Buy Weed Seeds in Yonkers

Have you been thinking it would be nice to grow your own weed stash? Have you started looking for weed seeds for sale? I49 is a great company to join forces with in order to ensure you have quality seeds and superior products in Yonkers, New York.

Yonkers is an inner suburb of New York City, only 40 minutes north of Manhattan. Yonkers provides easy access to the iconic city and its many notable attractions. The lively, large screens of Times Square to the endless high fashion shops on 5th avenue. The countless galleries through the Chelsea District and the spattering of Michelin Restaurants. It boasts the many trails through Central Park and the city skyline from the Staten Island Ferry. No shortage of exploration to be done a mere skytrain ride away. If you wish to stay close to home, Yonkers has lots to explore as well.

If you are looking for natural beauty, explore one of the many outdoor spaces. Explore the Untermyer gardens or listen to the babbling brook at Tibbetts Brook Park. Maybe a day of learning is more your thing, in which case do not miss the Hudson River Museum with static and rotating exhibits, a planetarium and an amphitheater. Or head right to the beautiful Hudson River to explore the Science Barge, a unique, specialty museum that will teach you all about solar panels, wind generators and hydro gardens. May even get some tips on growing hydroponically at home! Maybe you are looking for delicious food? Try visiting Stew Leonard’s specialty food market for some of the best meat in town, or swing by Rory Dolan’s restaurant if you want to skip the cooking!

There are so many ways to spend your time in and around Yonkers. With no shortage of ways to explore, there should be no shortage of weed strains to accompany you. Check out the extensive list of 420 seeds online at I49!

Are Seeds from I49 Seed Bank Good?

If you are looking for quality marijuana seeds for sale, I49 is the place for you. I49 USA is an online cannabis seed bank comprised of a team of dedicated and educated entrepreneurs. We take great care to ensure our pot seeds are genetically true and grown by reputable growers. We have poured hours into learning the best conditions to store and transport our quality seeds so they arrive at your door ready to plant and flourish. We are so confident in our process that we even offer germination guarantees on most of our seed options! To ensure your process is easeful, we have a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to sift through. We also have an email contact form and a listed phone number so you can connect with our helpful customer service team for support on your growing journey. We have a large selection of autoflowering, feminized, regular, and medical marijuana seeds for sale, so no matter your need, I49 has got your covered.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Yonkers?

It is always important to check the marijuana laws before you start growing. States all over America are in some stage of shifting from illegal to decriminalized or legal so it is best to look to government sites to check for the most relevant information. Currently medical marijuana use in Yonkers, New York is legal, but recreational use and cultivation are not. However, recreational use was recently decriminalized and possession of 25 grams is subject to only a small fine. As the laws all over the country become less restrictive, it will only be a matter of time before growing in New York is a go! Start your research with I49 Seed Bank New York and buy cannabis seeds in Yonkers now, so that when the laws relax you can begin growing!

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflowering seeds are amongst the best marijuana seeds for beginners. Often seeds require really specific light intensity and time intervals in order to flower. This can mean buying expensive bulbs and setting up elaborate spaces in order to be able to control conditions. Autoflowering seeds, however, are seeds that are bred to flower automatically under almost any light conditions. The l49 seeds catalogue has flowering times for each seed varietal, so you know what sort of wait time to expect!

What are Feminized Seeds?

When you purchase regular weed seeds, you are likely to end up with a blend of female and male plants. Male plants have the role of pollinating female plants for seed production. This is a great option if you want to cultivate your own seeds and be able to continue to grow from your original batch. However, if you wish for a large yield of the resinous buds used for smoking, eating and turning into tinctures and balms, the female plant is the one to cultivate.

As you sift through the many seed options on the I49 catalogue, you will notice a section dedicated to feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are seeds with two X- chromosomes which will only produce female plants. There are both female indica and female sativa seeds. Most states where recreational use of marijuana is legal, there are limitations on the number of plants one can grow. If this turns out to be true for Yonkers, buying feminized is a great way to ensure you have a sizable stash of homegrown weed!

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Yonkers?

If you have just survived a long, stressful day at the office and wish for something to help alleviate some anxiety, turn to wedding cake pot seeds. The sweet flavor of cookies and pie mixed with sedating and calming effects, make this the perfect strain to reach for to unwind at the end of a long day and ease your body and mind into a restful sleep.

Perhaps you are looking for something stronger and more energizing to carry you through a day perusing galleries in Chelsea, then try bruce banner og strain. The creative and energizing effects will encourage an even more mind-blowing experience of the wonderful exposure to countless contemporary artists.

Another great option, especially if you have pain that keeps you up at night, is purple weed strains seeds. This indica strain provides a warm body stone that eases pain. Whether you have a chronic pain condition or aches and pains from a day meandering the busy city streets, Purple Kush can help you have a long, painless sleep.

CBD Seeds: What’s the Big Deal?

There are two main chemical components in marijuana. There is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive component responsible for the “stoned” feeling most people have come to associate with the use of pot. By stimulating the release of dopamine in the brain, THC contributes to a sense of euphoria for the user.

CBD, the other main component, is non psychoactive. It is the element of the cannabis plant that has been studied in depth for its wide application to a variety of medical conditions. It has been shown to support those with inflammatory pain, depression and anxiety, and conditions such as epilepsy. The I49 catalogue also includes a great selection of medicinal cannabis seeds with a list of medical benefits clearly listed so that you can find the cannabis seeds to suit your unique requirements.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Garden

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to start your home growing journey. A lot of seeds require specific conditions in order to produce the best yield. Some require specific minerals to grow strong, some require specific light exposure to flower. Some do better in soil, some flourish best in hydroponic setups. Some are prone to mildew and require careful and calculated airflow. The I49 catalogue lays out the best growing conditions for each varietal, so you can choose based on your space and gardening experience. There are a lot of options for both marijuana seeds to grow inside and marijuana seeds to grow outside.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Yonkers, New York, the I49 Pot Seeds seed bank is the one for you. The extensive selection of different seeds with comprehensive descriptions makes it easy for you to choose the perfect strains for you. I49 provides you with growing tips, clear write ups of medical benefits and recreational effects. It is so easy to find and select the right seeds to meet your growing skills, your space and environment and your individual needs. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact the helpful team at I49. We are here to help!