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Southfield was settled by John Daniels in 1823 and is known today as an integral part of Metro Detroit’s upscale office market. Southfield is home to more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies and being the North American headquarters to Veoneer, Denso, Peterson Spring, Federal-Mogul, Lear, and Guardian Alarm among others. Southfield, Michigan welcomes all these large companies and inspired them to come with over 27,000,000 sq ft of office space headlined by the majestic “Golden Triangle”, which is a cluster of 5 golden skyscrapers that literally put Southfield on the map! Just as the Golden Triangle has mega corporations flocking to Southfield, blue dream kush seeds have everyone looking for 420 seeds online flocking to I49 Marijuana Seeds!

Southfield has a great reputation outside of Michigan and the continental USA as well. They have a far reach, which has lured the Consulates of Macedonia and Iraq to base themselves in Southfield. As well as these foreign countries basing themselves here, people from all over the world flock to Southfield every year for Penguicon! Penguicon hosts giant fans of science fiction and the computer system Linux and guests often fill rooms at the Westin at the Southfield Town Centre. There is nothing better than chatting about out-of-this-world science fiction while puffing on some ganja with your peeps from all around the globe.

Southfield is home to over 775 acres of parks, nature preserves and open space which makes “getting back to nature” very easy. Whether you are checking out the Valley Woods Nature Preserve, Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve or enjoying the helicopter marshmallow drop during Easter at Catalpa Oaks there is no better way to enhance your time in the outdoors than puffing on your pipe filled with the home-grown maryjane that you picked up from I49 online cannabis seed bank.

Southfield is not home to a large selection of entertainment or sports options but it has a rich history with top performers. People reminisce about the days of watching MLB player Chris Getz at Grosse Pointe South High School, watching Selma Blair in high school plays and then on the big screen at Star Theatres Southfield, or yucking it up after smoking a huge blunt from the sour diesel seeds regular that they grew while watching local favorite Keegan-Michael Key of Key & Peele. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Southfield, be sure to hit up I49 everytime!

Why choose I49 Seed Bank?

If high quality, outstanding reviews, and a germination guarantee are important to you, then I49 seed bank is going to be your new spot. We have an extensive catalogue of indica, sativa, and hybrid seeds as well as many more.

No need to head to the local dispensaries to get your stash when you can order confidentially and receive discreet shipments. Impress your friends down at Amici’s kitchen or the North Bar and Grille with the sticky icky bud that you grew at your place!

Are Weed Seeds Legal in Southfield?

Pot seeds are legal across the entire USA as an adult novelty item. Thanks to Proposal 1, the state of Michigan has allowed recreational weed seeds and medical marijuana seeds to be cultivated by its residents. While there are dispensaries in the city, growing your own gives you many advantages. You can grow up to twelve plants per residence, granted you are an adult over 21.

You must grow your harvest in a secured, locked area that is not visible to the public. So, whether you are growing cannabis at home, growing cannabis commercially or growing cannabis in a grow tent you will want to ensure that you are following regulations and have that space secured, locked and not visible by the public.

Autoflower Seeds: A Buyers Guide

Southfield residents turn to The Detroit News and Free press when they need their daily news information. Why not come see us at I49 Seeds Michigan when you need to know an autoflower seed is? Marijuana seeds are planted and then germinate to become marijuana plants. Once they have germinated, they enter the vegetative stage and then under strict conditions make the switch to the flowering stage. The flowering stage is where all those delicious, juicy, robust buds we are after come to fruition. With auto flower seeds the need for managing the conditions for stage switching are eliminated. They switch based on age alone which makes them great for any novice yet they produce enough of a yield to satisfy even the most experienced pot seed grower.

Feminized Seeds and How They Work

Just like with humans, plants need fertilization in order to grow the next generation. Male plants fertilize with pollen and the female plants receive the pollen and can produce seeds buds. When you plant a seed, it has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. Since females bring almost all of the cannabinoids we are after it makes sense to only cultivate female plants. This is where cheap feminized seeds come in handy. They self-fertilize and eliminate the need for those lame male plants. It allows a grower to maximize their harvest with 12 female plants in their operation.

Make sure to check us out at I49 seed bank and get high-grade marijuana seeds for sale. We stand behind our products with a germination guarantee and have great reviews from many happy customers.

Southfield Seedbank: Perfect Strains for Southfield?

Bringing the experience of collecting fine art to more than 2 million people since 1969 is the Park West Gallery. It is the “must-see” attraction in all of Southfield. When you have visitors coming from out of town or friends who are new to the city, you want to ensure that you steer them in this direction. Just like you want to steer them in the direction of the gorilla glue feminized seeds we have at I49 seed bank. These all-time favorites were named the Cannabis Cup winners in 2014. It will give you a feeling of euphoria and happiness while also giving you that couch-lock effect! It is truly the best of both worlds with this hybrid that tickles your tongue with a chocolatey coffee flavor.

Do you remember when you saw homegrown talent, Yasmine Hanani in “The Kingdom” over at the Star Theatres Southfield? Well, these kush seeds will have you thinking about your days there with their fluffy popcorn shaped buds. Their earthy pine aroma fuse with a lemon skunk flavor that gives you relief from the anxiety and stress that we all faced in the 2008 economic downturn.

It’s been a long day in the sun at the Beech Woods Golf Course and you are worn out. Your legs are wobbly, your feet are sore and your back feels stiffer than your body being fished out of Pebble Creek after 40 years! You want to head over to Southfield Family Sauna and Tub or Irene’s Myomassology Institute but alas, there are no openings! If you had planned ahead and grown some cookie weed seeds then you would be all set. This high THC strain is known for its potency and tasty smoke. Full body relaxation meets time-bending cerebral space with this one!

What are CBD Seeds and what are they useful for?

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, or cancer? Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD, might be for you. It brings all the healing properties from the marijuana plant without any of the psychoactive properties that accompany THC. There is mounting research and evidence that adding CBD to your daily routine improves quality of life and allows you to gain relief from many debilitating conditions, such as fibromyalgia or MS!

Come see I49 CBD seed bank for everything that you need. We also know that you value confidentiality and we work tirelessly to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed.

Buy Weed Seeds Online for Your Home Grow

Now that you have nailed down the basics of your grow, like lighting, air flow, humidity control, where your space will be and how it will be secured, you need to figure out what type of cannabis seeds for sale you fancy! Are you looking for that comatose inducing indica, that energizing and uplifting sativa, or are you looking for something in between with a hybrid strain?

So, when you want to buy cannabis seeds in Southfield, Michigan you don’t want to mess around with shady dealers that live in the black market. You want a reputable online cannabis seed bank that has a variety of indica strains, sativa strains, hybrid strains and countless others.

How to Find the Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Southfield?

In 1955, the Lawrence Technological University was moved to Southfield. It focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields of study but has a very laid-back vibe to it. There is nothing better than going for a post-session stroll through the quad to the Taubman center after classes. When you always want that stash available, you don’t mess around and you grow it yourself.

Come check us out at I49 USA online cannabis seed bank. We give you that germination guarantee, phenomenal customer reviews, and discreet ordering and delivery that will put you on your way to ensuring a year-round stash of high-quality ganja that you oversaw from seed to harvest in Southfield, Michigan!