Can You Legally Purchase Marijuana & Marijuana Seeds in the South?

Throughout the US, marijuana legalization is a hot topic. Though many states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, with the number constantly growing, the south isn’t catching up to the rest of the states. In the south, marijuana remains illegal in every state, with medical use being limited for most states to a low-THC CBD oil. That said, it is still possible to purchase marijuana seeds in the South. If you’re in the south and looking to buy cannabis seeds, visit i49 USA after reading the following relevant information on legality in your region.

Where is Marijuana Legalized in the Southern US?

There are restrictive medical marijuana laws throughout the south, but all states do allow at least CBD oil use. None of the southern states have legalized marijuana for recreational use thus far, though Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Mississippi have decriminalized marijuana possession under certain amounts. Georgia has decriminalized marijuana possession in some cities, though it remains illegal throughout the rest of the state.

This means that it’s not legal to cultivate marijuana for personal use anywhere in the southern United States. Only two southern states, Arkansas and Florida, do allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own plants and, when it is allowed, there are many restrictions on the growth. Those who want to grow marijuana in these states need to have a medical marijuana license as well as the proper permissions to be able to grow a limited amount of plants for their personal medical use.

Can You Purchase Cannabis Seeds in the Southern US?

With only two states in the south allowing plants to be grown, and only for medical purposes, many people mistakenly believe that it’s not possible to purchase or possess cannabis seeds. Though marijuana cultivation may not be legal, owning seeds is. The seeds need to be purchased as souvenir seeds and stored without being germinated to be legal to own. However, this allows residents in the south to start their own seed collection today. Though the south is slow to legalize marijuana for recreational use, as well as marijuana cultivation, it may become legal one day. Those who purchase souvenir seeds today will already have a collection of seeds, so they can start growing plants right away. i49 USA is an online cannabis seed bank selling souvenir cannabis seeds!

Buying Cannabis Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Residents in the south who want to purchase marijuana seeds must make sure they can store the seeds properly. It doesn’t cost a lot to set up a way to store the seeds, but care needs to be taken to ensure the seeds are protected for future use and prevented from accidentally germinating while they’re in storage. There are three main things to be concerned about: heat, moisture, and light. Any marijuana seeds bought for souvenir purposes should be stored away from light, in a cool area where they won’t be in contact with moisture. There are plenty of options for where to store the seeds that meet these requirements, so anyone can start their own collection today.

Before Buying, Know the Types of Seeds Available

Those who have not purchased marijuana seeds before will want to make sure they understand the differences so they can choose the right seeds for their needs. The different strains include Sativa, which produces a more energetic high; Indica, which produces a more mellow high; hybrids, which combine Sativa and Indica; Auto-flowering seeds, which include Ruderalis genetics; and Fast Flowering seeds, which have fast-flowering genetics. There are also high-THC and high-CBD seeds— the seeds high in CBD offer more medically viable plants.

Beyond those details, marijuana seeds can be regular, feminized, or auto-flowering. Regular seeds can produce male or female plants, while feminized seeds will only grow into female plants, so there’s no need to worry about pollination from an unexpected male plant. Auto-flowering seeds are often touted as the best for beginners since they are easier to grow and will flower faster than other types of plants. Still, any of the three options are good for beginners and perfect for a new collection.

Check Out These Strains Today

You may be wondering which strains are the best option. If you’re purchasing souvenir seeds, you still want to pick out the best strains. If the laws do change, you’ll be ready to start growing your own plants. One of the ways to look through available strains is by the main type of strain, as this allows you to customize the high you’ll get once you can legally grow and consume the marijuana.

For Sativa, our most popular options include Super Silver Haze feminized seeds and Green Crack feminized seeds. For Indica, our most popular options include Purple Kush feminized seeds and Auto Northern Lights seeds. If you’re looking for a hybrid option, you can’t go wrong with the Auto-flowering Bruce Banner feminized seeds or the Auto-flowering Gelato feminized seeds. These two have the benefit of being auto-flowering, so they’re easier to grow.

Buying Your Seeds From i49 USA

Though it is legal to purchase marijuana seeds for souvenir purposes in the south, it’s still a good idea to be wary of where you buy the seeds from. Our seed bank boasts a huge collection of different strains, and we can have any of them shipped directly to your home. We always use discreet packaging to ensure your seeds arrive without issue and will only send the highest quality seeds to your home. We also have a dedicated support team available in case you have any questions before or after you have placed an order. This way, you can get the help you need to make a decision or to store the seeds properly.

If you’re interested in purchasing marijuana seeds and you live in the south, we have a plethora of different options for you to pick from. We can ship any of our seeds to your home so you can start your collection today. Browse our cannabis seeds for sale now to learn more about the strains available or connect with our support staff to get help finding the perfect strain to buy.