Buy Marijuana seeds in Reno

Have you been considering growing your own weed from home?  Are you wondering about the practicalities? Overwhelmed by the options?  Confused by the terminology you have stumbled across and how to sift through all this information?  I49 is an online seed bank for Reno residents that can help you start on your growing journey.

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With such a great selection of ways to spend your days, it is important that you have the same variety of weed seeds to choose from so you know you’re growing the perfect stash to accompany your adventure. I49 USA has a great selection of 420 seeds online with clear descriptions so you know you are purchasing the best strain to meet your unique needs.

Why choose I49 seed bank?

Wanting to buy cannabis seeds in Reno, Nevada? I49 Seeds Nevada is an online seed bank offering an extensive catalogue home to tons of seed options.  Hunting for your favorite strains? High CBD varieties? Autoflowering plants? I49 has a great selection to meet any of your marijuana needs.  As you browse, you’ll notice that each pot seed varietal has a detailed portfolio informing you of, amongst other things, what to expect from growing in or outdoors, what sort of effects and impediments, what combination of THC and CBD and in what concentration, and what medicinal benefits it offers.  With a comprehensive and concise website, it’s easy to do the research and make sure you end up with exactly what you need. I49 prides itself on protecting your privacy and making sure your delivery is quick, easy and discreet. When looking for cannabis seeds for sale always go with a reputable company like I49 with a germination guarantee, careful and quality seed storage and maintenance, and great customer reviews, your satisfaction is a sure bet!

Are weed seeds legal in Reno?

As of January, 2017, the purchase, possession and consumption of weed in Reno, Nevada for personal use is legal.  Growing weed for personal consumption is also legal. However, you might not want to roll the dice on growing in Reno without first going onto the government site and learning a bit about rules and regulations!

Some things to consider are that you must be 21 or older to embark on the growing journey and you must not have a state-licensed retail shop within 25 miles. There are some other restrictions as well. You can only grow a certain number of plants, they must be grown in an enclosed area (out of the public eye) that can be secured, and you must own, or have permission from the owner of, the land on which you grow.

With a great selection of feminized seeds for sale, I49 can help you find marijuana seeds to suit your discreet growing space!

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

As you start out on growing your own weed, you will likely come across a lot of new and potentially unfamiliar terms.  Regular weed seeds require a delicate balance of light in order to grow and flower at the optimal time for yield and potency. Autoflowering seeds are bred in such a way that they flower on their own in almost any light conditions.

Paired with cannabis seeds cheap at i49, this is a great option for those on a budget too limited to invest in fancy bulbs!  These seeds are also a great possibility for the beginner grower as the plant will yield with little fuss.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

If you are the type to enjoy smoking or eating weed, you owe your thanks to the female marijuana plant.  A male plant will produce seeds, where a female plant produces the flowering bud that is harvested to create the edibles and smokables we have grown to know and love, and, in some instances, even rely on for relief from medical issues.

Feminized seeds produce feminine plants, or plants with 2 x chromosomes. Without the male plants, you will not get seeds, but you also don’t have to worry about throwing away the half of your plants that aren’t contributing to your harvest.  I49 Seed Bank is a great choice of online cannabis seed bank if you’re looking for a wide selection of feminized plants.

Whether you’re looking for a bright, energizing strain like sour diesel seeds to accompany you through a busy day of hiking or a more relaxed strain born from gg4 seeds to help you ease into a restful sleep, i49 can guarantee a winning hand.

Reno Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Reno?

We know it can be pretty overwhelming to look at the fairly exhaustive list of pot seeds for sale. I49 provides a lot of information on each seed choice so you can make an educated selection based on your personal needs.

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a tasty berry bud to start your morning off with an energy boost? If so, blue dream weed seeds are for you!  They are a moderate THC sativa strain, flavored like blueberry and offering an uplifting energy boost and enhanced focus.

Maybe you want something a little stronger to carry you through a day of snowshoeing and a night at the theatre? Then girl scout cookies strain seeds are a great choice.  These high in thc seed sure pack a serious punch and the effects from their bounty can keep you going all day!

Or maybe you’re hoping to find something to relax after a productive day, in which case the stress-relieving OG kush seeds could be the ones for you.  Regardless of your needs, i49 has the best cannabis seeds for your growing endeavor.  Don’t forget you can legally grow several plants, so you could even choose to have some of all three in your personal stash!

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

As you browse through the many available seed options for sale through i49, you will come across listed percentages of THC and CBD in each strain.  What does this mean for your use? CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol and refers to the non-psychoactive component in marijuana plants. THC is the component of the plant make up that provides the ‘stoned’ feeling, where CBD is thought to provide more medicinal properties.  These include, but are not limited to, being anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety supports. If you are looking for seeds to help with specific ailments, with i49 CBD seeds USA you can find everything you need to start growing medicinal marijuana.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

Growing weed at home doesn’t need to be overwhelming!  There are lots of tips and tricks to growing your own stash, but as you look through i49’s catalogue you’ll see there are many easy grow options.  You can get nerdy with it and play with light quality, time and distance or monitor PH levels and try your luck at potted or hydroponic soils. However, it doesn’t need to be so complicated!  The i49 catalogue conveniently informs the buyer of the ease of growing each seed and gives tips and clear indications of what to expect from your seeds as you start your growing journey.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Reno?

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Reno, Nevada, look no further than i49.  With discreet packaging and encrypted security measures you can purchase safely and securely. Access to real people through email or phone makes it so you don’t have to maneuver the learning curve on your own.  Great customer reviews ensure that others have not been disappointed with the quality and germination guarantees. There’s no need to gamble when you buy cannabis seeds in Reno, you have already won in finding i49!