Buy Weed Seeds in Green Bay

Want to buy cannabis seeds in Green Bay, Wisconsin? Check out the cannabis seeds for sale at I49 online cannabis seed bank, featuring an extensive collection of sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Whether you want to grow outdoors or indoors, I49 has the finest quality marijuana seeds you’ll find. Not only is the selection and quality fantastic but I49 Seeds Wisconsin  backs all seeds with a rock-solid germination guarantee and follows through with great customer service.

If you are planning on growing outdoor cannabis in Green Bay you should have a private area in which to grow. With the Wisconsin summer just around the corner now is the perfect time to plant feminized pot seeds and watch them grow into plants. From late May to early September, the temperatures and daylight hours are more than sufficient to nurture your seed. When Samuel de Champlain, the founder of New France, set foot on the red banks of what he called “La Baye Des Puants”. Translation: Bay of Stinkards. There was no way of knowing what Green Bay, Wisconsin was to become. Today, it is a modern, vibrant city with a rich history.

When Green Bay comes up in conversation it is more often than not followed with Packers. The NFL team has reached legendary status and rightly so, winning four of five Super Bowl appearances including the Super Bowl I and II. Also winning nine Pre-NFL league championships, the most in American football history. Football aside, Green Bay goes by the moniker of “Toilet paper capital of the world”. Toilet paper has been rolling in Green Bay since 1901 when The Northern Paper company set up shop and to them we all owe a huge debt of daily gratitude for the invention of splinter free toilet paper in 1935. Think about that for a second then let’s move on to more comfortable subjects!

Are Seeds from I49 Seed Bank Good?

I49 Marijuana Seeds are the finest quality, most carefully scrutinized cannabis seeds on the market. In a world of snake oil salesmen, finding a company that cares about their customers and their products is a rare thing indeed. Anyone can make promises of cheap marijuana but only I49 seed bank delivers quality for less. Check out the industry’s best germination guarantee. Read a few of the hundreds of great customer reviews and you’ll know you can place your trust in I49.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Green Bay?

As a novelty item weed seeds are legal clear across the nation. If you are above the legal age in the state then you can legally order weed seeds in Green Bay. Growing cannabis is another matter though. Wisconsin does have some strict marijuana rules but as mentioned earlier with some thoughtful planning and a careful approach you can have great success and take pride in being able to grow your own personal stash once the laws chill out a bit. I49 delivers the highest quality cannabis seeds high thc to your mailbox in plain, nondescript packaging. It’s the most private, secure and reliable way to order pot seeds online.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflowering seeds are all the rage right now and it is understandable why. Cannabis is a photoperiod dependent plant. Meaning it requires a change in daylight hours to trigger the reproductive stage. Also known as flowering, this is when the plant produces the crystal coated buds we all love so much. The auto flower seeds at I49 seed bank have been scientifically developed to not require a change in lighting conditions. This is a massive advantage if you are growing outdoors and cannot control the amount of light versus dark. Autoflower seeds are fantastic for novice growers who want a large, reliable harvest that is easy to grow with minimal complications.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are made by carefully stressing a female plant in the flowering stage. Stressing methods often include random changing of light conditions or watering. The goal of this is to trick the plant into responding to a quick changing of seasons and the need to produce seeds to preserve its genetic line. This includes the female chromosomes and is how feminized seeds can be guaranteed as females.

When the goal of growing your own cannabis is a big, lush harvest with thick crystal coated buds then the girl scout cookies feminised seeds you’ll find at I49 will blow your mind. Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is a fantastic performer in a hydroponic set up or the super popular sea of green method. Regardless of how you grow the exceptionally high THC content of the strain is known to be a mind warping time bender.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Green Bay?

Any strain can grow best in Green Bay depending on your method of growing and the effort you are willing to put in. If you happen to have a large private backyard then gorilla glue #4 seeds for sale at I49 are a sizable plant if cared for. Producing huge yields as high as 21 ounces if well cared for, this 2014 cannabis cup winner is a mind-blowing strain parented by Sour Dbb, Chocolate Diesel and Chem Sis. No wonder this 50/50 sativa to indica is one of the most popular strains of all time. It does require regular trimming to thrive but the little extra work required pays off massively at harvest time. Gorilla Glue #4 will grow well in Green Bay’s summer climate and provide you with fresh, smokable cannabis through those snowy Wisconsin winters.

If winter is coming maybe it’s time to consider growing cannabis inside. Famous sativa dominant strains like blue dream do really well in indoor growing conditions. With flavors of blueberry and vanilla it has a moderate THC content at around nineteen percent. A great strain for morning use if you need a clear-headed energy boost for heading out into one of Green Bay’s awesome trails or visiting Bay Beach Amusement Park and Wildlife Sanctuary or wandering around Green Bay’s Historic South Village District.

Keep that morning energy going with the cerebral boost of sour diesel seeds feminized. Known for a quick energetic body boost that lasts a while before fading away into a mellow, relaxed state of consciousness. Along with that mellow mood comes the munchies. Sour Diesel is definitely an appetite stimulant suited for use before venturing down to Al’s Hamburger shop on Washington Street. Serving Green Bay’s best hamburgers and milkshakes since 1934. Challenge yourself to finish the Al’s Double 131 Burger!

CBD Seeds: What’s the Big Deal?

You’d have to be living under a rock for the last fifty years to have not heard about CBD by now. Not sure what all the fuss is about? CBD is a sort of phenomenon that has been shown to have a wide range of uses in medical treatments and at home for better health too. It has been a miracle of sorts for parents of children suffering from seizure disorders. In some recent cases it has completely stopped childhood seizures. The concern for parents and medical professionals though is the THC content in the medical cannabis therapy. This is where the cbd strains seeds at I49 have been carefully bred to produce high CBD content with little to no THC. Perfect for medical cannabis patients not wanting the buzz brought on by THC. Highly useful in relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and chronic pain, CBD has shown far reaching promise not only for specific medical conditions but for better overall health as well.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Garden

Summer is a grower’s best friend. The temperatures are climbing and the sun is staying up later. Daydream about a time in the near future, when it is legal to grow marijuana at home. Summer is the time to get some cannabis seeds in your garden for a big harvest a few short months down the road. Cannabis blends in really well with tomato plants and blueberry shrubs and corn. I49 has genetically superb og kush seeds for sale for a late October harvest. Imagine looking down your garden rows at your own fresh cannabis growing tall beside the corn stocks and bright green tomato plants. Use that fresh garden-grown cannabis to make your own delicious edibles or concentrates. Give homemade cannabis topicals and tinctures to family. The possibilities with the 420 seeds online from I49 seed bank.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Hands down the easiest way to buy cannabis seeds in Green Bay is with I49 USA. We have a massive selection of nearly every cannabis strain available. If you’re shopping for a super potent sativa or a mind bending indica, you’ll find it. Want a mellow but creative hybrid or high CBD strain? You’re covered with I49. Only the highest quality of cannabis seeds pass our inspection and we back it up with a rock-solid germination guarantee. The hundreds of fantastic customer reviews and friendly customer service will put you at ease with your purchase. Get tips and tricks from the pros and become the great cannabis grower you know you can be.