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Feminized Seeds

Are you growing weed for those tasty buds dripping in THC? Skip the game of chance and cultivate fem marijuana plants only. Our feminized cannabis seeds give you buds, not duds.

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What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are a godsend for smoking purposes. As a result of clever genetic manipulation, they develop into only female weed plants. How does this happen? We start with regular weed seeds, which have a 50-50 chance of becoming male or female plants. Pollination then results in the same gender split.

These beauties only develop into bud-bearing females. There’s less concern about accidental pollination, seeds in your buds, and discarding half of your weed garden. It’s no wonder that regular and commercial growers love feminized seeds!

What are the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds?

Some growers love keeping things natural. They buy regular seeds and manually separate their crops. This process is time-consuming and inefficient for the modern cultivator who maintains plants for smoking purposes only.


Getting female seeds eliminates these concerns. Meaning you get a garden of fem crops only and collect a harvest of seedless, smokable colas. Here are the reasons to go feminized:


  • Large, usable yields
  • Zero risk of pollination
  • Easier cultivation journey
  • Productive grow space use
  • Beginner-friendliness
  • Suitability for most setups
  • Budget-friendliness
  • Higher terpene and cannabinoid contents

Why you should buy feminized cannabis seeds

While growing for smoking purposes, you want to ensure that your garden stays clear of male marijuana plants. Otherwise, pollination might occur very early into flowering. 


Once this happens, your females turn the smokable colas into seed-producing structures. These buds produce low cannabinoid and terpene contents. What’s more, the smoking experience is anything but fun with seeded buds!


Do feminized seeds produce seeds? As long as you can keep any pollen-producing males far away from your fems, you’ll never have to worry about seeds.


You could make the rounds and remove males by hand, but this is time-consuming and stressful. When you only grow weed from feminized cannabis seeds, there are no potential pollinators (male crops) in the vicinity. 


The only risk comes from hermaphrodites, which you can easily avoid by maintaining optimal conditions.


The short of it is pretty straightforward. Buy feminized seeds to reduce the number of hurdles between you and a fresh, smokable bud batch.

Are you seeking where to buy feminized cannabis seeds? Find the best ones at i49 seed bank

Okay, you say, I’m convinced. Where to buy feminized seeds in the USA and get the best possible quality?


Look no further than i49 USA. We’re a reliable shop for all your cannabis growing needs. Our educational resources support you from start to finish, informing you of the best gardening practices for each strain.


Each feminized cannabis seed comes directly from our seed bank. No third-party transport damage! Our sterilized, medical-grade equipment eliminates the risk of contamination, too.


Our fem seed guarantee comes from the highest-quality, tried-and-tested suppliers with long years of industry experience. i49 promises that our seeds develop into female plants 99.99% of the time.


Our products come with a germination guarantee. Shop with us, and we promise that 80% of our feminized seeds will sprout, just follow our germination guide. No more wasting money on weed seeds that won’t pop.


Convenience is the name of the game if you shop with us. Discreet deliveries right to your doorstep happen before you’ve had time to gather supplies. Payment options ensure that you never settle for anything less than ideal.


What’s not to love? Buy feminized seeds at i49. Set yourself up for success with quality in your corner.

A rich selection of feminized cannabis seeds

Yet another advantage of buying feminized seeds with us is variety. You’ll never again find yourself limited to picking between five strains, four of which don’t suit your climate.


Diversity is what we’re all about. Our store covers all the bases, from the sought-after classics to obscure varieties.


Browse through our massive selection of feminized seeds for sale and find the cultivar that works for you. Alternatively, pick one of the eleven top sellers below. Excellence is a guarantee!


Black Domina feminized seeds

Black Domina’s name speaks of power, and both its potency and its heritage prove it. This Afghani x Northern Lights x Hash Plant x Ortega cross delivers 15% to 20% THC for a tranquilizing high.


Innocently sweet smoke that smells of tropics and hints of Kush brings a warm buzz to your entire system. It languidly spreads from your head down your neck and spine. You’re soon fully relaxed and free of any discomfort.


