Buy Weed Seeds in Orlando

Orlando Florida is a top destination in the Southern United States, largely attracting tourists and convention-goers. Aside from the exciting attractions, Orlando is a traveler’s paradise in terms of the variety of cuisine and favorable weather. As with any other modern metropolitan center, you can expect to find the best options for shopping, music, sports entertainment, and higher education.

For starters, we’re not known as the Theme Park Capital of the World for nothing, being home to eight wildly popular theme parks, including those of Disney World, Universal studios, SeaWorld. Legoland and of course Disney Land. But did you know that Orlando also has a vast range of attractions and recreational activities beyond the theme parks?

If you have a trip lined up to the Orlando Metropolitan area but aren’t into the theme parks, don’t worry – there are plenty of other activities to fill your free time. A popular tourist destination for anyone, tropical Orlando is the site of the world-famous Hollywood East, not to mention that Orlando is home to a myriad of beautiful parks and small bodies of water such as Clear Lake, Lake Baldwin, and Lake Conway. Buy cannabis seeds in Orlando, Florida to make sure you have all your needs met when visiting this tropical beauty.

For all those sports fans, the city hosts a number of professional sports teams including the NBA Orlando Magic and the NWSL Orlando Pride. Orlando has a history of major events in sports. It has had a considerable measure of success in minor league sports as well, with teams winning several minor league championships, specifically Orlando Magic Basketball.

When you buy cannabis seeds in Orlando, trust that you will find what all of your friends are looking for with I49 Seed Bank Florida, and our online cannabis seed bank, especially for that fun night out at Pride or dancing along the east Hollywood strip.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

You may be wondering, where to get seeds to grow weed that you can bring along with you on some of your adventures. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time growing or if this is your hundredth time growing cannabis from seed, I49 has everybody covered. Choose from a large variety of easy cannabis seeds usa, THC, sativa, CBD and indica weed seeds in all of your classic favorite varieties, and find some new favorites, too.  Also offering a germination guarantee that will leave even the newest grower feeling self-assured in their ability to grow marijuana from seed, I49 USA offers dependable, economical and confidentiality to all of our customers. Read customer reviews, the detailed descriptions, and the best growing options to create optimal conditions and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and beyond.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Orlando?

Truth be told it is legal to buy seeds in Orlando, Florida as long as they are not germinated.

Since 2014, using medical marijuana has been legalized in Florida. Orlando residents that are registered as users of medical marijuana can use cannabis to treat the symptoms of their health concerns such as MS, Seizures, PTSD and more. Many strains of marijuana seeds are aimed for medical use and this does include a handful of CBD strains.

Within the state of Florida, only certified commercial growers are meant to be growing medicinal strains that are high in CBD. But the great thing about marijuana seeds is that when ungerminated, the government essentially treats them as a novelty item. As of this time there are no penalties for buying these variety of seeds. They need at least a couple of months to grow and mature before they can produce any psychoactive material anyway.

Purchase your seeds through a reputable online cannabis seed bank and be positive you are getting the highest-grade marijuana seeds that you are needing for your medical concerns.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

The theory of autoflowering strains is simple; in time, they will automatically flower as opposed to waiting for a specifically timed light cycle.

Technically, marijuana is a blanket term that refers to three different varieties of the same plant: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Why is this important? Each strain provides us with something unique and different. The ruderalis strain isn’t talked about nearly as much as the former two, but this tall and slender “weedy” strain native to Siberia and the Himalayas has a unique ability pertaining to budding. Most strains need a 12/12 cycle to flower, but autos do it completely independent of how much light they get.

Auto-flowering strains require a little less attention to detail than standard sativa and indica, which are mostly grown for their psychoactive capabilities. In some cases, auto-flowering strains have faster flowering periods, meaning that harvest time can come a little earlier.

What are Feminized Seeds?

