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Lowell is located a stone’s throw from Boston and is the second largest city in the Greater Boston Metropolitan area. It was a part of the Massachusetts Miracle in the 1970’s which saw the town revitalized and unemployment levels dropped off a cliff. At the same time, the area became a safe zone for refugees who fled Cambodia at the hands of the Khmer Rouge and as a result has the second largest Cambodia-American population in the entire country. This level of compassion fits well with the Lowell attitude towards helping others. The same caring and helpful attitude at i 49 seed bank helps us cater to our customers and allows them to feel safe and secure on our site.

The Pawtucket Falls is a breathtakingly beautiful 32-foot waterfall that has the Pawtucket Dam that sits atop it. Not only is it a beautiful natural scene but the dam provides the entire area with hydroelectricity. This hydropower is used by many residents and can help you feel comfortable using electricity when you are growing cannabis at home because of environmental sustainability factors.

When you live in the Belvedere Hill Historic District you often enjoy the close proximity of the Merrimack River. Strolling down the riverbanks can be very calming and relaxing. Adding in a quick puff can increase this relaxation and euphoria and allow you to really unwind from the rat race on the weekends. To make sure you get the high-quality product you’re after, make sure you visit a trusted marijuana seed bank like I49!

Home to a few higher education institutions, like Middlesex Community College and the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the city has become known as an emerging college town. This steady stream of college graduates helps supply the surrounding industries with workers for the future as well as brings in recreation and entertainment dollars because college students know how to party. Nothing goes better with a college party than bringing along your homegrown stash of ganja!

Every April, the Lowell Film Festival showcases documentaries and feature length films that are of interest to the Greater Lowell community. It is attended well and has become a staple in the area. Kicking off the spring with good weather and good times this festival is a must-see. Not to be outdone though is the midsummer celebration known at the Lowell Folk Festival. It is attended by over 250,000 people every year as they celebrate the traditional arts and folk music that has been a part of the Lowell history books since everyone can remember.

Getting out into the great outdoors is always a good way to recharge your batteries after a long work week. Heading over to Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest for a hike, bike, or try cross-country skiing, which is phenomenal. If you need something less active and lower key then you should frequent the Vandenberg Esplanade along the banks of the Merrimack River for some excellent walking and biking trails, swimming and picnicking. Nothing goes with a picnic like a homemade marijuana edible that was made possible by the great cannabis seeds at I49 Seed Bank Massachusetts.

I49: A Different Kind of Seed Bank

We are an exclusively online cannabis seed bank which allows us to offer great prices because we avoid high overhead, typically associated with a storefront. Our customers continually give our marijuana seeds fantastic reviews. They love our focus on confidentiality and our outstanding germination guarantee. We stand behind our weed seeds and know that you want peace of mind when ordering. Our germination guarantee does just that and allows you to focus your time and energy where it is better used.

Are Pot Seeds Legal in Lowell?

Pot seeds are legal throughout the entire USA as a novelty item. They retain their novelty status as long as they are ungerminated. If you germinate your marijuana seeds to begin growing cannabis at home you must ensure that you are following the medical marijuana laws as you must be a registered patient to cultivate marijuana. It is legal for medical and recreational use in Lowell but at this time, only medical patients can cultivate. You are allowed to cultivate up to 6 plants in your residence and a maximum of 12 plants per household.

Feminized Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Outdoor feminized seeds are a type of cannabis seed that ensures all plants are going to be female. These are not naturally occurring seeds but are actually created through a feminization process. Through this process, these seeds only contain one single set of genes and ensure they will not be hermaphrodites. Female plants produce the vast majority of buds so if that is what you are after then these seeds are a great option for you. These can be optimal as well for novice growers because they do not require you to identify if you have a male or female plant early on. This can be helpful when you are limited in the number of plants you can grow and you are trying to maximize your harvest.

What are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflower seeds will produce plants that automatically begin their flowering stage once they have reached a particular age. This is different from regular pot seeds which will require a light reduction in order to induce the switch to the flowering stage. This can be ideal for people that are a little busier or new to growing cannabis at home. Autoflower seeds are not for everyone as they do allow for less control but have several advantages as well. They tend to be shorter in stature which makes them ideal if you are growing in a small space or need plants that will be easier to keep discreet or hidden. They also have shorter harvest cycles which are great for outdoor locations that have shorter summer seasons, such as Lowell. They will typically produce a yield within 7-13 weeks which can increase your overall year-round production.

So, when you want a weed seed come see us at I49 and make sure you leave with the fastest growing weed seeds that we have.

Strains to Grow in Lowell

These wedding cake genetics seeds won the best indica strain at the 2018 Cannabis Cup. The sweet, vanilla aroma and flavor will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric in no time. With an 8-week indoor growing time you can have them quicker than most and will allow you to keep a continual collection of beautiful crystal buds.

Boxing has become an important part of the social fabric in Lowell. They host the New England Golden Gloves tournament every year which has featured such legends as Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagley. This indica Kush seed is reminiscent of a boxing match as it packs a mega THC punch! It relieves the pain that comes from a boxing match as well and allows you to get the easy rest that is required to recuperate after a long bout.

The northern lights female seeds will give a traditional and consistent growth that is to be envied. They are best suited for indoor growing in Lowell but will allow you to spend more time at the Long Meadows Golf Club while not having to worry about someone poking around your yard and reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Buying CBD Seeds: The Inside Scoop.

When you think of the best medical marijuana seeds you are actually often thinking of CBD seeds. CBD seeds offer the healing and therapeutic benefits without any of the psychoactive properties of their cousin, THC! Evidence is continually showing that CBD is offering quality of life improvements for a variety of ailments. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, cancer or depression, CBD seeds should be your go to for all-natural relief. When you grow them at home you also get the added benefit of knowing exactly what went into the cultivation process and can ensure a steady supply to help with the aches and pains of sitting in the bleachers at Lowell Spinners games all summer!

Buy Marijuana Seeds for Home Growing

Lowell has invested heavily in anti-crime programs which has caused it to become one of the safer areas to live in Massachusetts which can make many people feel at ease when looking to buy cannabis seeds in Lowell. You don’t need to worry about criminals loitering around your place and scoping out the cannabis you are growing at home. Not having to stop off at the dispensary or your “dealer’s place” before you visit the Lowell National Historic Park or Western Avenue Studios brings a peace of mind that can be as relieving as the offshoots of the cannabis seeds you buy from I49 Pot Seeds.

How to Find Seeds for Sale in Lowell

When you need weed seeds for sale do not go looking in the yellow pages. Grab your 420 seeds online from an online cannabis seed bank that can be trusted. At I49 USA we believe being able to make your life easier is one of our jobs. You spend too much time stuck in traffic trying to cross the Merrimack River or Concord River, trying to get off the Interstate 495 and US Route 3 that you don’t need more running around added to your day. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Lowell, Massachusetts let us do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the Boston Red Sox game on TV!