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Charleston, the state capital of West Virginia, is surrounded on one side by the Kanawha River and the Elk River and then on the other side features the mountains that provide unlimited adventures. This city was founded in 1788 and became an important setting in the salt industry as well as the natural gas industry. Today, the city’s economy comes from trades, government, education, medicine and utilities. Charleston offers a wide array of activities for the active person as well as people looking for some history and art attractions. You will also find here some charters to major universities like West Virginia University. With all the students in this city, you will be sure to find some likeminded buds who would love to join you in smoking a joint.

If you are into getting outdoors and taking in all the beauty Mother Nature provides, Charleston is a great place for you! The rolling hills not only make for a great backdrop, but also allow for some amazing off-road fun in an ATV! Chief Logan State Park and Buffalo Mountain Trail are great places to check out to do this. If hunting is more your thing, then head on over to Kumbrabow State Forest or Seneca State Forest which consists of over 11,000 acres of secluded opportunities to catch your small or big game! Perhaps you are looking for a place to try out some winter sports? Snowshoe Mountain has some great hills for skiing and snowboarding.

West Virginia Capitol Complex is a must do activity where you can see multiple monumental landmarks, including the Capitol building and the Governor’s Mansion. Also in this area is the West Virginia State Museum which has many interesting artifacts which showcases the city’s history. Charleston has its own trails program that was created due to the Civil War that is worth checking out.

There are many events that happen in Charleston. Things like outdoor concerts at Haddad Riverfront Park and ballet performances at the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences. With over 50,000 attendees, the FestivALL is the biggest festival in town. Throughout the year it incorporates multiple mediums of arts. Be sure to check out our catalogue of cannabis seeds at I49 seed bank before you plan your calendar. We have a seed to accompany every occasion and are a highly reputable source for 420 seeds online.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

Come visit us when you need marijuana seeds for sale. We have a seed for every need and are a perfect fit for experienced growers who know exactly what they want as well as for first timers growing cannabis from seed. We have all of the classic cannabis seeds as well as some unheralded gems that are waiting to be discovered. All of our seeds come with a germination guarantee that puts you at ease when growing cannabis at home. Come check out our website and read through the great reviews and reasons why people keep coming back. Our extensive catalogue has loads of detailed information that allows you to find the perfect marijuana seed for your lifestyle and growing area.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Charleston?

In 2017, Senate Bill 386 was passed which legalized cannabis use for medical patients. You must obtain an identification card in order to obtain medical cannabis. At this current time you are unable to cultivate your own cannabis from seed but there could be hope for the future as many other states are making or have made this a possibility. Continue to monitor the situation and if you live in Charleston make sure that you lobby your politicians to move forward with cannabis legalization.

Luckily, marijuana seeds are considered a novelty item in the USA and are able to be purchased and possessed in Charleston. Come see us at I49 West Virginia to start your stockpile so that you are good and ready as soon as it becomes legal to grow.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Are you thinking of trying autoflower seeds for your next harvest? Here is a quick overview of why you may want to choose autoflower seeds over regular seeds. Autoflower seeds may not be the best choice if you are looking for the best high yield outdoor cannabis seeds. But, they do cut down on the growing time and can grow from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks. This means that you may have a smaller harvest but you could grow a second harvest quickly and not notice a drop off in the maryjane that you have at your disposal. These seeds do not require light cycling to induce flowering but rather do it on their own based on age which can make it easier for newbies and vets alike. They generally stay under 3 feet which is perfect when you have lookie-loos in the neighborhood and you want to be discreet.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have undergone some genetic manipulation to allow them to become pollinators. Typically, pollinating is left up to male plants which means that you need a mix of males and females in your set-up. This can be fine if you have unlimited space or you aren’t too concerned with your yield. Wait, not concerned with the size of your yield? Yeah, right! Female plants are the one that grow most of the big, juicy buds that we are all after. When they are able to pollinate other female plants then you can have the advantage of an all-female crew. It will make you feel like you’re at Charleston’s FAB all over again. So, make sure to get marijuana seeds for sale in the ladies section and pick up some feminized seeds.

I49 Marijuana Seeds has all your cannabis seeds online covered with detailed descriptions of every strain so you can pick the best indica, sativa, or hybrid pot seeds for your situation.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Charleston?

The tropicana seeds strain genetics rival those of Charleston native and MLB slugger John Kruk. They are a superior quality strain that has a flowering time of 9 weeks and delivers a focused and clear-headed state with a strong THC profile.

You won’t find the bruce banner cannabis seeds or buds for sale at the capitol market but they will make your trip down to Haddad Riverfront park more enjoyable. The potent THC content from this sativa dominant strain can be yours from I49. It grows well indoors and delivers a fruity bouquet profile.

The happiness and euphoria you will feel from the purple haze strain will make you think you are visiting the Sky Zone Trampoline Park or viewing a firework display at Magic Island. This strain grows better indoors and has a high resistance to disease.

So, if you are ready to buy cannabis seeds in Charleston, come see us at I49 and receive your marijuana seeds in as little as 7-10 days.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Americans are dealing with chronic conditions and need relief from many ailments at an alarming rate. Many options out there to treat these conditions are synthetic and have devastating side effects. If you live in Charleston, you are probably well aware of the opioid issues the state is having. CBD marijuana seeds are all natural and can alleviate many of the same chronic pain conditions that opioids are used for. Better yet, CBD weed seeds are being shown to help with a wide variety of conditions, such as, chronic inflammation, seizures, anxiety, depression and even cancer.

Let’s not forgot to mention one of the top-selling features of CBD marijuana seeds. They offer all the healing and therapeutic effects of the marijuana plant but they do not cause any of the psychoactive effects that THC does. If you just want relief and don’t want to get high, then CBD weed seeds are your best option. Make sure to get your cannabis seeds united states from a reputable online cannabis seed bank like I49.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Are you ready to try your hand at becoming a green thumb and start growing cannabis at home? Due to their novelty status, you can buy cannabis seeds in Charleston, Virginia. If you need hybrid marijuana seeds for sale, I49 has got them. You can browse all our seeds and read detailed descriptions, optimal growing conditions, and what effects the seeds will deliver. All our seeds come with a germination guarantee and our online ordering system makes it easy and quick. In only a few clicks you can complete your purchase and begin waiting by the door for those beautiful pot seeds to arrive.

Don’t waste time going to the Charleston Town Centre trying to hunt down high grade marijuana seeds! Get your cannabis seeds online from us at I49 seed bank instead.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

You’ve decided that you are ready to take the plunge and begin growing cannabis at home as soon as it’s legal. Come see us at I49 USA for all of your seed needs. Whether you are looking for Indica seeds weed, sativa seeds, indica seeds, autoflower seeds, feminized seeds or regular pot seeds, we have you covered. Enjoying some homegrown weed before you head out to a University of Charleston Golden Eagles game at Schoenbaum Stadium or Appalachian Power Park is a favorite pastime for many Charleston locals!