Buy Marijuana Seeds in Dallas

Possibly best known worldwide for being home to the Dallas Cowboys, also known as America’s Team, the NFL franchise that plays at AT&T Stadium in the suburb or Arlington, or for the unfathomably large Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had to run from one end of the airport to the other to make a flight on time!), the airport that spans over 27 square miles; but Dallas originally got its start from the construction of major railways to bring access to cotton, cattle and oil in East and North Texas.

The city itself is divided into three main neighborhoods, Central Dallas, South Dallas and East Dallas.

Central Dallas is anchored by Downtown, the center of the city, as well as Uptown and Oak Lawn, areas with dense retail, restaurants, and nightlife. Downtown Dallas has a variety of districts, including the West End Historic District, the Arts District, Main Street District and the Farmers Market District.

East Dallas is home to Deep Ellum, a trendy arts area, the homey and the architecturally significant neighborhoods of Swiss Avenue and Munger Place. Its historic district has one of the largest collections of Frank Llyod Wright-inspired homes in the United States.

South Dallas lays claim to the Cedars, an eclectic artist hotbed, and Fair Park, home of the annual State Fair of Texas, so also home to Big Tex, the 55 foot tall cowboy statue wearing a 95 gallon cowboy hat. Southwest of Downtown is Oak Cliff, an area that has undergone gentrification in recent years, in neighborhoods such as the Bishop Arts District. Whichever district you call home, when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Dallas, I49 Seeds Texas has everything you want and need. Choose from a huge selection of pot seeds for sale from one of the most trusted online seed banks around.

I49 Seedbank: A Great Choice for Seeds!

When you’ve decided to try out your green thumb, I49 Seed Bank is your best source for top shelf quality pot seeds, offering a wide variety of regular, feminized and autoflower seeds in all of your favorite strains. Unsure if you want to go with feminized seeds vs regular, or which strains are best suited for your individual growing specifications? Read the detailed reviews of each seed, with suggestions for optimal growing conditions and uses, helping you confidently choose the right marijuana seeds for your needs. Seeds purchased from I49 for your home grow operation come backed with a germination guarantee so you can be ensured you are buying the best quality seeds available.  When you’re in the market for cannabis seeds in Dallas, Texas, let I49 set you up for success with our easy to use online ordering and primo sourced seed bank.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Dallas?

Cannabis seeds can legally be bought and sold throughout the USA when purchased as a novelty item only. When it comes to sprouting those magical novelty seeds, each state gets to decide for themselves how they want to proceed with legalization.

Ok, here’s the scoop for cannabis in Dallas and across Texas.

Recreational cultivation, use and possession is still a no-no by Texas law.

Since Texas lawmakers in 2019 legalized some forms of the cannabis plant but not others, marijuana prosecution cases around the state have been thrown into disarray, and enforcement can vary greatly depending on where you live.

A new Texas law sought to bring the state in line with a 2018 federal law that legalized hemp while keeping marijuana illegal. The result: widespread confusion.

So, while you can only technically purchase cannabis seeds for sale in usa for novelty purposes, what you choose to do with them is up to you! Here’s hoping that all of Texas will get their ducks in a row to clear up some of the confusion and get on the road to legalization of cannabis. When you’re ready to buy cannabis seeds in Dallas, be sure to hit up a leading seed bank like I49.

Buying Autoflower Seeds Online

Autoflower seeds are exactly what their name implies – seeds that begin to flower automatically. Whether you’re new to growing marijuana from seed or not, the premise of autoflower seeds is to drastically cut back on the effort and time involved in a regular cycle for the plant, optimizing yield times down to as little as 10 weeks. Once these seeds are germinated, they focus their energetic efforts on flowering instead of growing strong roots and firm stalks. What that means for you is you will have plants that range from 2 to 3 feet in height, budding and ready to harvest in less than 3 months. One of our most sought-after strains would have to be bruce banner autoflower, a great choice for greenhouse growing and a plant that offers medium to large yields.

How do Feminized Seeds Work?

Feminized seeds are the bee’s knees. If you’re new to this term, essentially, they are seeds produced from breeding a female cannabis plant with another female. Sounds probably more bizarre that it really is but it’s a simple, safe and effective scientific process of encouraging a female plant to produce male pollination capabilities (which would normally be reserved only for the plants preservation), and then using that pollen on another female, thus creating seeds that carry female genetics.

Why females? Female cannabis plants are the producers of those delicious sticky buds you’re planning to cultivate. Traditionally you would have to grow your seeds and inspect plants for their sex during the vegetation stages, removing male plants from the crop so they don’t pollinate the ladies and turn the entire crop into bunk weed, buds filled with seeds and low trichome production. I49 has a huge selection of feminized marijuana seeds for sale on our seed bank if you decide to go this route.

What Weed Strains Grow Best in Dallas?

For day users, purple weed seeds are soon to be your new best friend! Spending the day at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the arboretum and botanical garden, the Dallas Museum of Art or just out for a cruise on Lake Ray Hubbard or White Rock Lake? Purple haze gives you an energetic and uplifting buzz so you can continue to engage in intelligent conversations or just take in the beauty around you.

If resins are your jam, these tropicana cookies purple cannabis seed are the perfect fit. Take in a game from one of the numerous professional teams Dallas has to offer: Dallas Mavericks(NBA) or Dallas Stars(NHL) at American Airlines Center, FC Dallas(MLS) at Toyota Stadium and of course the Cowboys(NFL) at AT&T Stadium, or watch a live game from the comforts of your home while vaping some tropicana cookies resin.

Providing some analgesic and anti-inflammatory reprieve from chronic pain, do si dos strain could be the best choice for you if you want to have some relief without being put on your butt completely. Have a kitchen dance party, blast some music and swing your partner do-si-do.

CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Searching for CBD cannabis seeds to grow at home? I49 USA has a huge selection of CBD seeds for medicinal and therapeutic uses available in our online cannabis seed bank. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both the hemp and marijuana cannabis plants. It offers many beneficial qualities, including reduced inflammation, pain relief, treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia and (recently even approved by the FDA) as a treatment for seizures caused by epilepsy. CBD alone does not contain psychoactive components, so it will not leave you feeling high or stoned. When combined with THC (the well-known psychoactive cannabidiol), users report both immediate relief from chronic pain as well as longer term benefits. Whether you’re looking for CBD only seeds or prefer some with a mix of CBD and THC, I49 has a ton of 420 seeds online for you to choose from to suit your individual needs.

Buy Pot Seeds Online for Your Grow Operation

Ready to get growing at home? I49 has the largest inventory for you to purchase cannabis seeds for your outdoor grow, an amazing selection of weed seeds that do best indoors and everywhere in between! Once you’ve decided on your grow space, check out the online seed bank and find the perfect fitting seeds for your needs. For the student attending the University of Texas, the University of Dallas or one of the many post-secondary institutes, perhaps sativa strains will go best with your lectures and studying. Conversely, indica may be your go to after exams are done and you want to chill right out and catch up on sleep!

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Dallas

Buying marijuana seeds online in Dallas has never been so easy! I49 has a huge selection of premium sourced cannabis seeds for you to choose from. Enjoy online shopping from the comforts of your own home (pants always optional in that case!), or on the go from your mobile device and your purchase is just a couple clicks away! When you go to buy cannabis seeds in Dallas, Texas, expect easy online ordering, packages delivered to your door and a germination guarantee; what more could you ask for! If you want the highest cannabis yield possible, I49 has you covered. If you prefer to buy indica weed over sativa, again, I49 has your back!