Buy Weed Seeds in Owensboro

Owensboro is the industrial, medical, retail, and cultural hub of western Kentucky. The city is strategically located on the southern banks of the Ohio River, which provides a majestic and sublime backdrop to the pioneering Downtown Revitalization.

Planning a trip to Owensboro, Kentucky? There is so much to do in this “All-American City.” Check out the Owensboro Museum of Science and History, or the Western Kentucky Botanical Garden. If you want to cover even more ground, walk or cycle across the Owensboro Bridge, walk the Ben Hawes Golf Course, or give a self-guided tour of the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

Looking for fun in Owensboro? The usual assortment of options can be found here in the way of restaurants and theaters for film or other live performances. However, there is a unique feeling that Owensboro offers that you will not truly experience until you immersed with the sights and sounds of the town.

There are many picturesque parks throughout the area, such as Yellow Creek Park, which boasts 152.5 acres of nature. This sprawling paradise features hiking trails, a disc golf course, large children’s playground, and splash park as well as a swinging bridge and a 7-acre lake! Many amateur and professional photographers bring their subjects here for the variety of beautiful backdrop opportunities. The site is available for large-scale rentals as well including weddings and family reunions.

Good old-fashioned fun is what Owensboro brings to the table, and that doesn’t just include the music scene but includes the bourbon and marijuana seeds. Where to buy cannabis seeds in Owensboro, Kentucky one may ask? This is a great question. You’ll find a wide variety of 420 seeds online at I49, the leading seed bank for cannabis seeds in Owensboro.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

Your first step when looking into growing your own cannabis plants is to figure out what you’re looking for in terms of seeds. Research may be required, so where should you start? First, you’re going to want to identify the strain and the breeder you would like to buy from. I49 Weed Seeds is known for our sought-after products and exceptional reputation in the marijuana community.

To buy weed seeds of any and all varieties in Owensboro, shop right from your home with an online cannabis seed bank offering 420 seeds online. I49 Seed Bank Kentucky carries a wide variety of feminized and auto-flowering seeds, that can be grown for recreational or medical purposes. Because they are seen as a novelty item, residents of Owensboro are able to purchase without fear of repercussions.


Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Owensboro?

Owensboro, like rest of Kentucky, doesn’t have a whole lot of promising laws in place to regulate the growing of medical marijuana. For now, the only approved patients are in trials with their doctor or other early study groups to test out any limitations. And even then, only CBD oil is permitted that has-little-to-no THC. This is mainly because of the decisive wording of Bill 124 which states that marijuana is officially prohibited. The loophole here is that CBD oils are not equal to marijuana, a word that usually describes the classic THC strains.

Despite medicinal use being available in only extremely limited circumstances, a recent 2020 poll showed that over 90% of citizens are in favor of medicinal marijuana access. Regardless of where the law sits not on consumption, the purchase and possession of cannabis seeds is 100% legal. These are considered a novelty item and looked at by the feds as nothing more than a souvenir item. So, Owensboro, Kentucky residents can order their pot seeds online at and have them delivered without any possibility of serious consequences.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a great choice for people new to growing their own cannabis, or new to gardening in general. These don’t require the same level of pampering that regular or feminized seeds do when it comes to switching their light cycle. A great autoflower to test out is that of the Bruce Banner strain as it does well both indoors and outdoors.

Most autoflower plants and strains can go a day or two without watering, just in case you have a busy life and miss checking on there here and there. Autoflowering strains do well in the hands of relaxed grow well in almost any grow setup and do not require a 12 hour light and dark schedule to initiate flowering, and instead do it based on maturity, which usually ends up being faster than regular seeds.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds may have been discovered by accident but are now a staple of every home grower’s collection. These babies are purposely bred to produce no males, so all you get is a crop of nice budding females. Female plants produce the largest yield of quality, dense buds that most growers are after.

A popular seed for some is regular weed seeds because these seeds will germinate to become either male or female, so it is like rolling the dice to see what you may win. So when searching for the right fit for you, check out marijuana seeds for sale because you want to be mindful that whatever you choose, quality is of utmost importance.

The ladies always win, and are a great choice when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Owensboro.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Owensboro?

Towne Square Mall is one of those must see places when shopping in Owensboro, but it can also be jam packed with people and families so keeping those moods even while you shop by having a small puff here and there with some purple marijuana will keep your moods chill and even. Not a bad way to feel while spending your day shopping.

Owensboro sure does have some spectacular gardens to visit and why not smoke a little purple punch 2.0 seeds while wandering through the roses or daffodils, then settle into your happy place for the rest of the stroll.

Bringing the family together on the front porch after Sunday dinner is something that happens regularly with locals in Owensboro and is a great way to end your day and wind down. Try these do si dos feminized seeds and after a puff or two it may even get you up in your dancing shoes bringing some southern flare to your front patio at the end of the evening.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Even though most government officials in Owensboro are highly against marijuana use, it is nearly impossible to refute the benefits of CBD, or Cannabidiol. The flowers that come from these plants grown from medical cannabis seeds possess the highest concentration of CBD which can treat all kinds of ailments and diseases.

Although research is still in early stages, we know that CBD is helpful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD. Epilepsy, diabetes, and many more! We have only scratched the surface of the CBD science and are likely to uncover more helpful ways that it can be administered aside from oils, capsules, edibles, and tinctures.

CBD is a great thing to take as a daily preventative and has absolutely no known side effects. It can help to reduce the unwanted side effects of other pharmaceutical drugs, although you should always consult with your doctor before combining medications. Once you find a way to try for yourself and  see if CBD is right for your situation, at I49 USA you’ll have a vast collection of high-CBD cannabis seeds to choose from to find what works best for you.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Mother Nature is not always easy to please. When you’re starting your garden, don’t expect every seed to sprout and germinate, especially if you buy them from a low-grade seed supplier. Our certified cannabis indoor seeds are always a great starting point, but it’s still not a bad idea to order a couple extra seeds. These goyard strain seeds, for example, are a great strain for the garden beds work party, with lots of diversity and punch.

Whichever type of cannabis seed pack you choose, be sure to factor in the chance of male seeds and those that won’t germinate when estimating how to yield more cannabis. You can bypass this altogether by purchasing feminized seeds, so you know you’ll be working with an all-female cast of plants!

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

It can be difficult to know which marijuana seeds are good just by looking at them. At this stage of their life, they all look pretty similar. Like many, growers wonder where to buy marajuana seeds?

If you’ve been contemplating where to order pot seeds, the answer is always I49. With hundreds of five-star reviews from experienced growers, you can trust that we provide the best quality seeds, matched with unparalleled customer service.

Expert growers know that you want to find seeds with known origins. This is the best way to guarantee the quality of your seeds. I49 sources seeds from only the highest-grade breeders in the country, so you will be able to take a sigh of relief, knowing each seed purchase comes with a germination guarantee and discreet shipping, direct to your door!