Buy Marijuana Seeds in Las Vegas

Known worldwide as the City of Sin or Sin City, Las Vegas is far more than just casinos and neon lights. Originally intended to be a Mormon settlement in 1855, which ultimately failed and was abandoned, in 1905 the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake railroad arrived in Las Vegas and the city downtown center was platted and auctioned off to railroad backers.

Although gambling was illegal in Nevada when the city was incorporated in 1911, speakeasies and illicit casinos continued to flourish. With the building of the Hoover Dam (originally named Boulder Dam) in 1931, workers in the thousands were suddenly living just east of the city. Casinos and showgirl venues began to pop up on Fremont Street, the only paved street in the city, enticing the dam workers to spend their meager earnings there. In the 40’s mobster money began to flood into the city, and lavish casino hotels started to pop up on what is now known as the strip.

Home to 300 sunshiny days a year, Las Vegas offers a ton of exciting adventures to be had outside of the casino walls. For the outdoor enthusiasts, there’s hiking, biking and rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, cliff jumping on Lake Mohave, kayaking and hot springs on the Colorado River and winter skiing or summer camping and hiking on nearby Mount Charleston.

Feeling crazy? Take a plunge off the Stratosphere’s 108th floor and knock bungee jumping off your bucket list! For the sports fans, go catch a Golden Knights game at T-Mobile Arena, the newly moved Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium or the Aces playing a home game at the Mandalay bay Event Centre. However you choose to spend your free time, when you order your weed seeds from I49 Nevada, you can rest assured you are buying top shelf products, with a variety of strains to fit your everyday needs. Our favorite cliché recommendation for Las Vegas has got to bewedding cake cannabis seedsto go with the infamous Little Church of the West and A Little White Chapel. Clichés aside, this insanely delicious strain is a potent evening friend to help you unwind, relax and relieve chronic pain.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

Choose I49 Weed Seedsto supply all of your premium quality marijuana seeds and you’ll be happily on your way to growing your own primo buds in no time! Offering quality and affordability, you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other anymore. Backed with a germination guarantee, if you’re new to growing your own weed, this will be music to your ears. Your growing success is our success at I49. Expertly reviewed strains provide all of the information you need to get growing at home, from recommended uses and ideal growing conditions you can search the online cannabis seed bank to find seeds that fit your lifestyle, tastes and needs. With rave customer reviews, I49 makes it easier to buy cannabis seeds in Las Vegas than finding a casino here in town! You are just a few clicks away from purchasing the best quality marijuana seeds available and exploring all of the varieties offered.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Las Vegas?

Weed Seeds are not only legal for purchase in Las Vegas, but across the entire USA they are legal as novelty items. While each state governs its own laws on the use of marijuana, with many states still having draconian laws criminalizing consumption and possession of marijuana, Nevada has legalized recreational and medicinal use for adults 21 years of age and older. Nevada has also set forth some fairly strict laws in regards to cultivation of cannabis, setting in place laws that only legalize personal cultivation of the plants if you are 25 miles from the nearest dispensary. If you fall into these parameters, you are then legally allowed to grow up to six plants per adult in the house, with a maximum of twelve plants per household.

I49 USAhas a huge selection of seeds to choose from; whether you’re looking for medicinal cannabis seeds or something for recreational use, look no further than I49.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

When you grow your own ganja, you will have a few options to choose from that can truly set your grow-op up for success. A common choice is autoflowering seeds, as these plants drastically cut down on growing times. As the name suggests, once these seeds are germinated, they begin the flowering cycle right away. You can easily go from germination to harvest in as little as 10 weeks with these bad boys. Known for their stocky stature, autoflowers tend to grow 2-2½ feet in height only, which makes them the ideal candidates for small grow spaces like closets or attic spaces, as well as sneaky garden growing, surrounded by tomato plants or small shrubs, your neighbors will never have a clue. I49 seed bank offers the largest selection of 420 seeds online, with all of your favorite strains in autoflower or regular.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

Save yourself time and effort and purchase these feminized weed seeds for sale, ensuring that you’re able to harvest sticky, sweet buds from all of your plants. Since females are the producers of the flowers we harvest for their THC content, it makes sense to grow females only. Through a creative and completely safe process, female plants are pollinated with another female plant that has been encouraged to develop pollination sacs. The results are effectively producing female seeds, so you’ll no longer need to check your plants for sexes and remove males before they ruin your harvest. No boys allowed, thanks!

Las Vegas Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Las Vegas?

A perfect option for the University of Nevada student looking for some inspiration to create content for an upcoming assignment, white widow strain seedsare known to produce buds with a calming, energizing, creative and focused effect.

After catching a game supporting either of your local minor league teams, The Las Vegas Aviators or the Las Vegas Lights, get home, take those leg-prison pants off and unwind with these purple cannabis seeds. Purple Kush is known as one of the strongest, most powerful strains around, and is a perfect way to end your night.

No matter if your mode is Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NASCAR watching or hitting up Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix with the little ones, when you grow bruce banner seedyou can come back to your castle and relax with an insane THC content, and a high that comes on quickly. Turn up the AC, turn on the tube and turn down the lights!

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

Medicinal marijuana comes in two major types – those with high CBD content and nearly no THC, or those with a high CBD content and moderate THC content as well. CBD, or cannabidiol offers therapeutic benefits from the plant, without altering your state of mind. There are tons of studies that show significant benefits from CBD use, including natural treatments for anxiety and depression, as well as lowering inflammation in joints and throughout the body; the most medically approved notable benefit being the FDA approved treatment for seizures caused by epilepsy. On the other hand, when you’re looking for immediate relief from chronic pain associated with MS, Fibromyalgia, migraine relief or for those undergoing cancer treatments, CBD with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can offer all of the long-term benefits of CBD use with immediate effects from the “stoned” state from the THC content.

Whatever the effects are that you’re after, I49 is where to buy medical marijuana seedsfor all of your individualized needs.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

With Vegas’ abundance of sunshine, you can purchase outdoor cannabis seedsand get that greenhouse growing some sweet maryjane in no time! Check out the reviews and recommendations for each seed so that your plants are producing optimal yields, giving you the best bang for your buck! If you prefer to grow your plants indoors, or for the beginner grower, have a look through these easyseeds for growing marijuana and get your space set up and producing in a matter of weeks. Choose from autoflowering, feminized or regular seeds with all of the specs to fit your home grow and personal preferences.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Las Vegas?

When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Las Vegas, Nevada, I49 has all of your bases covered. Choose from a huge variety of sativa weed seeds, or if indica is more your jam, there’s no shortage of those to be found on our online seed bank! Making your purchase from I49 is easy and best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, with or without pants on – winning!

So, when you’re cruising town and hitting up The High Roller, wandering through the Neon boneyard, or just laying outside stargazing, these northern lights seeds for saleare sure to enhance that experience. Please remember to consume responsibly and never drive under the influence.