Buy Weed Seeds in Tampa

Tampa is a major city in Tampa Bay on the West Coast of Florida. Its location on the Florida peninsula near the Gulf of Mexico makes the climate slightly tropical. With hot, humid summers and mild winters, this is a great place for growing your own garden. However, the Tampa Bay Area is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes so growing inside is a little less risky. Do not worry, I49 is an online cannabis seed bank that has a great selection of both indoor and outdoor seeds with different effects to suit different explorations of this bustling city.

There is so much to see in Tampa. If you feel like partaking in a high THC strain and strolling the city streets, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful architecture and historic landmarks. Visit the Sulphur Springs Water Tower or check out one of the ornate movie palaces like Tampa Theatre built in the 1920’s. Stroll the Tampa Riverwalk and soak up the many public art pieces. Along the way, stop for a picnic at MacDill Park or pause for some hours at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Music is abundant in Tampa as well. Check out a performance by the Florida Orchestra or The Tampa Bay Symphony for your classical music fix. Or if you are in the mood for some club music, the night life is bumping too! Hit any number of the clubs scattered about the city for a night of drinks and dancing.

There are a number of museums that cover an array of subjects. Check out the Museum of Science and Industry or the USF Contemporary Art Museum. If you are heading out with the whole family, there is also the Glazer Children’s Museum founded in 1986. This interactive exhibit allows children to discover and learn about the world around them.

If culinary exploration is more your speed, Tampa has you covered. Cafés, bakeries, bistros and farm-to-table restaurants are abundant. The history of Cuban, Spanish, and Italian cuisine makes this city a delight for the senses. Food trucks are sprinkled all over as well, so you can pair tasty treats with your stroll through one of the many parks.

Regardless of your entertainment choices, I49 has the perfect marijuana strains to accompany your journey. If you have been thinking about starting your own home grow operation and are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Tampa, Florida, look no further! I49 has a great selection of cannabis seeds to meet all your weed needs. Whether you are looking for medicinal properties to help you maneuver your day to day, or a strain to offer some extra energy for a night out, I49 has pot seeds cheap.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

If you are looking for good quality, genetically pure cannibis seeds for sale, look no further! The I49 Seed Bank has a selection of autoflowering, regular, feminized, medical and high thc weed seeds to choose from. Each seed is sourced from a reputable grower and selected by our dedicated and passionate team. Our extensive online catalogue offers in depth descriptions of what to expect in terms of flavor and scent profiles, growing requirements, effects and benefits. We make sure to store all our seeds in optimal conditions so when you are ready to plant, they will produce!  We are confident enough in our process that we even guarantee germination on most of our seeds. If you want to be confident that what you are paying for will provide, I49’s 420 seeds online are a sure bet.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Tampa?

So far, in Tampa, only limited use of medical marijuana is legal. However, the weed laws all over the United States are constantly evolving as more evidence mounts of its many benefits. Start researching and developing your grow space now and keep an eye on the government sites for the most up to date information. Be the first of your friends to have your own homegrown stash when the rules lift!

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Regular marijuana seeds require certain light intensity and time intervals in order to flower. This can mean purchasing tents and bulbs in order to create a controlled environment. Not only is that space consuming, but some of these bulbs can be pretty pricey too! However, there is another option. Autoflowering seeds are bred to flower automatically in almost any light conditions. The gestation period is short, less than 10 weeks, so you can get a decent little crop in no time! This is a great option for a new grower or a grower on a budget. I49 USA has an abundant selection of autoflower marijuana seeds for sale. Find a great strain to accompany you on a trip through one of the 165 parks scattered throughout Tampa!

What are Feminized Seeds?

Regular weed seeds produce a mix of female and male plants. Male plants are often discarded, unless they are being used to pollinate the female plants to produce seeds. Female plants are the ones we have to thank for the resinous, sticky buds that we use for smokeables, edibles and production of things like creams and salves. Feminized seeds are seeds that have two X-chromosomes and therefore they are guaranteed to produce female plants. I49 has a great selection of feminized cannabis seeds for sale, so browse our collection now and find the best strain for you!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Tampa?

There are many great strains for growing in Tampa, but let us give you a run down of some of the best. If you want a gentler strain to start your day off, try blue dream autoflower seeds. The moderate THC levels and sweet blueberry flavor make this a great option for morning use. The uplifting and energetic high will help you get moving.

If you want something a little stronger with an insane THC content, try the berner girl scout cookies seeds. This potent strain can carry you through a whole day of roaming one of the many city parks or meandering through the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.

Another strong strain that will leave you feeling uplifted and energetic is the sour diesel seeds michigan. This spicy and citrusy flavored bud is a great support for symptoms of depression and lethargy. Bring some with you while you take in a show at the Mid Florida Credit Union Ampitheatre in the Florida State Fairgrounds.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

There are two major components in marijuana. One part is, THC. This is the psychoactive piece responsible for the euphoric high most associate with the use of pot. The other piece is CBD. This is the non-psychoactive component that more and more studies are showing to support a variety of physical and mental ailments.

CBD has been shown to support depression and anxiety and to provide relief from inflammatory pain, among other things. You can either extract CBD from the plant and use it without worrying about the cerebral effects or you can find high cbd marijuana seeds that still have a small percentage of THC. I49 has a selection of medical cannabis seeds that include information of their unique benefits so you can find the strain that best suits your needs.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

There are a lot of ways to start your home grow operation. There are seeds that will thrive indoors under grow lights. Others that will best produce with controlled airflow or mineral enriched soil. There are plants that do best in a hydroponic set up, or that would most love being out in the garden. There are grow tips for each of our seed options, so do not worry if you have any concerns about your growing abilities. If you are looking for a great garden seed, try the gorilla glue#4 seeds. This sativa/indica hybrid strain is high in THC and offers a cerebral euphoria combined with a relaxed body stone. A great accompaniment for a live production at the historic Tampa Theatre!

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Tampa, I49 Seeds Florida is a great source. With our comprehensive portfolios accompanying each seed option, we make it easy for you to select the best seeds to meet your specific needs. You can browse and order from home, and we provide secure payment options and discreet packaging to protect you and your privacy. Sift through countless great, quality seed options and have them sent straight to your door. We also have a contact form and phone number, so if at any point you need assistance, you have access to our helpful customer support team! Read up on some of the five-star reviews left by other satisfied customers and you’ll rest easy knowing that buying weed seeds has never been easier!