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Novi is a northern suburb of Detroit city. It is located on Walled Lake in Oakland County in the United State of Michigan. With its abundance of international, local and regional offices and independent businesses, plus the construction of the Twelve Oaks Mall in 1977, Novi continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan.

While the development of the area to accommodate the growing population has diminished its open spaces, there are still some great places to enjoy the outdoors. Lakeshore Park sits next to Walled Lake and remains one of the most substantial parks in the area. If you are looking for a place to play or watch softball or baseball, head over to Ella Mae Power Park for games and tournaments. Maybe golf is your game of choice? Head to Links of Novi to play 18 holes on the rolling greens. Another awesome option with walking paths, a fishing pier and picnic areas is the 11-acre Pavilion Shore Park.

Want to stay outside but experience some urban, cultural fare? Head over to the Villa Barr Art park to soak in a collection of sculptures by the artist David Barr. There is even a house on the property where you can stay and create your own works!

Looking for a little more adventure? A man named Jordan Dick came back from life as a professional race car driver in Europe and created JD Racing Indoor Karting. Here you can experience the thrill of racing on a track! Or you could head to the Escape Room Novi and work your way through a series of clues to find the way out of a selection of 4 differently themed rooms.

Most strains of marijuana will heighten your appetite, a phenomenon often referred to as the munchies. Novi just happens to have numerous eateries and bars like Gatsby’s with friendly service, tasty food and drink options, and cozy atmospheres. A lot of strain options also lead to a relaxed body stone. Novi is also home to several therapeutic massage clinics and spas where you can relax even further into your stress relieving high.

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Novi, Michigan, I49 has a great selection of marijuana seeds to meet all of your weed needs. As you can see, there is a lot to do in Michigan and as many strains to suit your adventures that are all available through our online seed bank. Looking for a mind-bending, energizing sativa dominant strain for a day exploring the art park? Or perhaps a body melting, indica strain to help you relax after a full day of outdoor play? Browse our great seed selection to find your perfect strain.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

I49 Seed Bank Michigan is an online cannabis seed bank run by passionate entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality, genetically pure weed seeds from reputable growers. We take care to store the pot seeds in optimal conditions to ensure they make it to your doorstep ready to plant and flourish. Our extensive online catalogue has autoflowering, feminized, regular and medical seed varieties. Every option has a list of the flavor and scent profile, effects and benefits and any growing tips to help you cultivate the best yield. We are so sure of the quality of our cannabis seeds and their ability to produce that we even offer a germination guarantee! Check out a great selection of sativa and indica buy online.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Novi?

Are you looking to cultivate marijuana in Novi? Wondering if it is legal to buy and plant seeds? Good news! The purchase of 420 seeds online and cultivation of up to 12 plants is approved for medical or recreational use in the state of Michigan. You do have to make sure to keep your plants out of the public eye, but aside from that, you are good to start your grow operation any time. Browse through I49 Marijuana Seeds now to start formulating the collection of strains to have in your home-grown stash!

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

When you start on your growing journey, you will find that there are a lot of different seed options that do best in a variety of different growing conditions. Some require really specific environments and will do best in a grow tent or greenhouse where you can control things like light, airflow, temperature and humidity, as well as soil compositions. Some are hearty and will thrive in the natural elements. Light plays a big role in the flowering of most plants. Specific intensities and time intervals can be integral to the blooming process. However, autoflowering seeds are seeds that flower automatically after a set period of time under almost any light conditions. These seeds are a great option for a novice grower or someone without adequate equipment to ensure the certain light requirements. I49 USA has a great selection of autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale in our seed bank, including some high yielding autoflower options! Have more questions? Learn everything about autoflowers by contacting one of our helpful staff!

What are Feminized Seeds?

When purchasing regular cannabis seeds in the usa you will end up with a balance of male and female plants. Male plants are used to pollinate the female for seed production but are otherwise discarded. If you are not looking to produce seeds, you need to keep a close eye on your plants as they grow and make sure to weed out the males before they impact the females. Another, easier option would be to buy feminized seeds. These are seeds that have two X-chromosomes and are guaranteed to produce female plants. This ensures that you only grow those that will provide you with the dense, resinous, nugs we love for smoking, eating and putting into creams and salves. Check out the feminized section of our extensive catalogue for a wide selection of female marijuana seeds.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Novi?

There are a lot of great strains for growing in Novi. Some strains, like the Tropicana cookie-dough, will do well in a variety of environments. Soil, aeroponic and hydroponic systems will serve this plant well, so you can create conditions in or outdoors to support these babies to flower. Plus, you cannot beat the tropicana cookies price for citrusy, cookie-dough flavored bud. There are also strains that will thrive outdoors. The semi humid, temperate climate of Novi will nurture the growth of Do-Si-Dos seeds nicely. Find Do-Si-Dos weed seed for sale on the I49 catalogue and delve into the growing process of these high THC, indica dominant buds. Another indica dominant, sweet strain great for relaxing the body and lulling the user to sleep is the Purple Punch strain. Wondering where to get pot seeds? Check out the I49 seed bank for these options and more.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Since the 1940’s there have been many studies on the benefits of CBD on a variety of mental and physical health challenges. These countless studies have shown CBD to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as epilepsy, chronic inflammatory pain and disordered eating or lack of appetite. So, what is CBD and why all the hype? There are two main chemical constituents in the marijuana plants. One is THC. This is the psychoactive component responsible for the euphoric high most associate with the use of pot. The other is CBD which is non psychoactive and responsible for all the awesome effects listed above. It is possible to extract CBD and use it without any mind-bending impacts, or you can find medical strains of weed that naturally have higher CBD percentages. Check out the medical section on the I49 seed bank to find the best strain of cannabis seeds ca for your unique needs!

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

While some seeds need really specific conditions to produce their best yield, others will do well exposed to the natural elements of your garden. Some have hearty stalks that can gracefully withstand wind without snapping and others can tolerate a fluctuation in temperature quite well. Each seed variety on the I49 catalogue includes information on ideal growing conditions, so you can find the strain best suited to your level of expertise and the grow space you are working with.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Novi, look no further. You are sure to be happy with the premium quality of I49’s seeds for sale online and it has never been easier to shop. Simply browse our online store, choose your seeds and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep. We value your safety and privacy by offering secure payment options and discreet packaging. We have an online contact form and posted phone number so you can contact one of our helpful customer service representatives if you have any questions at any point in your home growing journey. Join the ranks of our many happy growers and order your seeds online at I49 today!