Buy Cannabis Seeds in Eugene

If you have ever heard the name, Steve Prefontaine, you will know that Eugene, Oregon is the mecca of track and field. His legendary running ability helped forge the intense passion for track and field that helped earn itself the nickname of “Track and Field capital of the world”. It’s no surprise then, that Eugene boasts the largest walking/running trails through their expansive park network in the entire USA. Bringing your home-grown stash with you for a nice nature walk through Pre’s trail, Delta Pond’s trail or the Spencer Butte trail allows one to enjoy the beauty of Eugene while reveling in the euphoria of your stone. After your glorious stroll, don’t forget to head over to Hendricks Park to check out the amazing rhododendron garden and the Prefontaine memorial known as Pre’s rock; but nothing beats sitting at the lower trails of the river at Skinner Butte’s park that is noted for its scenery and privacy.

Eugene is a burgeoning metropolis and owes some of this to being the birthplace of the NIke corporation. This put Eugene on the map and the success of the University of Oregon Ducks football and basketball programs has kept it in the national headlines.  With all those college kids in town, it makes sense to grow your own cannabis seeds so you aren’t fighting the masses while lining up at the local dispensaries.

Starting in the days that Ken Kesey was heavily influencing culture in Eugene, it remains one of the most popular spots for counterculture, arts, and sticking it to the man. There is a huge sense of cooperation in Eugene, Oregon and they can back it up by having The Old Grower’s market, which is the only food cooperative in the USA that has no employees. This flows well with smoking weed as we pass that joint around and don’t worry about who owns the joint but rather making sure that everyone is letting the good times roll.

Whether you decide to head out to the Jordan Schnitzer museum of art located at the University of Oregon, the Eugene concert choir which features three different ensemble groups, or grooving to the tunes at the annual Oregon festival of American Music you will want to ensure that you have a year round supply of fresh, home-grown buds from those beautiful pot seeds that you got from I49 online cannabis seed bank.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

Ask any enthusiast of marijuana cultivation and they will tell you that a respected and trustworthy seed bank is at the top of your priority list. I49 USA brings amazing customer reviews and stands behind our solid germination guarantee. We boast an expansive catalogue of everything from autoflower, feminized, CBD, high THC, sativa, indica, and mind-blowing hybrid strains that are going to suit every cultivator’s needs. When you are searching for marijuana seeds for sale, forget the rest and go with the best at I49 online cannabis seed bank.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Eugene?

Always the first question that any smart grower asks themselves, is it legal to do what I am doing? Well, thanks to Measure 91 it is in fact legal to grow and buy cannabis seeds in Eugene. If you are over the age of 21 you are legally allowed to grow up to four plants at your residence. You must be careful though as there are some restrictions; such as, you are prohibited to grow if you live within 1000 feet of a school, and your landlord or property owner does have the right to refuse your ability to cultivate on their property. You are allowed to grow indoor marijuana seeds and outdoor pot seeds, but if they are grown outdoors they must be concealed with a tall fence or other barrier. Don’t get sloppy with these regulations as Oregon is harsh with their penalties and it could result in jail time or hefty fines.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

As you search for 420 seeds online you may stumble across search suggestions like high yield autoflower seeds usa and wonder do those words even mean? Don’t fret my friend, it will all make sense soon. Basically, marijuana seeds go through two stages during growth; a vegetative stage and a flowering stage. The switch from vegetative to flowering can be a bit more complex with regular weed seeds and involves things like time cycled lighting or light deprivation. If you make an error with these cannabis seeds, your yield can be diminished. With autoflower seeds, all of the calculating and guessing is taken out. These weed seeds make the switch all on their own. Think of it like an automatic transmission, the seed does the work for you and you are there to just steer it in the right direction. These cannabis seeds tend to be smaller in stature, which makes them easier to hide in your backyard, but still produce a solid yield come harvest time. So, whether it is indica seeds or sativa seeds you are after, why not give the autoflowers at I49 Seeds Oregon a whirl?

While you are there, don’t forget to check out the Bruce Banner autoflower seeds which are known for their potent THC levels that go down smooth with a citrus and hazelnut flavor.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

When you are limited to four plants per residence, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Male plants provide the pollen needed to fertilize the female plants but that’s basically where their ultimate value comes from. Male plants do not yield as many of the savory, sticky buds that are overflowing with cannabinoids. These come from the female plants. Through a conditioning process, feminized seeds are able to produce the pollen needed for fertilization and can get the entire job done all by themselves. No need for a pesky male plant taking up valuable space and not pulling their weight. When you want to get some outdoor feminized seeds usa go to a reputable online cannabis seed bank like I49.

Eugene Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Eugene?

After a long day of biking the West Eugene Wetlands and you need somewhere to rest those weary legs, plop down on the couch with the Indica dominant hybrid Purple punch seeds. It will give you the euphoria you are after while leading into that all-night relaxation.

If it’s been a long and grueling senior year at the University of Oregon and you just need some relief from the inflammation in your body, why not cozy up to some do si dos seeds and let the cotton candy aroma kick off the uplifting and cerebral buzz.

Maybe it was game day and you needed to bring that energy for your Oregon Ducks. But now you need some of your stash from the tropicana cookies seeds, because it brings you that elevated mood from this sativa dominant hybrid that’s helping with the nausea of the “day after game day”.

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

THC gets a lot of the publicity, just like Portland, but CBD is making a name for themselves as well, just like Eugene. Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is where all of the healing properties come from without any of the psychoactive properties that come from THC. Mounting evidence is showing that CBD helps people in numerous ways; such as reduces seizures, reduces inflammation, cancer therapy, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and recent developments indicate that it may help with heart health. If any of these are affecting your daily life, check out an online cannabis seed bank like I49 for all your CBD strain needs.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

When you’re establishing your home grow set-up you will want to ensure that you’ve figured out these things: lighting (LED, fluorescent or au naturel sunshine), climate control, air flow, soil or hydroponic, and will it be an indoor or outdoor grow. Once you have these basics nailed down, you get to the fun part. Picking out your strains of weed seeds! Are you wanting a sativa, indica or a hybrid strain? Are you wanting maximum THC, high CBD to low THC, or a combo of these two? Head over to I49 Weed Seeds for all your online cannabis seed bank desires.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Eugene?

So, you want to buy cannabis seeds in Eugene, Oregon and still can’t decide where to go? Look no further than I49 for all your cannabis seed needs. We have got you covered for regular autoflower seeds, purple haze feminized seeds, CBD seeds, high THC seeds, and everything else in between.