Cultivation with these feminized seeds is a breeze. Landrace genetics made this cultivar adaptable to various environments and resistant to common pitfalls. Trim regularly and feed generously for abundant harvests indoors and outdoors.


AK-47 feminized seeds

AK-47 is a strain named after the deadliest assault rifle in the history of military armament, and that says a lot. This sativa-dominant hybrid has its origins in a Mexican sativa landrace, ensuring consistent quality. With THC levels of 18%, its effects never miss their mark.


Floral and fruity fragrances of these buds might seem innocent enough, but wait till you’ve had the first puff. An immediate jolt of cerebral energy gets you hyper-aware of your surroundings, alert, and grounded in the present moment. Deep R&R awaits after your task list is all clear.


Growing this weed strain requires a relatively skilled hand. Crops remain short and bushy, but climate control is a must throughout their lifecycle. This task is worth your effort, though, with massive yields standing on the other side.


5 Alive feminized seeds

With a mix of Bubblegum x Orange Juice x Grape Pie, how could 5 Alive be anything but energizing and delectable? This sativa-dominant wake ‘n’ bake does make you feel alive. Its whopping levels of THC (between 20% and 27%) ensure that you ride the wave all day long.


Citrus and tropics greet you upon lighting up a blunt of these buds. With them comes mental and physical energy that leaves you clearheaded and ready to tackle tasks. Creative juices flow with each puff, and before long, you’re a superhuman.


Growing weed from these feminized cannabis seeds is perfect for beginners in sunny environments. These marijuana plants grow to a moderate height and require little TLC to thrive. Plentiful harvests await after a short flowering period.


Big Bud feminized seeds

Big Bud is an Afghan and Skunk cross whose name describes its primary selling point—yields so hefty that you’ll run out of mason jars. Each big bud carries 15–20% THC, promising a long-lasting stash of top-tier pot.


Fruity flavors tame the Kush aroma of this hybrid, making it suitable for novice and veteran tokers. An uplifting head high is immediate, followed by pure physical relaxation that mellows every muscle of your body. Don’t be surprised if you end up couch-locked.


Your cultivation journey is anything but challenging, but you’ll need to provide some care to the budding crop. Heavy feedings and bamboo stick support maximize the generous output and prevent snapping branches.


Amnesia feminized seeds

Amnesia is a truly memorable heavy-hitter whose sativa dominance will make you float above any mental concerns. Crossing two superstar strains, this Afghan x Haze blend averages at 15–20% THC. Its power induces an effect profile you won’t forget.


The high-intensity high comes in a smooth cloud smelling of incense, wood, and herbs. A cerebral jolt immediately following the inhale turns you into a true social butterfly. Your newly opened mind engages in creative pursuits, and higher doses bring delightful trippiness.


It’s pretty easy to achieve an abundant, resinous harvest with these feminized seeds. Amnesia isn’t fussy, and it thrives in any sunny spot with a gentle breeze. All they need is a lot of headroom, as these crops stretch tall!


Strawberry Cough feminized seeds

Breeders were pretty direct while naming Strawberry Cough. This sativa-dominant Strawberry Fields x Old Haze blend might induce coughing fits, a classic sign of a potent strain. With THC levels regularly reaching 23%, that’s what you get with these feminized cannabis seeds.


You’re guaranteed to fall in love with this smoke of fruit, flowers, and herbs after a while. The sweetness translates into the effect profile, too, which is all happy energy and blissful buzz. Be warned, though. You might get too spacey to work if you smoke this one during the daytime.


Feminized seeds of this iconic hybrid promise a breezy cultivation journey, too. You’ll need sharp trimming scissors and a carbon filter. Otherwise, yields are generous and easy to achieve.


Grape Ape feminized seeds

Grape Ape is a heavy-hitter that promises a cloud-nine high, no matter your tolerance. Crossing Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk #1, its indica-dominant genome promises quality every time. THC contents are consistent too; anywhere between 15% and 25%.


Flavors of ripe grape and musky earth emanate from these happiness-inducing buds. Joy spreads throughout your system, followed by all-encompassing laziness that leaves you blissfully couch-locked. Smoke at night and drift off into sleep after several enjoyable hours.


