens. Find those garden grown marijauna seeds for sale in our catalogue and get growing!

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Buying your 420 seeds online is as easy as it gets with I49 seed bank. We take great pride in our super friendly and knowledgeable customer service. You can order as little as three seeds or a thousand, making us the cheapest seeds available online. Add in our industry’s best seed germination guarantee and incredible selection relied on by serious cannabis connoisseurs across the nation. Now has never been a better time to grow your own personal stash of fresh cannabis and I49 wants you to succeed in doing that.