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A place for those outdoor enthusiasts, I49 Texas is a one stop shop to buy cannabis seeds in Garland, Texas. This city of roughly a quarter-million people is located less than 20 miles northeast of Dallas and is included in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It is located almost exclusively within Dallas County, except for a small portion that overlaps into Collin and Rockwall counties.

Before it was established as its own city, Garland was a part of the Peters colony within Texas. Back near its inception, the city got its name from a former resident of Cleveland whose name was Mr. Garland. The city sure has gotten busy since the 1850’s, with many ethnicities immigrating to the area.

Located close to the city of Dallas, Garland is known for being a vibrant and diverse place to visit. Not only is the city rich in history, but the modern layout has a nice urban appeal with a ton of natural resources to enjoy, While enjoying the local shopping scene, arts venues, or more active outdoor activities, you are sure to feel the Texas charisma throughout Garland as you explore.

As with many modern USA cities, Garland was inhabited by Native Americans who appreciated and cultivated the land. When the European pioneers laid the foundation for the westernized infrastructure, many of these artifacts and tools that were used were preserved and can be seen in the old Santa Fe Depot Museum close to the historic downtown.

Sources of entertainment in Garland are as abundant as the leaves on a pecan tree (The official state tree of Texas). With a multitude of regular urban destinations like shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, and live music and entertainment, the city can offer days or weeks of different experiences. For a more laid-back activity after smoking a nice big indica joint, check out the historic Plaza Theater and catch a movie in the art-deco inspired old building. For more active people, roll up that fat sativa doobie and head out to explore the 2800 acres of parks, trails, and athletic fields. Children can enjoy the waterpark or search out a game of mini golf. Everyone should be able to find something indoors or outdoors in this vibrant city. Buy cannabis seeds in Garland through i49 when you’re looking for top-quality and next level customer service.

Another neat piece of information about this quaint little spot is that in 2008, Garland was ranked among Money magazine’s top 100 places to live. It then went on to gather more plaudits over the years, being recognized as one of the best-run cities and best places to raise a family, not to mention some of the best gardens that we have ever seen. As recently as this year, it was named the “3rd best city for living the American Dream in 2019”.

I49 Seedbank: A Great Choice for Seeds!

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We aim to carry the best selection of indoor and outdoor pot seeds that Garland residents may be looking for. Whether it’s premium quality indica, sativa, or hybrid seeds. Or just the highest thc cannabis seeds for sale around, come and test out the waters of I49 online cannabis seed bank.

I49 seed bank is one of the only seed banks that ships from within the USA and uses only authentic cannabis seeds. After completing your order in our safe and secure processing, orders will arrive at your door or mailbox in discreet packaging. We carry the highest quality 420 seeds online including indoor pot seeds and outdoor marijuana seeds.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Garland?

Cannabis laws in Garland limit use to medical-grade CBD oils in the treatment of seizures. While cannabis seeds for sale are legal to buy in North America, as they are considered adult novelty souvenirs, however it is still illegal to use, possess or grow marijuana under the Texas Law.

It is true that with the customization achievable with technology and modern grow tents that essentially any strain can be grown indoors. However, there are still some cannabis seeds that are recommended specifically for growing indoors. It is also important to stay informed of your states local laws pertaining to growing from home, to ensure you are within your rights and limits when choosing how many plants and where you should grow them.

Buying Autoflower Seeds Online

Autoflowering seeds are those kinds which shift from vegetative stage to flowering stage automatically, according to how old the plant is. Most marijuana strains are photoperiod-dependent, meaning they require light and dark cycles to switch to a 12/12 rotation. Auto seeds are therefore a perfect choice for beginner growers as well as experienced cannabis cultivators since they allow you a regular turnover of fast-developing buds. These are reliable and dependable and can be germinated in the same method as all our other seeds. I49 ships auto flower seeds for sale discreetly anywhere in the USA.

How do Feminized Seeds Work?

Because of this revolutionary approach to keeping male plants out of your crop, these feminized cannabis seeds have become the new gold standard for growers in the industry. They only cost marginally more than regular seeds (sometimes the price is right on par), but the value you get from growing with fem seeds is unbeatable. Because the breeding process needs to be controlled so carefully, the quality and reliability of feminized seeds weed are also often higher than when dealing with regular unfeminized seeds or the random bag seeds you obtained from your street weed dealer.

If new to growing feminized seeds look into buying cheap feminized marijuana seeds at I49!

What Weed Strains Grow Best in Garland?

Hawaiian Falls water park is a fun place to take the family in spring and summer, right about the time you should be germinating your super blue dream seeds. Near the Curtis Culwell Center, this mind-blowing waterpark is 12 acres in its entirety, and features an amazing lazy river ride, lots of exhilarating slides, and hot tub areas for relaxing in after.

roll up a joint rolled from the finest ganja grown from i49’s california sour diesel seeds, and head out to Lake Ray Hubbard. This man-made reservoir covers over 21,000 acres and is a popular destination for boating, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing! Lake Ray Hubbard is also a great place to relax, painting a sunset from one of the public beaches or going for a quiet paddle in your kayak. If you have a waterfront property on the lake, why not grow some girlscout cookies seeds, which you can enjoy after a day on the water.

CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

CBD is everywhere lately even in skincare, coffee, and pet treats. But is it really all its hyped up to be? Both science and public opinion seem to say yes. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the major chemical compounds found in the marijuana and hemp plant. Most CBD seed growers are using the end product for alleviating some kind of medical problem – be it pain, inflammation, depression, or even chronic stress.

CBD rich strains or even the flowers from a hemp plant can be smoked directly to get the benefits, or the CBD oil can be extracted and used in a vaporizer or to make edibles. Tinctures and capsules are also becoming a popular way to medicate with CBD because it is so easy to control the exact dose you are getting. These cbd seeds online will not get you flying high but rather they have proven to support people with anxiety and other more serious disorders such as grand mal seizures.

For very many years now, medical experts and the general public have missed out on the importance of CBD because a lot of focus was given to psychoactive cannabis. Though, this is fast changing, and the CBD is now being recognized as a medicinal ingredient in places such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Buy Pot Seeds Online for Your Grow Operation

Regardless of what your growing space looks like, we have the pot seeds for you to start planting right away. First germinate your seeds indoors and then you can transplant to your outdoor garden, greenhouse, grow-tent, or hydroponic table. Most growers become very bonded with their plants, and I49 USA has a diverse selection of 420 seeds online for you to try. If you already have a classic strain that you know and love, consider buying a 10 pack or 20 pack for a greater savings.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Garland

For locals in the state of Texas looking for a good staycation spot or even an exciting date night out, Garland sure has a lot to offer. A charming downtown strip, big city amenities, bold local flavors, and tons of green spaces and lakes. There in an exciting adventure waiting for any personality. Why not get stoned and relax in the parks or smoke some grass while wandering the eclectic streets of shops and art?

In order to understand how marijuana seeds work and why it is a candidate for medicine targeting various ailments and conditions, it is important to first understand what cannabinoids are and how they function, make sure you do your own research when buying marijuana seeds.

Asking your university roommate where the best place to buy weed seeds would be one option, or better yet check out the selection of marijuana seeds from the I49 online cannabis seed bank. Our extensive catalogue will have you smoking some good stuff in Garland before you know it! (Laws permitting, of course).