The Final Frontier’s landscape is reminiscent of a fantasy realm in epic movies like Lord of the Rings. Situated in a high northern latitude with rugged terrains, you may wonder, is it possible to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Alaska?

The thought of luscious, vibrant green marijuana crops surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the northern lights dancing above is a beautiful image. If it’s possible to grow weed in such a picturesque state, what cannabis strains grow best?

We’ll answer those questions and more. We’ll also look at the laws regarding weed seed cultivation and determine if there are marijuana seeds for sale in Alaska. 

Are you interested in finding out about growing and obtaining marijuana seeds in Alaska? We know you are, so put on your warmest clothes and get ready for an Arctic adventure as we explore the Final Frontier state!

Cannabis seeds in Alaska

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in Alaska?

We reckon many folks braving the harsh climate of the Final Frontier state already know the answer to the question ‘Is weed legal in Alaska?’

Alaskans can carry up to one ounce of cannabis on their person. The land of the midnight sun was a haven for marijuana cultivation in the 70s, while the rest of the states fought to legalize weed.

The law for cannabis seeds in Alaska constantly shifted directions during the 80s, 90s, and ‘00s. The Final Frontier state started its official Green Wave in 1998, becoming the third US state to legalize medicinal marijuana.  

The Green Wave rolled on, and the court legalized recreational weed in 2015, but what does this mean for growing Alaska cannabis seeds in the state? Can Alaskans grow marijuana seeds on their property?

Yes, Alaskans can cultivate up to six young weed plants, as long as no more than three of them are flowering at the once. You must ensure you hide your cannabis crops from the public at all times.

Rest assured, you can buy marijuana seeds in Alaska without fear of repercussions. You can collect them and germinate your favorite strains, providing you adhere to the state laws and cultivate them in your home. 

Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in Alaska?

Growing cannabis seeds in Alaska is an attractive thought, but the high latitude and Arctic climate can be troublesome for photoperiod marijuana plants. Unfortunately, the stunning landscape isn’t ideal for outdoor growing as your weed crops require hot, sunny conditions.

Cannabis seeds in Alaska

It isn’t all bad news, as you can cultivate cannabis plants indoors to shield them from the Final Frontier’s erratic weather patterns. Thankfully, many breeders have created plenty of weed strains, meaning you can find suitable marijuana seeds to buy in Alaska for growing inside.

Photoperiod cannabis plants grow and reach their various life stages in tune with the transitioning seasons. Folks living in the land of the midnight sun find autoflower marijuana seeds easier to grow.   

Alaskans benefit from growing autoflower seeds as these strains flower automatically and don’t depend on a certain amount of daylight or darkness. Not only do autoflower strains grow quickly, but you can also cultivate these marijuana seeds in Alaska all year round indoors.

Climate conditions

It takes a tough human being to adapt and live in Alaska’s cool continental and arctic climate. The Siberian Express significantly influences the weather seasons in the Final Frontier state, with short, mild summers and long, bitterly cold winters. 

The average temperatures in the summer range from 40°F to 60°F whereas winter temperature can plummet between 0°F and -30°F. The state’s proximity to the Arctic circle makes it difficult to grow cannabis seeds in Alaska in the open.

If you’re brave enough to risk growing weed in Alaska’s natural environment, consider choosing a sturdy cannabis strain that can withstand harsh conditions. Most indica seeds grow into robust marijuana plants and adapt quickly to their surroundings, but sativa seeds can be sensitive to cooler temperatures. 

As soon as the last winter snow melts in spring outdoors, you can begin germinating your cannabis seeds in Alaska. It’s a risk, but ensure you harvest your marijuana plants in mid-September when you spot the first termination dust settling on the mountains.

Remember, early harvests and lack of adequate hot temperatures significantly impact your outdoor yields in the Final Frontier State. For more plentiful harvests and peace of mind from climatic conditions, we recommend growing indoors. 

Best strains to grow in Alaska

If you’re looking for marijuana seeds for sale in Alaska, you may become overwhelmed by the choices available. How do you know what strains grow best in the Final Frontier state?

Autoflowering seeds are ideal for indoor growing, and there’s a selection of high-quality weed variants on offer. If you have a decent lighting setup and can flip between light cycles, you can even grow feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds in Alaska.

Best strains to grow in Alaska

Below are the top four strains Alaskans can grow with ease in the Final Frontier state:

  • Northern Lights autoflower: Why wait until winter to view the Aurora Borealis when you can cultivate them indoors all year round. If you see Northern Lights Autoflower cannabis seeds for sale in Alaska, ensure you snap up these indica beauties.

With THC levels up to 22%, you can cozy up as you enjoy savoring delicious sweet pine and earthy tastes. Enjoy indoor yields of 16–19 oz./m2 and wrap yourself around a blanket of relaxation with these easy-to-grow marijuana plants.

  • Blue Dream feminized: Need a little pick-me-up to beat those winter blues? Look no further than Blue Dream feminized cannabis seeds in Alaska.

This uplifting sativa variant contains 19% THC and is the perfect energetic tonic to help you endure the winter darkness with positivity. It’s easy to cultivate indoors, filling your room with mouth-watering scents of forest fruits and sweet vanilla.

  • White Widow autoflower seeds: Grow this classic Amsterdam weed hybrid all year round. White Widow is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner and contains 25% THC.

Pest and mold resistant, it’s easy to grow these marijuana seeds in Alaska indoors, and you may even have luck cultivating them outdoors. Boost your energy and converse throughout the year with these relaxing, talkative, and energetic White Widow autoflower seeds. 

  • Sour Lemon feminized seeds: A beginner-friendly strain, easy to grow both indoors and outdoors with delicious citrusy flavors and aromas. What’s not to love about Sour Lemon feminized cannabis seeds in Alaska?

These sativa plants produce indoor yields of 12–14 oz./m2 and begin flowering 10–12 weeks after germination. It’s worth the wait as you enjoy mental clarity, creative inspiration, and happiness during the Final Frontier state’s dark winter.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in Alaska

You may be wondering where to find the best cannabis seeds Alaska has to offer. Recreational and medical marijuana is legal in the state, so you’ll find no shortage of dispensaries.

There are dispensaries in Anchorage and Fairbanks, but not every Alaskan is lucky enough to live in these locations. You may have to go out of your way to get to one and pay high prices for top-shelf weed seeds. 

If you’re not sure where to get cannabis seeds in Alaska without enduring a lengthy commute, you can always order online from a reputable US seed bank like i49 Genetics. With fast shipping, great value, and outstanding customer service, you’ll be growing your marijuana seeds in no time. 

Is it legal to ship cannabis seeds to Alaska?. The answer is yes. Not only can i49 Genetics discreetly deliver your package to the Final Frontier state, but you’re guaranteed top-quality genetics. 

Browse online today, see what tickles your fancy, and choose the weed strain that’s right for you. Bypass the high dispensary prices and get your marijuana seeds shipped to Alaska today!

North to the future – grow cannabis seeds in Alaska

The brutal yet jaw-dropping beautiful terrain of the Final Frontier state isn’t so forgiving on marijuana growers outdoors. But all is not lost, as you can cozy up indoors and easily cultivate cannabis seeds in Alaska. 

Remember to adhere to the state laws and only cultivate the permitted number of weed plants on your property. Survey your environment, determine what you need, and consider our best-recommended marijuana strains for the Final Frontier state.
Now you know how to get marijuana seeds in Alaska, so the rest is up to you. Brighten up the winter months and start your arctic cultivating journey in the picturesque Final Frontier state.