The creation of Feminized Seeds doesn’t involve any genetic modification per se but does require some plant manipulation. Basically, what happens is that a female plant of the strain you want to reproduce needs to be stressed to the point of producing its own seeds. This can be done by interrupting the plant’s light cycle during it’s flowering phase or even with topical treatments with colloidal silver or other chemical stressors such as benzothiadiazole, silver thiosulphate, and gibberellic acid. These seeds will contain only X chromosomes and therefore lack the genetic components needed to develop into a male plant.

Surrender to the ladies with some pot seeds for sale and know that you will be growing some of the most luxurious feminized pot seeds in town. Remember, feminized cannabis seeds are designed to only produce female plants.

Just because the idea of feminized weed seeds for sale may sound like something new, don’t let that deter you from trying a few in your indoor or outdoor garden. Feminized seeds take much of the guesswork out of the grow process, a huge benefit for both newbies and veteran gardeners alike.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Orlando?

Cannabis crops tend to grow well outdoors in Orlando due to the warm, lush, tropical climate. Just look at the Central Orlando Florida Zoo. The 23-acre gardens fill of native trees and plants is home to over 500 animals. There is also a reptile house, insect zoo, as well as a splash park for kids to enjoy and beat the heat. Before heading to the zoo for the day, make sure you have looked at I49 Cannabis Seeds ahead of time so you know what to smoke for your next adventure.

The zoo is located in Sanford, about 20 minutes from downtown Orlando. So, when you find yourself on that final bend of the path, light up some wedding cake weed price and enjoy the relaxation of that last exhibit of the zoo.

Aside from the large feature theme parks, great evening entertainment can be had at the Orlando Castle. This Medieval Times themed tournament-side dinner experience is something your family will never forget. Feast on traditional full-fare meals and be served on with drinks as you take in the epic clash of steel on steel combat. Some may wish to partake in some white widow seeds feminized bud to heighten the experience even further.

These cannabis light seeds are not to be forgotten when you are escaping the evening sun on the Daytona beach sands for the kick ass sunset with those you love.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Science is where it’s at, and once you get the facts you soon realize that CBD seeds are where it all begins for the future of natural healing remedies. Collectively Americans seem to be catching on to the fac that we are over-using prescription medications in our country. CBD can be used to effectively treat the root cause of pain, inflammation, rather than just putting on a band-aid style temporary fix. CBD can help treat pain related to arthritis, sports injuries, nerve pain, and migraines. Even other psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and have seen positive results when utilizing CBD on its own or in combination with THC.


CBD can be extracted from marijuana plants (that contain both THC and CBD) or from hemp plants (which contain some CBD and less than 0.3% THC). THC is of course the psychoactive compound that gives users the “high” sensation can definitely serve as a mental escape. However, there are also cellular benefits being discovered by both cannabinoids when it comes to suppressing tumor growth in human.

If you’re wanting to try an all-natural approach to some of your inconvenient ailments, hit up I49. With our high-quality seed medical supply, you can grow your very own medicine at home.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Growing marijuana at home has become an increasingly popular activity in the US (and other countries of the world) over the past several decades. Even first-time growers can harvest an amazing amount of resin-covered bus from just one plant if they do even a minimal amount of research on the subject.

Gardeners now have the chance to cultivate and harvest a personal supply of natural, high-quality plants when you buy cannabis seeds for your garden and grow from home.

Another great option when buying cannabis in Orlando is your online option with sativa seeds for sale in usa, along with a wide variety of other 420 seeds online, you’ll be sure to find a strain that meets your unique needs.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

Buying online has never been so easy and so rewarding. Chill out with your best gal pals on the patio of your resort and catch up on old times. Whether you are visiting i-49 for the very first time or you are the grower extraordinaire, I49 online will have you feeling ready and prepared. From medical seeds to heirloom strains, feminized pot seeds and more, we guarantee you’ll find the marijuana seeds you’re looking for when you peruse our selection online at I49 seedbank. You can be sure that [email protected] is going to be a wonderful resource, providing clear instructions and growing guidelines whenever you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Orlando.