As the name suggests, growing this cultivar from feminized seeds adorns your cannabis garden with purple. Crops are short, bushy, and resistant to most pests and diseases. They get a bit needy, though, due to the heaviness of their foliage and colas.


Bruce Banner feminized seeds

Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk of ganja, bred to fire up every cell of your being. It blends the power of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel into one sativa-dominant delight. Buds drip in THC, regularly reaching 24% of this psychoactive compound.


The multi-layered, invigorating smoke is only the first beat of the power coming your way. Smoking this weed washes away the blues and leaves you energized. You’ll soon be smashing tasks with a content smile on your face.


Crops are robust and resistant to most issues, courtesy of the OG Kush parentage. They prefer indoor conditions and above-average nitrogen feedings. These two factors allow each flower to ripen to perfection over a relatively short flowering period.


Blackberry Kush feminized seeds

Blackberry Kush is a variation of the original OG Kush, blending this superstar with the saccharine Blueberry strain. The result is a frosty indica-dominant cultivar with 16% to 20% THC—enough to transport you to a land of joy and comfy sleepiness.


Earthy-sweet flavors with distinct berry top notes tickle your taste buds. Like a traditional indica strain, this one starts in the head, eliminating any last hints of negativity. Your body gets heavy and lazy, free of any pain and discomfort.


Cultivation is a simple affair with these feminized cannabis seeds. Plants grow short and compact, with a high flower-to-leaf ratio and seemingly endless bud sites. A temp differential in late flowering brings out the Blueberry-style purple pigmentation.


Carmen 2.0 feminized seeds

Carmen 2.0 is an improved version of the CBD-rich Cream Caramel x Durban Poison cross. It grows short and sturdy, displaying resistances and a propensity for vigorous bud production. Its 15% THC and 20% CBD lend themselves to various medical and recreational purposes.


This strain emanates gentle, sweet pineapple, mandarin, and lemon fragrances that match its moderate potency. A puff of this stuff doesn’t leave you intoxicated and incapable of tackling tasks. Instead, a mild buzz and a profoundly feel-good body high get supremely comfortable.


Carmen 2.0 makes your growing task more than manageable, adapting to most conditions with incredible ease. It has high light requirements, though. Make sure there’s enough light exposure wherever you choose to plant these therapeutic beauties.


Blue Widow feminized seeds

Blue Widow follows the iconic White Widow, a strain so frosty that you’ll believe winter has come. It features those same qualities, paired with the fruity sweetness of the Blueberry family. The resulting indica-dominant charmer features 12–17% THC, just enough to get you smiling.


Classic ganja scents meet berries and citrus in this flavorful smoke. The high follows the same pattern, with a traditional grin-inducing, couch-locking body stone enveloping your limbs. Before that happens, you enjoy several productive hours of effortless creativity.


Growing marijuana from these feminized weed seeds comes with a to-do list. Temperature and humidity control is vital, as is ample light exposure and a regular, generous feeding schedule. Meet these requirements, and you’ll see generous rewards.

Test our feminized cannabis seed bundles!

Sometimes, you find the perfect cultivar. You want to keep growing it for years and years. Other times, though, you’re after diversity. That’s where our feminized seed bundles come into play.


Each pack combines feminized cannabis seeds from several superstar strains in one thematic package.


Are you in the mood for therapeutic CBD strains? You might be seeking THC mindblowers, compact indoor crops, or swift strains. Whatever the case is, we have you covered.


Check our feminized seed bundles and enjoy a curated selection of top-shelf marijuana strains.

How to grow feminized cannabis seeds: Tips from i49 experts

The cultivation journey doesn’t change whether you’re growing from regular or feminized cannabis seeds. The only difference is the effort you put into separating female and male plans.


As long as you provide the optimal conditions, you can grow in any environment and see your cannabis thrive. Follow these general rules every time for gardening success.



Growing feminized cannabis seeds indoors

If you’re growing your feminized seeds indoors, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Instead, choose a moment that works for your schedule and germinate. Plant taproot side down and let your seedlings develop.


