Buy Cannabis Seeds in Grants Pass

Wanting to embark on your weed growing journey?  Looking for seeds to grow weed? I49 Seed Bank is a great option for getting started in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Grants Pass is located in the Rogue valley along the Rogue River.  With hot, dry summer days and mild, wet winters, Grants Pass’ climate is unique to the rest of Oregon and offers a liberal growing season for outdoor weed seeds.  With a great assortment of recreation options, Grants Pass is a wonderful place to have your own stash of a variety of weed strains for every occasion.

Grants Pass is the birthplace of the infamous Dutch Bros. coffee company.  This coffee franchise started in ’92 and spread like wildfire!  A couple of regular joes moved from dairy farming to coffee production when government regulations encroached on them to sell their cows. They started their journey with opening a small coffee cart on the train tracks near their barn. Their commitment to quality and philanthropy has kept their doors open and company expanding for nearly two decades! Stop in at one of their many locations throughout the city for an unrivaled fresh brew.

Looking for something to do on Memorial Day weekend?  Don’t miss Boatnik, an annual speed boat race and carnival event for the whole family.  This event takes place on the picturesque Rogue River. With countless craft and food vendors, it is easy to make a day, or weekend, of it!

Feeling creative?  Try your hand at hand blowing molten glass at The Glass Forge.  Artisans abound working on their functional or sculptural pieces, so whether you watch or engage, this shop makes for an interesting stop.

If you are the type to enjoy artisanal food and drink, Grants Pass has many options for you too!  Visit Wooldridge Creek Vineyard, the first combined winery, creamery and charcuterie place in Oregon.  Snack away in the estate tasting room while looking out over the rolling hills of Applegate valley.

Grants Pass is also home to a great selection of outdoor spaces.  Visit Riverside park for the concerts in the park series or spend time in the sport facilities accessible in Reinhart Volunteer park.

Whatever activities you choose to participate in, I49 offers a large selection of weed seeds to grow the optimal strain to accompany you on your adventures.

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

If you have been looking to buy cannabis seeds in Grants Pass, Oregon, look no further than I49 online seed bank.  With an extensive catalogue of seeds ranging from autoflowering, feminized, sativa, indica, CBD or THC heavy, i49 has your weed needs covered. The encrypted security on your information and discreet packaging proves I49’s commitment to maintaining your safety and privacy.  If you are overwhelmed by the information, I49 provides an extensive frequently asked questions section, as well as contact forms and phone numbers.  No need to do this alone! Access a real person to help you discover the best seeds to meet your growing needs. I49 takes care to keep seeds in optimal conditions until they make their way to you to start growing.  With a germination guarantee, countless great customer reviews, and so much available information and support, you are in good hands with I49 online cannabis seed bank.

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Grants Pass?

As you start looking at seed options, you might want to jump on the city government site to check out restrictions so you know which seeds will serve your growing space best.  It is legal to grow in Grants Pass, but you can only have a limited number of plants and they must be hidden from the public eye. If you were hoping to grow tall plants in your relatively open backyard, you might have to instead gear yourself towards smaller plants that can be hidden by your fence, or autoflowering plants to make growing inside a little easier.  Regardless, I49 has options, and clear descriptions of what to expect from your pot seeds as they grow.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

While looking through the many options of weed seeds for sale, you’ve likely come across the term autoflowering.  Regular marijuana seeds require the grower to manage light increments. Usually the plants require 12 or more hours of light per day in order to encourage them to flower.  With Autoflowering seeds, the plants are bred to flower under almost any light conditions within a period of time. What to expect, in terms of time frame and yield, are listed under each seed option in the I49 USA catalogue.  A great option for the first-time grower or a grower on a budget.  Less fuss and less equipment.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

Feminized seeds are seeds that have two x chromosomes.  These are the seeds that produce the flowering buds we have come to enjoy in smokables, edibles, tinctures and balms.  Male plants are also required if you want seeds rather than flowers, but if you’re wanting to just grow plants that will provide you with a harvest of resinous smokable buds, feminized seeds are your friends.  I49’s 420 online seed bank has a bunch of great options for feminized seeds. You can’t go wrong with the delicious wedding cake strain, tasting of girl scout cookies and cherry pie. This is an indica dominant strain that provides a deep sense of calm.  On top of offering support for depression and Fibromyalgia, this strain is great to just help you unwind and rest at the end of a long day.

Grants Pass Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Grants Pass?

Whether you are looking for a plant whose harvest will provide you with mellow, sedating effect to aid with sleep, or a variety with punch to carry you through your day, i49 has got the seeds for you.  You have likely heard the terms indica and sativa. Indica refers to a marijuana variety that has more sedative effects, often helpful for winding down at night and supporting a deeper sleep.  The sativa seed plants will provide more of a cerebral high, a more complementary pairing for physical or creative pursuits.

Out on the town to explore glass blowing or hit a concert in the park with a sketch book? The bruce banner strain seeds are a sativa dominant that have an intense THC content. The use of its harvest is known for to be a perfect accompaniment with creative pursuits.

Maybe you have got a big day planned scouring the city parks and want a little something to help you ease your mind and relax.  I49’s purple kush seed is the optimal choice for slipping into a deep, long sleep.

Perhaps you choose to spend the day drifting through valley vineyards snacking with good friends.  The effects from the bud produced with white widows strain seeds can carry you through deep, lengthy conversations with ease.  These are only a few of the most advantageous options of weed seeds for sale from I49.

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

You will notice, in the I49 catalogue, that each seed option includes a breakdown of THC and CBD percentages.  THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana that contributes to the feeling of being “stoned.” CBD is the non-psychoactive component that has been found to contribute to the treatment of a variety of physical and mental medical ailments.  I49 has a selection of medical marijuana seeds for sale with convenient lists of healing properties to aid you in choosing the marijuana seeds ideal for meeting your unique needs.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing seeds.  After checking into the state growing restrictions and contemplating your grow spot, you’ll have to choose between planting in or out doors.  You will have to consider growing in soil or trying your hand at hydroponics. You will want to have a look at lighting options and potentially go so far as to monitor PH levels.  Some seeds, like northern lights strain seeds, have more specific and complicated growing requirements.  However, you can find many easy grow options that require less equipment and less of a well-trained, green thumb.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Grants Pass?

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Grants Pass, I49 can meet all your weed needs.  This Oregon Seed Bank provides tons of options and support in getting your stash growing.  Choose from a great selection of familiar and new strains.  From autoflowering, feminized, high THC or CBD strains, and regular seeds, I49 has it all.  With easy grow options, discounts, quality assurance and awesome customer service, I49 is a wise choice regardless of where you are on your growing journey.