Once your seedlings have some nodes to call their own, you’ll transplant your marijuana plant to a bigger pot. Your cultivation journey’s now officially begun. 


Now’s the time to look into the requirements of your strain. Explore what temperatures, humidity levels, water amounts, and nutrients it needs. Manage these aspects to maintain plant health.


Replicate the summer and fall light progression, encouraging your crop to grow, flower, ripen, and become harvest-ready. This process usually takes three to four months. The precise figure depends on your strain’s flowering time and how long you keep it in vegging.


Growing feminized cannabis seeds outdoors

If growing in nature, you’ll plant your crops outside and help them thrive throughout the summer and spring. For feminized seeds in the USA, April is usually the ideal timing for taking your seedlings outdoors.


You’ll first germinate and keep your seedlings somewhere warm, such as a windowsill or greenhouse. When there are enough nodes, transplant them into an outdoor container or a garden bed.


Feed, water, trim, and protect your crops throughout the spring and summer. Flowering starts in late July or early August, and crops tend to be harvest-ready in October.


Ideal soil for feminized cannabis seeds

Most cultivators plant their feminized seeds in the soil. This growing style makes the process more straightforward and reduces equipment requirements. Soil also makes the buds more aromatic than a hydroponic setup.


You have several options at your disposal. Loam is ideal because it has excellent drainage. If that’s not an option, clay is nutrient-rich, and sandy soil is easy to work with.


In essence, most soil types work, but some need amending for better drainage or aeration and more nutrients.


Optimal lighting conditions for feminized cannabis seeds

Whether you’re growing indoors or out, your photoperiod plants use the light conditions to move from one life stage to the next.


Days are the longest in early summer, when a plant in nature dedicates its energy to vegetative growth. They start shortening in late July in the Northern Hemisphere. Accordingly, your cannabis enters flowering.


Indoors, you want to mimic these conditions using your grow lights. Here’s how it looks for one day:


  • 20 hours of light for seedlings
  • 18 hours of light for vegging
  • 12 to 14 hours of light for flowering


Optimal nutrients for feminized cannabis seeds

All cannabis plants, including those grown from feminized cannabis seeds, need three macronutrients to thrive. These are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.


Different ratios apply to different life stages of a cannabis plant. In general, vegging plants need more nitrogen, while phosphorus facilitates flowering.


Apart from these macronutrients, marijuana needs an assortment of micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. You don’t need to amend the soil with these nutes unless you notice a sign of deficiency.


Pre-made nutrient packs at i49 are an easy solution that leaves no room for guesswork. We offer a bundle with several nute solutions, ideal for seedlings, vegging, and flowering plants.

Advanced tips (Do’s and Don’ts) for feminized cannabis seeds

Any veteran cultivator will tell you—there are gardening practices that you must follow to make your garden flourish. In the same vein, a list of no-nos breaks your yield potential.


Below, we’ll outline a list of fem seed cultivation do’s and don’ts.




Carefully choose your supplier

Skip germination

Experiment with strains and setups

Overfeed or overwater

Switch things up

Let your humidity control falter  

Focus on the basic

Use wrong containers

Practice with beginner-friendly cultivars  

Heat stress or light burn

Test training techniques

Forget about pH levels

Play around with lights

Abandon proper ventilation

Choose the right harvest moment

Harvest too early or too late

Make the do’s a part of your everyday routine and learn to avoid the don’ts. Get feminized seeds and put these tips in action for a sticky harvest every time.

Choosing the right feminized cannabis seeds from the i49 catalog?

It’s time to browse our catalog and find the best seeds for your needs.


Scroll through this page to see what’s in the offer. You could also use our filters to reduce your search pool. You can narrow it down based on growing style, THC and CBD levels, yields, and much more.


Each product page contains detailed strain descriptions. That’s also where you’ll find real reviews to support our quality claims and reassure your purchase decision.


With years in the industry, a reputable team, and safety a top priority, our feminized seed company is the choice for you. Buy cannabis seeds from us and experience our dedication.

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